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Creepy Otaku Busted For Threatening Nana Mizuki


Another obsessed otaku unable to contain their obsession for revered seiyuu Nana Mizuki (Hinata Hyuuga, Fate Testarossa) has been arrested for sending Twitter messages threatening to kill her, shocking few as crimes against idols and celebrities has become a rather frequent occurrence of late…

When questioned by police, the 32-year-old man admitted to his crimes and revealed that he initially sent the seiyuu a rather creepy email stating “I want to meet you”, with her lack of response somehow proving so upsetting that the man renounced his admiration for her and instead plotted to kill her.

The twisted man started sending tweets mentioning that he had “no choice but to kill Nana Mizuki” and others of a similar nature, prompting Mizuki’s guardians to contact the police – who apprehended the offender on the same day (surprisingly enough) while he was outside of the building that operates Mizuki’s official fan club.

A video briefly covering the incident:

The established seiyuu is unfortunately no stranger to these vile threats, though her agency has decided to increase the security of her current 14-concert tour as a precaution.

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