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Nekomimi Cans “Way Too Cute!”



California startup Axent Wear have announced that pre-orders are now available for their highly desired nekomimi headphones, sure to appeal to those keen to flaunt cute cat-ears whilst listening to their favorite tunes.

The cat-ear headphones were part of an IndieGoGo campaign, requesting a tribute of a meager $250,000 for production – though the headphones proved much more popular than expected, as the campaign ended up garnering about $2.9 million in funding.

The headphones (aside from boosting the cuteness levels of those that wear them) also contain LED lights to better accentuate the wearer, while the cat-ears themselves incorporate working speakers – helpful for irritating all around to the utmost extent.

The IndieGoGo video:




The headphones can be pre-ordered via Axent Wear’s IndieGoGo page for $170 and can be expected to arrive April – though they can also be pre-ordered from Domore for $250 to arrive in September.

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