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Pantsu Thief Captured by Elaborate Trap


A notorious pantsu thief who had been wreaking havoc amongst households in Saitama has become entangled (and subsequently captured) by a trap set by his undergarment bereft victims, bringing a fitting end to the winning streak of a rampant pervert.

The thief managed to sneak into a Saitama city household, where his thieving of 3 pairs of women’s underwear led to him triggering a homemade device set in anticipation of his arrival – the trap consisting of fishing line, a children’s toy and an alarm that sounded after being tripped, more than likely adding insult to injury.

Police were then ushered to the home, quickly leading to the arrest of the 43-year-old male who has admitted to stealing over 300 pairs of female underwear, with a trap costing a few hundred yen seemingly proving more effective at bringing an end to his formidable thieving streak than all the might of Saitama’s notoriously effective police force.

The trap’s inventor (a male resident of the household) explained that he had constructed the security device due to a pantsu thieving incident that had occurred 5 days prior – certainly an odd course of action.

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