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PS4 Release Date “Its First Disapointment”


Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been confirmed for a $399 November 15th release in North America, and a €399 November 29th release in Europe (£349 for those still trapped in the UK), disappointing those who still hoped for an October release – to say nothing of the Japanese, who did not even get a date.

The irony of Sony hosting a release conference in Europe only to announce the US would be getting the console 2 weeks earlier and $130 cheaper (and not even mentioning what sort of release Japan would have to endure) has not gone unnoticed, although with Microsoft obligingly doing everything it can to scupper its own release it seems unlikely to pose much of a problem.

Sony also confirmed further price drops for the PS3, which is dropping to $199.99 and €199.99 in the US and EU. Of more rather more use to existing gamers was the confirmation of discounted pricing on PS4 titles for the owners of existing PS3 versions.

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