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Minase Inori Events Cancelled Due to Online Death Threats


Revered seiyuu and singer Minase Inori (probably best known currently for her role as Re:Zero’s Rem) has unfortunately had all her live events and concerts set for November and December cancelled due to an online miscreant who issued her death threats, a rather timid course of action considering how frequent such toxic obsessivity is online.

The beloved seiyuu and her staff have already contacted police, with investigations locating the twisted individual in Taiwan and reminding many of a similar incident another popular idol recently suffered (though it seems locking Minase Inori away is apparently unnecessary).

Minase Inori’s “brilliance”, for those uninitiated:

A wide assortment of the up and coming seiyuu’s events have been cancelled, including greeting sessions, planned performances and other commemorative events – leading to the usual array of apologies from Minase Inori herself.

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