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Seiyuu Otaku Busted for Uesaka Sumire 2ch Threats


Another unruly otaku has been arrested for threatening to kill a beloved seiyuu, this time with the accomplished Uesaka Sumire (Anastasia of Cinderella Girls and Dekomori of Chuunibyou) becoming a target of the despicable criminal’s threats by way of 2ch.

Arrested on charges of “disruption of business”, the 20-year-old college student posted a message on 2ch with his phone stating that he will “absolutely kill Uesaka Sumire”, a claim that Japanese police took seriously enough to investigate.

The student admitted to his wrongdoing and told police that he was actually a big fan of Sumire, additionally saying that he “messaged her over 20 times” – this apparently not being inconsistent with the death threats.

Similar seiyuu to receive such threats include Minase Inori, Nana Mizuki, and even Ore no Imouto writer Tsukasa Fushimi.

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