Firemen Free China Man’s Member From “Steel Penis Trap”


A Chinese man’s masturbatory antics went awry after utilizing a “steel penis trap” (apparently a rather grotesque fetish tool) as he had trapped his member in the device, causing firefighters to come to his rescue and likely bringing him a great deal of embarrassment in addition.

Apparently the man fell asleep after “indulging” himself whilst the device was equipped, waking up later to find that he could not remove it and forcing him to seek out medical help – a situation that unfortunately led to recruiting the aid of the local fire department.

Seemingly familiar with such disasters, the firemen came prepared with a myriad of tools, initially attempting to snap the ring of the trap with pliers, but inevitably breaking out the rotating saw to eventually free the man.

A video of the man’s plight:

Naturally many are blaming the man for his interest in such dangerous fetishes, though others believe the crude China-made sex toy to be the true culprit…

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