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Pokemon Prism “Next On The Chopping Block!”




Nintendo may have to “take action” once again as yet another highly anticipated Pokemon fan game is slated to emerge, with “Pokemon Prism” (which has been in development for 8 years) offering players a fun new adventure that Nintendo will likely regard as a threat to their ridiculously renowned Pokemon Go.

The official trailer for Pokemon Prism:

Pokemon Prism will launch sometime in December, if Nintendo doesn’t intervene before then.

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  • Why do people freak out all the time. The Pokemon Company knows these games are around and they wait until they are finished before putting the kaboash on it. This being the internet killing the game AFTER it’s been released means nothing. You want any of the fan made games you can find them. If they really wanted it stopped they would have C&D years before they are actually finished.

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  • Why don’t they just rename these fan pokemon games to ‘Pogeyman’ or something and pretend it has no relation to actual pokemon.

    The pokemon uranium one didn’t even use the original creatures.

  • If a company does not at least make a claim against these kinds of things it creates a case of precedence that other, more derivative and infringing projects can hold up in court as an argument for fair-use. Even if nothing comes of this claim, they still have to issue it to protect themselves.

    Because yes, international copywright law is just that sort of thing.