Seiyuu Otaku Busted for Uesaka Sumire 2ch Threats


Another unruly otaku has been arrested for threatening to kill a beloved seiyuu, this time with the accomplished Uesaka Sumire (Anastasia of Cinderella Girls and Dekomori of Chuunibyou) becoming a target of the despicable criminal’s threats by way of 2ch.

Arrested on charges of “disruption of business”, the 20-year-old college student posted a message on 2ch with his phone stating that he will “absolutely kill Uesaka Sumire”, a claim that Japanese police took seriously enough to investigate.

The student admitted to his wrongdoing and told police that he was actually a big fan of Sumire, additionally saying that he “messaged her over 20 times” – this apparently not being inconsistent with the death threats.

Similar seiyuu to receive such threats include Minase Inori, Nana Mizuki, and even Ore no Imouto writer Tsukasa Fushimi.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hentai – especially in recent years – is conditioning people into desiring the destruction of what little is good and beautiful in this world, which is barely holding on these days. I’m certain this idiot has flipped through his share of ero-doujinshi, nowadays commonly featuring a room full of men devouring 2d girls.

    Those 2d girls are better than you are and that pisses you off.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just a troll who don’t even anime, manga, hentai, doujin, Jgame, etc, making shat up and talking BS.

        The same shats who perpetuate the anime = hentai = tentical raep = pedo propaganda to the mainstream in the West, so open fans regardless of actual contribution and success in society, will still remain stigamitized.

        All a tactic to intimidated and remain relevant, same reason with all those shat live actions from a declining industry. Video killed the radio star, and VR/Video game killed the video star. Radio stars where huge once too, and they still retain some fame and success nowadays.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope they beat the shit out of each one of these guys they catch.

    No sense in it. If you don’t like someone just leave it at that. Keep it to yourself/keep it in your wallet. Don’t spend money or time on them, the end. No need for death threats.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just to be clear, I’m not the loser posting spam above. I was gonna ignore your comment the first time I read it, but since you’ve posted it twice here goes. IP addresses can be faked. Many ISPs use dynamic IP addresses anyway, they can still be tracked but it makes it harder. IF you want to track MR Anonymous, you will likely need to do a combination of things- fingerprint him using html5 canvas or use a traditional cookie. If the ISP doesn’t use dynamic IP addresses then yes you might be able to use the IP address- that’s assuming he isn’t using a proxy/ TOR or a VPN. However it is incredibly easy to fake an IP address. There are bound to be other ways to track him, each with their own pros and cons but you get my point. The mighty IP is not as mighty as you think.