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Suisei no Gargantia 2 Cancelled


A recent event held in honor of reputable mecha anime Suisei no Gargantia has revealed that the anime’s highly awaited 2nd season has been cancelled, sure to send its many avid fans into a fit of rage and sorrow.

The explanation behind the sudden cancellation has been rather coldly generalized as “due to various circumstances”, with the new season instead taking the form of a new light novel that may bring the series to a hopefully non-abrupt conclusion.


The novel is expected to be released sometime this summer, though fans can also look forward to the 2nd part of the OVA that will arrive May 27th.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Standard case of “didnt get enough zenys into the investment’s hands” and “did cost too much to produce”.

    I already had that feeling when they released the intermediate ova to tie both arcs together.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    i’m kinda curious about why so many anime get cancelled for real. cause if you look at the industry the animators get exploited beyond disbelieve so they hardly get paid meaning cutting cost
    some series don’t even look like high production with that i mean like Fate stay night unlimited blade works.
    or are the publishers off those series so greedy that it needs to make so much money so their CEO can get more money while the animtors get exploited.

    1 things for sure it’s not going towards the ppl who make the series. so for the most part there is hardly no reason not 2 complete a series.

    • Anonymous says:

      Generally because Anime nowdays has the budget and earning potential of a cable access TV show. Hence all the tricks to try and sell br & dvd. I doubt anyones making much money off of shows directly – all the monies in the trickle down (merchandising, music, tourism, etc) Of course there are the rare super popular shows and breakthrough shows.

      • Anonymous says:

        so basicly like any live series in the U.S it needs 2 reach ridiculous ammount off viewer or it will get cancelled. basicly the Greed card.

        kinda ridiculous cause if we compare anime with live action i would say it’s cheaper overal than live-action but even popular series get cut-up nowadays in anime just look at Tokyo ghoul it’s missing massive parts off the manga in the anime basicly destroying the main theme behind the story.

        parasyte maxim and attack on titan were also popular because they follow the main manga showing that viewers would be more incline to stay watching if it actually followed it’s original source material.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ Anon 3:40

          I was speaking of America, but you are correct. Honestly Europe is too unstable as a whole for them to market. Dialects and preferences by region even in one single relatively large country can make things incredibly time consuming and expensive to work with. I work for a company working on going multinational and we’ve already offended people with our commercials airing in one region where it shouldn’t have.

          The UK is a catch 22, a melting pot of all nationalities in a smaller environment, and therefore it means everyone’s faced with all cultures, so injecting asian culture into it is easier just because it’ll fit in with the mix.

          Westerners were the reason Big O got a second season. We have proven that we can make a difference, because we have, more than once in fact. Europe is not like the US though. US and UK are similar in that we area culture based on being melting pots and accept things that are different easier into our cultures generally. Other european nations are similar, but perception has it that it’s just not as much of a business model to market to every country individually.

          So you are correct, Europe is basically like the US in the 80s when it comes to anime culture. You have the piracy situation where you thankfully have access to the translations unlike us back then. So you can in fact still get them and get them in other languages than Japanese. So while European nations still don’t necessarily have the excuse to pirate just like back then, the broadness of language does limit capabilities.

          Whether we meant to or not, I think over the past 500 years since the Renaissance, English has actually become the Common Tongue like in the Tolkien books, because it became the language of the secret societies, and thereby became the language of business. That may change, but it definitely shaped modern day.

        • Anonymous says:

          5000 in sales don’t imply piracy, but a lack of customer interest.
          Problem is the current system of the production company having to pay for air-time. They don’t see any money unless it’s sold in stores.
          Japan has a history of overcharging for media anyway, so they have lower sales numbers compared to other countries. Lower sales numbers mean you have to sell at a higher price. The only people ready to pay those prices are the otaku crowd, so you see more series popular with them.

          Anime has to get away from TV as it’s main broadcasting method, at least in Japan. If it wasn’t for Cartoon Network paying upfront for Space Dandy, we wouldn’t have had a second season.
          Simulcasting is a step in the right direction. Now find a way to pay the production companies directly.
          Maybe something like kickstarter, but only for established companies and without the entitlement issues.

        • Anonymous says:

          piracy is kinda a good and a bad at the same time. unlike U.S my country get’s zero anime so i have to import everything so i’m paying way more alrdy.

          i watch pirated if i wanna discover a new series but i also buy the blu-ray’s but i do feel that aniplex is doing it the awfull way cause the price between dollar and Euro is very different.

          but in general isen’t it if a series sales suck in japan and are good in U.S or E.U it still get’s cancelled cause they care more for the japanese side.

          what i also find weird japan has like this program to get more things about japan west side yet they are like doing no promotion to get anime out towards europe. only country in europe that get’s any anime is U.K so i buy off them for region B.

          but most anime series get like zero coverage and ppl are like drone’s they follow any trend that is big even if it sucks.

          i do think a lot off fans would buy if the economy was actually good sadly it’s in very bad shape and with bailing out lazy corrupt countries like greece here in europe i doubt we will get out off that slump anytime soon.

        • Anonymous says:

          This is not about greed, it’s about investment. No matter what your ideals about anime, this is still a business, people need to be paid (poorly) to eat when making these. And yet so many people keep saying piracy had no effect, however DVD/BD sales tend to be in the toilet, so the show can not self-sustain. The best news I’ve heard recently is that Shirobako sold exceptionally well, giving me hope that those who make the decisions with their wallet still can prove that quality speaks to them.

          Many shows barely break 5000 sales on BD. Even with them overcharging for the BD at something like 80,000 yen, that’s still only the equivalent of $400,000. Any decently animated episode right now requires at minimum $500,000 for all involved. So a BD of 4 episodes for example does not pay for itself at all until you hit 25,000 sales, which few ever do.

          So we have figures, dakimakura, keychains, one-shot songs, anything they can do to use characters to make a profit since people like them and want to buy them so it makes up for cost and makes a profit.

          This tightrope of profits is why the industry is unstable. We have DVD box sets for only about $40 on average. We are also a large market for them. If we seriously bought the DVDs, we would dictate the future of an anime. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, who says piracy helps the industry, is lying to themselves or simply ignorant. Yes, in the mid-2000s it helped spread the existence of anime. Now we have Crunchyroll that has simulcast, so they can congratulate themselves. It did the effect we wanted, we get it at the same time.

          Now we need to buy the ones we want to support. Just as we did 10 years ago, now we just have more access and less cost, and yet we still don’t buy it much.

  • Anonymous says:

    this is what i hate about anime it’s always cancelled or the source material get’s botched up. seriously if there is any real reason why anime is declining it’s all those incomplete series with not real ending.