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Typhoon Train Struck by Lightning



Those riding the Sotetsu line (in Yokohama’s Asahi ward) in the morning were given quite the scare as the train was struck by lightning due to the arrival of Typhoon Lan, though thankfully it seems there were no casualties during the whole ordeal.

Upon being struck, the train immediately came to a stop and was unable to run, one of the carriages also began to fill up with smoke – a video recorded by a passenger:

One intelligent commuter managed to instruct those in the afflicted carriage to open the windows and move over to safety, but not too soon after, the Twitter user claimed that a fire broke out on the train:


The downpour accompanying the storm thankfully dealt with the fire, but passengers were instructed to evacuate the entire train regardless:


Being classified as a “category 2 storm”, over 70,000 people were evacuated throughout Japan for safety.

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