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Pantsu Robber Sought “Refreshment”


Perversion has once again struck another vulnerable Japanese home, as a pantsu thief has managed to make off with six pairs of undergarments that were helplessly hanging out to dry, certain to make some wonder why citizens don’t bother trying to defend their easily nicked knickers…

The 48-year-old culprit was taken in by police (and charged with theft) with the aid of a witness living in his target residence, with the pilferer not only admitting to his crime but stating that he committed it due to feeling irritated (by what has not clarified) – and that stealing women’s pantsu was his only form of “refreshment”.

Upon inspection by police, the criminal’s home had about 30 items of women’s underwear stashed away, including stockings and bras – perhaps aspiring to achieve the same level of manic competence as the competition

The stolen apparel:


Considering the frequency of such cases of pantsu theft and the inability of cops to be of much help, Japanese citizens may find it more effective to take matters into their own hands

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