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Top 20 Anime of Summer 2014, According to Sony


Sony has released its periodic statistics for the top anime viewed with its Torne and Nasne platforms, providing further insight into the most popular shows of the summer (or at least those available there and of interest to its users) – and showing that even the sexiest and most rotten of shows have taken a backseat to the unsurprising dominance of Sword Art Online 2.

The ranking:

1. Sword Art Online II

2. Zankyou no Terror

3. Tokyo Ghoul

4. Aldnoah.Zero

5. Rail Wars!

6. Akame Ga Kill

7. Persona 4 The Golden Animation

8. Argevollen

9. Aoharaido

10. Dramatical Murder

11. Sabagebu!

12. Barakamon

13. Tokyo ESP

14/15. Rokujouma no Shinryakusha

14/15. Locodol

16. Monthly Shoujo’s Nozaki-kun

17. Hanayamata

18. Momo Kyun Sword

19. Jinsei

20. Majimoji Rurumo

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