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Square Enix “Canned Hitman 6 for Hitman Mobile”


Square Enix has cancelled one of its planned Hitman games and replaced it with a mobile game, much to the consternation of those who thought its fascination with social games was only being inflicted on its own classic franchises.

Hitman 6 was announced in 2011 and under development at Square Enix Montreal, but it now emerges it was quietly cancelled in 2013 and the team instead re-purposed to producing a mobile Hitman title for Android and iOS.

Although its treatment of its own top franchises is already legend, this marks the first time the far-sighted management genius which has made the company what it is today has been applied to the properties of the former Eidos.

However, Square Enix has helpfully attempted to dispel this “confusion” with the clarification that it was only Square Enix Montreal’s Hitman which was canned, whilst original Hitman developers IO Interactive are still at work on another “AAA” sequel, for now at any rate.

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