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Ghost in The Shell: Live Action Film VS Anime




The release of the Ghost in the Shell live action film’s first preview has prompted an immediate comparison video with the original anime, a catalyst bound to spark a flame war in both the YouTube comments and anime forums everywhere.

The informative comparison video:

Those with an open mind can look forward to watching the film when it debuts on March 31st.

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  • I love Johanson and all… But there are plenty Japanese actresses who could have cast. Hollywood just wants to make money… Fuck the source material.

    Remember the All you need is Kill adaptation with Tom Cruise?

  • Paramount has a history of going out of their way to insult fans.
    Hollywood didn’t learn with the Last Airbender not to cast westerners in Asian roles.

    I wish they chose Rinko Kikuchi to play the Major.
    She already had the look in Pacific Rim.

    And Batou looks way too small and thin. Shirow has admitted that Batou is visually based on action-movie actor Steven Seagal (younger years). Seagal is 193cm – 6′ 4″!
    Johan Philip “Pilou” Asbæk starred opposite Scarlett Johansson in the film, Lucy. I’m sure they’ll go as far to recreate some cross over CGI elements for “Major Lucy”.

    No amount of heavy coats and prosthetic makeup will help a skinny guy look buff.

    …and Beat Tedeschi as ape-face Chief Aramaki? What Yakuza style or manerism will Tedeschi bring to his character? He seems obsessed with that genre.

    Finally, why would they cast an Australian Aborigine actor as Ishikawa? Are they trying to be Hollywood PC/libral at the expense of the story?

    • Here’s a crazy thought.
      What if the lizard people at Paramount just came to the conclusion that the story/design is swaggy enough to make shit tons of money from lay people who lump anime in the same basket as revenge porn and snuff movies?

      Who gives a shit about making money though. Gotta keep it original so only 50k weebs will go watch the movie and the next anime adaptation will be trash as well.

      • I don’t care if they make a cyberpunk film staring dwarfs and midgets. Just don’t call it a remake of a classic. Hollywood has a difficult time making new stories, falling back on sequels and remakes just to cash in on known properties.

        • They probably have a hard time with originals (just based on screenplay) since every project costs the same as a lot of country’s GDP.
          Risk that massive fortune on something that might miss or then play it safe and pick up something that is great and make a movie out of it?
          Something great like GITS.

          Should be a compliment to GITS fans that lizard people think so highly of drawn porn (what it is for elderly and ‘normal’ people) that they actually want to make a movie of it and with such huge stars and budget.

          Had the Japanese done it, it would’ve been garbage just like every single other anime/mange adaptation they’ve ever made.

    • Because housewives who were twenty years old waaay back when the original was released on VHS when their kids snick it in, or was given to by unaware parents, years ago enjoyed it and now those same housewives are well into their fifties want their youth back somehow but can’t grasp animation on any level demand it be water down, live actioned than white washed for them.

      • That’s idiotic, man. CGI and practical effects are in nearly every movie and the skills to do so are transferable. It was and always will be a mix of two things: an appeal to a larger, diverse audience and artistic projects by producers/directors that are fans of the source material and think they can actualize it. More so the former than the latter, because of money.

        The biggest problem is they hardly ever do a good job of analyzing if something was good only because of the source context, and if you have to alter vital bits for it to work in live-action is the whole project still worth it? If they do make it to this point, they’re usually too far into production to cancel the whole thing.

  • The movie’s cast is trash; Johanson is too cute to be Kusanagi. Kusanagi isn’t cute, she may be a beauty, but not cute.

    Kusanagi is an stern adult, experienced military officer that has suffered a great deal since childhood due to her body, Johanson just looks like a generic pampered millennial kid.

    Batou, fits better but not there yet.

    In any case, even if everything else sucks those who watch the movie may at least enjoy the explosions, is the only thing that Hollywood will never let you down with.

    • > Kusanagi isn’t cute, she may be a beauty, but not cute.

      Have you bothered to even look at the fucking manga, you know the original source material, and not that brooding killing machine Oshii created?

      Yes the movie is going to fucking suck, just like the first movie, but fuckers are going to be to caught up by “Spawn with Tits” to care otherwise.

        • I’ve already read the manga a long time ago. Uncensored. The points about the manga stand, but this live-action bullshit is clearly adapting the 1995 movie, because that is the one that is culturally relevant. It’s an adaptation of an adaptation.

          And it won’t work because of any other reason than it being a live-action movie based on an anime. That’s why it’s going to suck. This type of adaptation was proven again and again to always suck, no matter what.

          Damn, it would be a disaster if this movie actually managed to be good. Clearly making adaptions after adaptions that all sucked hasn’t stopped people from trying again. Just imagine what would happen if one of them turns out to be a success! They’d adapt even more anime into crappy live-action movies!

        • Chen-04: Read the manga, its the same story. Even the “navel gazing” dialogue of movie Mokoto comes from Shirows side notes.

          The anime movie characters are already very simplified compared to their manga counterparts.

        • I personally like them both, but I understand where shit opinion anon is coming from here. Kusanagi from the manga actually had a sense of humor and showed a range of emotions. Oshii created a version of her basically stripped of emotional expression to make a point about cyborgs, I guess? And that became the accepted character of the major, which isn’t really accurate to the source. It’s not bad necessarily, just different and anon was pointing that out to the op who felt Major was this “stern” experienced adult. She’s not stern in the manga, and that’s a fair point to bring up.

        • Your opinion is objectively shit, pal.

          Oshii’s and Shirow’s work aren’t mutually exclusive. Both can be enjoyed. 1995 movie was well presented and did the job using Shirow’s setting for the manga.

          Unless of course you’re mad Oshii didn’t make the major an American bimbo that fucks 5 guys with horse heads. I’m sorry us lesser people ‘tainted’ your ‘purist-Shirow’ opinions then.

          Whether you like it or not the movie is going to come out. It won’t change the Shirow Motoko you love so dear. You can stop whining like this is an attack on your selfish beliefs.

        • Honestly the original manga and the 1995 movie are both pretty shit. The video game on PS2? Shit. The only version I really care about is the one from Stand Alone Complex which has been the only GitS property I can stand. This kind of reminds me of a higher tech version of that so I’m into it so far. We’ll see how bad it is when it releases.

        • Cultural relevance my ass, the movie was shit, but for fan-bois get all wet for everything Oshii does because it makes them feel smart, intellectual, and helps them justify their habit to the casual viewer.

          But if you actually bothered to pay attention to the character, and not the eye-candy animation you would discover that even the moe-blobs have more personality than the version depicted in the movie.

          Like I said before, nothing more spawn with tits.

  • Love how people are hating on this cause the cyborg who only has a human brain left from his former body is played by a non Asian actress but defend the Full metal Alchemist movie in which blonde blue eyed characters are played by Asians with blonde wigs….

  • they asked for advice from the original creators of the manga and anime on many things and from how the trailer looks i say they nailed it. it looks great.

    all they need now is to not have a disappointing story.