Square Enix “Won’t Make Any More Big Games Ourselves”


Square Enix has revealed that it will likely be outsourcing all its future big releases rather than developing them itself, suggesting forthcoming Final Fantasy titles may bear the reassuring seal of China quality even more strongly than before.

None other than Motomu Toriyama, the luminary who decided Final Fantasy XIII could do without towns or confusing choices, gave a recent GDC interview in which he explained how making a big game is now just too much trouble (or just too difficult) for Square Enix to do itself:

“The development time was quite long,” admitted Motomu Toriyama, director of FFXIII and FXIII-2, at GDC Taipei.

“Within our company, developing on PlayStation for Final Fantasy XIII we required a huge amount of graphical data. … At the peak, there were over 200 people working on it.” The breakdown there was 180 artists, 30 programmers, and 36 game designers.

“With a large-scale development team, we didn’t use our time well,” he said. “How do you communicate to everyone in the department what the drive of the game is?”

The company had previously been using the story as the basis for development, but as it changed, it was tough to keep that many people abreast of the changes. “We decided we needed to create more practical milestones, not story-based ones.”

“Because it’s a large-scale project, we had to keep it secret, but this led to user testing happening way too late in the process,” he said.

“We heard a lot of feedback about things we needed to fix, and we decided we would do that with FFXIII-2. … We decided that we would have a milestone every month, and realized we needed to applied more Western technology and production techniques. We learned this not only from GDC, but also from Eidos [now owned by Square Enix].”

“We are also thinking that we will not do large-scale internal development any longer.” he said. “We have a lot of great creators in Square Enix, but for larger-scale development we will be doing more distributed and outsourced development to reach our targets on time.”

Square Enix’s success at outsourcing so far speaks for itself

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  • “We decided we needed to create more practical milestones, not story-based ones.”

    That statement explains the story in FFXIII Series.
    Silly game with silly characters by silly people that have no idea how to human resources.

    At least they admitted they have no idea how to work properly. Uematsu and Sakaguchi, if they were working on FF games, they would still be playable. And even replayable.

  • In short: “We have Finally Come to our FINAL FANTASY.”

    (P.S. To all our Kindgom Hearts fans who were expecting the next Big PS3/XBOX release of KH3… Not gunna happen. S.O.L.)

    Probably for the best, since you can see how we ended the Star Ocean Franchise. (SO4)

  • Anonymous says:

    Who cares if their quality falls? Their games are TOO EASY anyway. Even the NES and SNES games. Well at least there’s still Legend of Zelda. Always a pleasure and a challenge to play.

    • Anonymous says:

      Recent interview with their head honcho, has made it clear, that they first want to make a game capable of surpassing 7, before they do a remake of 7.

      Lest it reflect badly upon the company.

      Or in other words, even they admit that what they’ve released since then doesn’t live up to what 7 did, roughly 15 years ago.

  • Anonymous says:

    why do people still care about Squarenix? They don’t give a f**k about us, all they want is money. You might be their loyal fan now but in the future they might betray their fans again. Seeing the changes now, it is quite possible that the next FF will be a COD fps shooter.

  • Anonymous says:

    “180 artists, 30 programmers, and 36 game designers” – to make a two big pieces of shit like FF13 and FF13-2? If I was the CEO of Square Enix I would have fired all of this lasy bastards right now.

  • Anonymous says:

    They should just put Yoshida on the job, he’s working on rebuilding the damage from 14 and doing a fine job from what I’ve seen. He has I’d say 200+ working on it but judging from the progress they’ve made I’d say it’s more then whatever Toriyama did with 13.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why so negative? at worst they keep producing dull games, at best they will outsource the work to the people which made FF I-VIII great games in the first place. Maybe we will see Square Enix produce something like Last Story?

  • Anonymous says:

    It was called “Final Fantasy” because it was suppose to be the last game square ever made. The name just became over hyped and over used. Nothing new or innovated shit just got recycled. There is no china quality… everything china does is pirated. So basically plain shit.

  • What I think kills companies when they get too big is called “Multi level outhouse management”… The guy at the top is full of himself with a bunch of ass-kissing Smithers types letting nothing but praise hit his ears, wanting to keep their good salaries and bonuses. The actual “Work” is downsourced down the pipeline. Essentially multi level outhouse, where the lower you go the more shit hits you as you try to shit yourself. Then when you dare suggest uphill that things need to be changed, like say besides the cholera the bottom hole is full and the structure’s rotting away… The guys from the top say “How DARE you talk to us!? You stink!!!”

    This is combined with the “Creative Teams” on movies, games, etc. Most of the time I rant it’s the New World Order trying to debase media to ruin humanity. However, a “Conspiracy Theory” is flattering and often undeservedly so. I mean if things are the fault of Sinister Reptillian controllers, illuminati, Boheman Grovers, Elders of Zion, the Girl Scouts… Well there’s some reason to it. But if things are plain dumb, short-sighted, st st stupid… Well that’s another thing, no?

    So, bit of “Western Wisdom”…

    “Too many cooks spoil the soup”…

    Nothing better describes this than the movie/video game/etc. media industry. When things that are “Good”/”Classic” start out, they are works of individuals or are film projects the company says “Here’s some money, make us money and we’ll likely give you more” and ignores it. Conan, Fight Club, Goonies, etc. Then it does AWESOME. So they get that “next movie”/Product, whatever. But now it’s a bigger production because bigger has to mean better. So there are tons of elites and money managers and insurance company reps, they all have their hand in the cookie jar, they all can kill the project if the director/actors don’t cooperate… So any script is butchered and even that is messed up again and again and again. The only thing that survives is a dull humdrum after a million bad cuts and changes have been made.

    I abstract I’d not care, I mean if they make their business that way and fail, who cares? If some author/artist sells out for one good movie and a bunch of Abortions being eaten by a Chinaman but gets millions, who cares?

    Well, the problem is these companies stay too big and in operation despite that. They pile on money and lobby for more money and tax breaks and stuff. They dominate the market, keeping OUT anything with a real edge to it, anything that gets in is just their vomit.

    Matter of fact they deliberately make “Vomit” these days. Buy up a product, chew it up and spit it out, making sure to add NOTHING to the story, but in a nice fancy expensive container to cash in on “Childhood nostalgia”. I cite more or less any and every re-make these last few years.

    And don’t forget, “Big Media” has been the enemy of the true “Storyteller” the “Bard”. They’ve worked real hard to make sure that any “Bard” anyone from a “Bardic Line” has been kept out of acting, movies, music, publishing for a century. They don’t want anyone who can tell a real story that’s more than paper thin surface with perhaps some stupid morals and public propaganda put in it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately if you want to find games that aren’t specifically meant to be money engines you have to look in stranger places. A lot of people still haven’t heard that the original Cave Story is FREE on PC, or even know what Hero and Hero Core are.

  • Anonymous says:

    Translating Toriyama’s spiel from management-ese into English:

    “Due to internal politics, our company is now frozen and cannot effectively manage software development.”

    “We’re gonna outsource our next project and hope the company stays afloat long enough for me to unload my stock and find a job somewhere else.”

  • I take it that this means there is no one in Square Enix who can come up with any more good ideas for anything. They plan to make money using anyone else’s thoughts. Anyone here wanna give ’em an idea for a game to develop?

  • Anonymous says:

    Square has been dead to me since their last good game (FFX) was released over a decade ago. I wish they’d just disappear already. Or at least remake FF7 and THEN disappear. We don’t want your new garbage games any more.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thqt’s so solly. They should just start develiping for pc insteqd, it is cheaper and easier and they could have more freedom with th praphics.
    Pc gamers love the bet grqphics but they also accept good games with smaller budget with not so high end graphics.

  • Anonymous says:

    still waiting for VERSUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    So what it sounds like to me is that they’ll contract outside companies to work on separate portions of a larger game, for the sake of consolidated workloads and financial reasons. Does nobody here understand common business practices? Oh, right,
    “SE sux FFXIII is da worst thing ever XDDD”.

  • Sooo…if they plan on outsourcing much of the development, how exactly does that imply their new games will be even more “China quality” than before? If anything, that means that their games will likely be better than before, not worse.

  • Anonymous says:

    The last final fantasy that did any good was ffX
    from that point on they droped the ball.

    FF-VII and VIII are epic IX good X Great as it was the first ps3. but all shit from there. and i own from 5 to 13.

    maybe they need to fire the new guys and re hire the old guys.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wait,so that means their in-house developers will stick to make 3DS,PSP and crappy cel phone games?

    And I’m leaving the Vita out because I get the feeling even that will be too much for them.

    • Enix bought Square to keep them from being bought by Microsoft.

      Unfortunately, Enix did not force them to uphold the high quality standards that Enix does. You’ll note that it’s only Square properties that are having these horrible problems — Dragon Quest 9 was probably the best “old school” style RPG in the past decade, and Dragon Quest 10 is like Final Fantasy 11 or 14, only done by competent people who actually listen to the fanbase and know how to design a MMORPG. (The fact that it’s basically DQ9 with Monster Hunter / PSO style online multiplay helps).

      In short, don’t blame Enix for this. What you’re seeing is the same problems that got Squaresoft so hammered that Enix had to swoop in and save them.

    • Anonymous says:

      I find it funny how that thought focusing 100% on FF and KH spinoffs would bring them maximum profits, when Square reached their most successful point in the PSX era when they were making a ton of vastly different games.

      • “blizzard doesn’t answer to activision… but to the parent company, vivindi (i believe)”

        They’ve been compromised by Activision.

        Bobby Kotick, Activisian CEO, has stated that he doesn’t want to see any games that can’t sell you gimmicky peripherals, don’t have clear sequel potential, or aren’t just vehicles for DLC/micropayments.

        After they merged with Blizzard, all their business decisions have followed this philosophy. StarCraft 2 got divided into 3 separate purchases, they’re trying to monetize the map system, & Diablo 3 is starting to take money for gear.

      • Anonymous says:

        blizzard doesn’t answer to activision… but to the parent company, vivindi (i believe)

        i believe blizzard is in a downfall because of the success of wow, not because of activision meddling.

        • Anonymous says:


          you see, i cant blame Vivendi either.

          blizzard literally made the biggest pc game ever, and they made more money off that one game than anything else ever, and realized that they make more sales when the games are easy for everyone to play.

          the problem is where hardcore wow players get high end raids, hardcore diablo players get jack shit… grind for new gear, rinse repeat, because you cant customize your own character.

          i cant say that Vivendi had any input on the game at all, its just that i think blizzard tried to apply wow success to diablo, and in turn we got this.

        • Anonymous says:

          @13:37 (lol)
          SC2 isn’t all that great to play. The game is so overdesigned as an E-sport and that it sacrifices many of the things that make gameplay fun. Not to mention adopting some of the poor design decisions of BW in an effort not to alienate the BW crowd.

          I could see how the competitive element can be fun for some people, but the core gameplay is just mediocre.

  • I couldn’t care less. Squaresoft and Enix died when the fused into one company, named Square-Enix, whose only good games where either remake or games that they did not developed themselves. Every single one of their games have been let down after let down (at least to me) and they can hardly fall lower than they already have (in my eyes)…

  • I guess this means that the gil farmer code will automatically be inserted to help all those chinese gil farmers.

    I also guess this means I won’t be buying any SE titles anymore. People hate China, because 1) China makes CRAP, 2) China will abuse your privacy, 3) China makes CRAP, 4) China puts root kits and back doors into everything, and oh, did I mention that China makes crap?

    Like I’m going to be dumb enough to put a product made in China on my computer!

  • Anonymous says:

    All ther fucking makeing now is stuiped Phone game fuck phones ther phone ment for calling people need to fucking get over the stuiped cell phone and get back to lfe and sqaure well ened to stop makeing this peices of shit!! games for them

  • Anonymous says:

    Explain FFXIII, FFXIII-2, Versus XIII, Agito XIII, FF XIV, all pratically developed at the same time, of course it gonna be expensive and stressing ¬¬ and maybe if they put their efforts only in one title at time, we could have some decent game.

    I’m glad if they pass the FF franchise for someone else, anything is better than what we do have now…

  • Anonymous says:

    aaaand this is why next gen could be a disaster. Square Enix can’t afford to do current gen graphics to their max capacity, so who the hell can afford to develop for a console five times as powerful?

  • Anonymous says:

    — “Because it’s a large-scale project, we had to keep it secret, but this led to user testing happening way too late in the process,”

    Uh… And why can’t such a big company hire some ppl to test their games and keep it in secret? I don’t get it.

    • Outsourcing would just mean a leak of a smaller picture. It’s still a leak.

      Perhaps they just want to do the character design, map design, music, and story. That would reduce cost projection down a lot and they’ll budget incorrectly and then meet below standard productions that require redos and that will eat more of their error/fixes budgets.

    • Anonymous says:

      Quite frankly it sounds more like a management problem.

      The whole, oh the team is getting too big, bla bla.

      That’s what team leads are for, .

      You have one overarching group, that’s calling the shots, and they inform the team leaders below them what the decisions are.

      If a problem arises, then the team leader communicates upwards to the overarching group as to what’s occurred, and they then notify the other teams of the problem and the possible solution.

      That keeps everyone on the same page, doesn’t mean you don’t need benchmarks as well, because you do, lest you spend years in development limbo. Just that proper management is key in both meeting benchmarks as is keeping everyone on the same page.

      Same also goes for the Q&A department, the Q&A team leader reports to the overarching group, they then pass it on to the team leaders of the other divisions and a solution is found, or not.

      And as for attracting enough Q&A personnel, that’s what NDA’s are for. The risk of losing your shirt, and any further employment chances in the business should be more than enough to keep folks mum.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not that easy to keep a secret.
      Even under NDA, if many people know about it and one of them make a leak, the IP holder won’t know who’s let the info out and so the NDA they have with their employees and testers is worthless.

      • Yes, there has to be trust, and trust between 200+ people gets difficult to maintain. There are true, whiny assholes out there who will release things thinking they’ll be fine even if it’s blatantly obvious to anyone who’s not an idiot they’d be fired and/or sued.

        I don’t agree with this decision though at all… it makes no sense. Outsourcing to production houses is in every way more difficult and expensive than anything in house. I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about.

        When my coworkers had to deal with an outsourced collection of animations to a production house, maybe 4 in a batch of 20 were usable. Now that’s not to say that tweaks won’t happen of course, but they were absurd in some cases. One animator there would make the breasts do completely impossible things, like he was integrating anime breasts physics into a realistic game. Funny, but retarded to do. I was interning at the time, and I did the same amount of animations in the same time as their team because I was close to the project designers and could communicate and do changes on the fly, plus I understood the game’s style visually.

        Suffice it to say, this is not going to bode well in the future. If they can’t even communicate between 200 in-house, I’m not sure what the tumbling fuck they think they’ll accomplish by spending twice the money for a fourth of the communication ability.

        …unless of course China gives a discount… in which case fuck them even more. Quality of the final product was all Square has left. No matter what people whined or disagreed with choices for FFXIII or XIII-2, they were exceptionally made games.

        • This is something SQUARE ENIX should have known since 2001.

          (Final Fantasy is NOT movie material.)

          That applies DOUBLE for its games.

          The reason why it worked in Final Fantasy X was because the cutscenes there were much more heavily integrated into the game making it seamless with the gameplay.

          Final Fantasy VIII and IX were much more successful at it than X though. They were still able to tell a story, but the important cut-scenes were shown in a minute to 3 minute span of time leaving the 13 minute ending (VIII) for the final disc after all the game had played out. Personally liked the silent film touch to it also.

          Final Fantasy XIII had the same problem as Final Fantasy XII and
          Xenosaga Episode I

          4-6 hours worth of MOVIE. That’s fine if you’re going to a theater to watch copious amounts of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, but this is INTERACTIVE. That means drop the remote and give me a game controller.

          Again If I want a movie I’ll plug-in a movie.

        • I believe that FFXIII was a good choice personally. I don’t really understand what it was that gamers expected that made FFXIII so unbearable. I know there were issues, of course, but they didn’t destroy the emotion and premise at all. If it was towns and exploration, then frankly I think those people needed to stay silent.

          The level of exploration in games has increased tremendously from the old days, so it’s not like there wasn’t any. But a focused, detailed plot with no hindrances in development of the characters or the story itself is a great thing, and I want more honestly. Some would say ‘then read a book’ or something useless, but that’s just a stupid thing to say. FFXIII-2 proved that they could do it better, and everyone knew they could, but still, I truly enjoyed the first story as well, and now the story is expanded so much more into a new level. It wouldn’t have been the same if it hadn’t been for going through FFXIII first and getting to know the characters in that setting. The feeling of needing to keep going forward with someone nipping at your heels and the feeling of loneliness without reprieve was the whole purpose of the game. If you had towns in which to dick around or tons of side quests, none of it would have fit the feeling. And people who didn’t want that feeling… well… I don’t know what to say, I loved actually feeling like something was actually urgent for once. The purpose of the game wasn’t to get the same feeling as the last games, and I commend them for doing it. I don’t use hate often, but I HATE that so many people were too shallow to enjoy it. I don’t care if they didn’t ‘get it’ that doesn’t mean anything… the game was great, and of course could have been better.

        • Anonymous says:

          Unfortunately, sometimes you’ll need to adapt your story, because it just doesn’t work well from a gaming perspective.

          Hideo Kojima gave an interview recently, where he mentioned on how in one of the MGS games, there was supposed to have been a section where Solid Snake would be trying to escape from a ship, while water kept on pouring in, so he was essentially trying to stay ahead of the rushing water.

          While it looked cool, and while it made sense for the story, it just wasn’t fun to play, so he had it scrapped, and reworked his story.

          But even when you do that, it’s up to management to communicate this through to the team leaders, who then have to pass it on to the guys working under them.

          So it still boils down to a management problem.

        • Anonymous says:

          You have to wonder outsourcing; thus increasing the number of people who have a say in the project, is going to streamline the process. Besides which: they’ll be learning from scratch: Square Enix have been working on games like FF for years, so they should only be getting better.
          Perhaps they simply need a new director/ head of logistics. Or to get their stories/ characters straight before they commit to any actual game production. Longer process, but may be quicker overall… Might give them more time to make their cut scenes look pretty…
          As i said, they’ve been at it for long enough.

        • Can’t agree more with this (I’m 06:23 anon)
          they won’t communicate the drive of the game better to people that are on another continent than people that are in the same room.

          But maybe they plan to outsource aspects of the game that don’t need a lot of cohesion, like monsters for example, they always had very random designs to start with.

          Also : “outsourced development to reach our targets on time” I’m not strong on how their game development economics works, but having everything they need done quickly might be a form of keeping costs down for them.

          And despite all sancom say of China quality, they do have some nice 3D artists 😉
          (and make some nice cheap hifi equipment too)

          From what I read of the interview on gamasutra, it seems the biggest decision is that they go for agile (like scrum or lean) inspired development process. with smaller iterations.

  • They just need their story writer to stop sucking ass and write a decent fucking story. Story in FF VI,VII,VIII,IX was top notch. Then with FF X,XII,XIII it gradually went downhill, culminating in a literal shitfest that is XIII. The atmosphere gone, charisma gone, “deep” story elements gone. And I’m absolutely shure it’s not just me getting older and cherishing old things. No.

    It’s just that scenario writers for FF XIII suck ass. Plain and simple.

    • Anonymous says:

      It has come to the point wherein you would sideline a Final Fantasy game. When a game is good, I usually play straight to the finish or get a 100% progress. I just started playing FFXIII last January and guess what, I finished it last May and just starting to fill up the missing trophies now. I played 4 other games in between because it was just that boring. I mean, I fell asleep last night while doing a mission with those cieth stones lol. Woke up 2 hours later just thinking wtf.

    • yup, I personally liked X and 12 for two reasons: X was the first voiced FF< so me like other FF gamers were probably mesmerized by such a feature that not many of us looked twice at what was probably a"goo" FF game, but not great.

      and XII's story, while one of my favorite to "play" had a story that was largely forgettable, I mean, near the end I really didn't care about the story. Gameplay was great tho, even if it was "game plays for you durr."

      In my eyes, the game plays the most tedious parts for you by autoattacking, gambiting propper use of cure spells, etc. and when things hit the shit, you took control and saved yopur dying party in the nick of time.

      I dunno about everyone else but the Gambit system was pretty damn well made im ny opinion, better than 8's junction system and 8 is my favorite of them all 😀

    • Anonymous says:

      Um ff13 and 14 are trainwrecks exactly because they outsourced it. You can’t even begin to imagine how much things are going to suck when everything are outsourced. There are going to be a continuation of quality drop because these contractors are going to cut corners, the contracts aren’t even granted due to merits, but how well connected these offshore houses are. The whole system is so corrupted that’s why you see a consistent drop in quality of goods all over the world.

      • Anonymous says:

        The only game outsourced between the two is FFXIV. FFXIII was developed in-house, but the fucker that shat on it with his own take under the blessing of Kitase and Wada is none other than Toriyama.

        The same Toriyama that wrong that disasterous failure that was Bahamut Lagoon.

        The same Toriyama that deceived all long-term Parasite Eve fans with the piece of binary shit titled The Third Birthday.

        The same motherfucking Toriyama that literally ruined Front Mission Evolved.

        FFXIV may have been SE’s most expensive mistake this generation, but all the others can all be crossreferenced back to Motomu ‘Motomenai’ Toriyama.

        • Anonymous says:


          A bad writing decision and bad writing are not the same thing. This is the distinction most of the stupid people who rag on the game seem completely unable to made. Just because they revealed the story badly does not mean it was a bad story.

          The first book in the Sword of Truth series is a great example. The man was a completely shitty writer, but the plot and characters and situations were enough to keep me reading… after more breaks than usual to get over how terrible a writer he was. Thank god he improved in later books, but it shifted. The writing got better and the story got worse.

        • No, it was an amazing game. They just made some design choices most disagreed with, or were downright detrimental. I won’t even apologize for their inability to have integrated important plot information from the Codex, while spoiling plot points in it as well. That’s just bad writing. Plus they should have allowed more of the paradigm system much earlier, that was extremely foolish to keep it locked for so long.

          Those are the two major issues the game had in its base design. Almost everything else is basically people whining about the lack of towns or a certain dislike for a character. I didn’t want any towns in the game after knowing why there weren’t any. As always, spoiled brats lose perspective and everything becomes shit with a few shortcomings that don’t follow their perceptions. Completely tossing aside beautiful world design, characters who were as interesting as any previous FF character, and a general story that was actually very nicely done. All FFXIII did was shatter everyone’s illusions that there’s actually a such thing as a ‘non-linear’ game. There isn’t, and really there never will be. I’m sick of games pretending there is. All it does is give creators excuses to make shallow characters and stale worlds spread over an eternity with useless quests they couldn’t be bothered to make useful to the story.

        • Anonymous says:

          (different anon here)
          I never said I want everyone to play my awesome game. If a game is not designed for the most common denominator, I have every reason to be annoyed when the most common denominator starts bitching about how much the game sucks.

          Not that I’m saying FF13 was a good game. I wouldn’t know since I haven’t played it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t really care what they say to be honest… this company has changed so much from what we used to know over the years, and now it is all but one word… Money. The passion of making good fun game is gone down the drains after the whole world caught up with them (Skyrim for example), as well as having a 5 years generation in new technology which they can’t seem to bring anything out before they reach the end of its cycle.

    I don’t mind if tomorrow is the end of the world, because I know for the fact that I have enjoyed every single piece of Final Fantasy game they have ever made, also Kingdom Hearts if I manage to get hold of a 3DS at some point. But to bring an end to all of these games before the end of time, you sir have made a big mistake.

    • Anonymous says:

      Skyrim sucked imho, boring as freakin hell. XIII-2 was ‘ok’ but honestly had no replay value whatsoever, but at least it kept me interested/entertained instead of falling asleep on XIII and deciding ‘fuck it, I’m gonna play something else’ half-way through. Besides, let’s face it nostalgia factor is always going come into play with whatever final fantasy (let alone anything) comes out nowadays. We’re nit picky little fuckers; all of us in this day and age.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you mean Skyrim is a good fun game or a cancerous cash-cow? Because I enjoyed it even less than any Elder Scrolls. Every place is the same. Every enemy is the same. The storyline has no originality or interest. The landscapes are repetitive. And the marketing campaign around the presence of dragons… OH GOD, DRAGONS IN A VIDEOGAME ! LOOK !

      • Anonymous says:

        Comparing Skyrim to FF..lol oh wow. Skyrim is at least actually GOOD in what it tries do deliver, a whole open world experience. FF has become BAD at being in the tradition of a grand storytelling JRPG. It’s as simply as that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Skyrim is good because mods. Simple as that. Almost no other game out today such a huge modder avenue. Without mods, I agree that Skyrim would have been forgotten in two months max after its release.

      • Which story line are you talking about, since there are a few you can peruse from, that was one of the things I liked about the game. yes its not a linear game and that a good thing, better than Mass Effect shit dropping now that is one lame ass retarded game. Good start but EA killed any fun out of it.

        Most games are about money now, after all who cares about making good games just put eye candy and let the retards button match their way to the ending.

  • “he explained how making a big game is now just too much trouble (or just too difficult) for Square Enix to do itself”

    Umm, not to brag, but Bethesda was able to make a couple of big games (Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc) but you don’t see them bitching about it despite the glitches you find in the game. Because they patch that shit up per update & to make game even bigger, EXPANSION PACK!!! But of course not every game is perfect. But seriously, Square Enix got fucking lazy on its fat ass, hiring shit game developers that are just cutting corners on the games they make (FF XIII), & no longer has the creative juices anymore to make a kick-ass game. Save for Kingdom Hearts that is until that story is wrapped away after 3.

  • They had 200 people working on FFXII game I wonder why it was expensive to make games in HD console.Indegame developers can make a game with less then 20 if possible to develop a game that large scale it would cost more money but still get the job done.

  • Anonymous says:

    problem is that you announce stuff when you can’t even complete it in time. gamers can wait as long as you can announce a date that the company can carry out. FF series stood out cuz of the story and quality graphics, don’t lose it now

  • Anonymous says:

    Please excuse my bad english:
    In my Opinion, Square Enix chose the wrong approach with the current console gen. They try to compete in too many aspects of Game Development. For example:

    -The graphics of FF XIII are good. SE claimed due to the ressources such graphics demand from a Dev, no Cities were implemented.

    -They develop JRPGs which are primarily (or should primarily)be story driven. They somewhat failed here with the last 2 core games of FF.

    -The music is always top notch.


    Now with points like these, where you want to compete with other Devs, you won’t be able to keep up with Games which concentrate on fewer aspects. A 3D benchmark will look better than a whole game, because ressources are concentrated in only one aspect.

    The wrong approach i mentioned earlier was going for photo-realism. I can understand SE’s decision because the graphics of FF games have been good in the past (pre-rendered videos) but when they realized, FF XIII’s graphics consume too much ressources, they should have skipped on photo realism altogether and choose an aesthetic approach by manipulating realism to an extent, that makes their games appealing, yet easier to implement (see Okami, Journey etc.). This would partially concentrate their Ressources on their Artists. The JRPG crowd, with the japanese in particular, is an audience which is highly responsive (?) to aesthetic approaches rather than photo realism.


  • Anonymous says:

    No more Kingdom Hearts 3. All these years of waiting go down the drain.

    Welp , there’s still Atlus and they aren’t disappointing me rather, they’re really surprising me with their progress 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    Blame QA/QC departments of SE Japan for their games’ poor quality and performance. Japanese and Western developers outsource their games to China all the time… KOEI, Bandai, Banpresto, UbiSoft, EA, NaughtyDogs, etc. Never seen anyone complain about games like SRW@3, Dynasty Warriors, Uncharted 3, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      You weren’t already assuming it would be crap back when they first announced it ages ago? You give them much more credit than I do.

      Anyway, at this point I think Versus can safely be declared vaporware.

      • Sadly yeah 🙁

        sux that and type 0 are the last two games i’m actually looking forward from them now.

        KH was turned into a cash cow and before anyone chimes in with the “It’s popular, now it sucks” line then yeah, when things get popular, companies like SE get big headed and think they can do no wrong. All the KH spin-offs called, they want their ‘original’ protagonist they were promised, not sora clones.

        Well look at them now, kinda bit them in the ass to make that many games at the same time eh? (Fabula Nova Crystallis games)

    • -.- Simply Put: Square and Enix never should’ve gotten Married. I’m sure a rest-assured Divorce could be the company’s quickest recovery.

      But here is the REAL truth. This goes for ALL companies in the Gaming Business.

      I ask this question: “Why were the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 generations so much more Profitable than the new PlayStation/XBox360 Era?”

      Simply put: With the Enhanced Graphics and High-Definition that PlayStation and XBox is REQUIRING from companies, it’s making it so much HARDER on developers to do any REAL creativity. There is so much concentration on CODING and GRAPHIC INTERFACE that there is hardly any space LEFT for the actual game itself.

      Square says it themselves. The movie portion of the game was so much easier to deal with than the actual programming of FFXIII. This is the SAME reason they give for not wanting to Remake VII, VIII, IX, and X. The process is lots of hard, and very unappreciated work.

      It’s funny since the games of PS2 and PS1 (Though being less graphics, were always much more enjoyable to me than today’s games.

      As of now, I play this very competitive game called Fantasy Earth Zero HK. Sadly they tried the North American Market, but GamePotUSA had to destroy itself. (They made a lot of very bad marketing decisions costing players the game.)

      Anyways. The game is 2006 Graphic Quality. But the game is much more exciting since I get to play with actual players on a large 50/50 Kingdom VS Kingdom battles… Recently they’ve been implementing a 75/75 wars, it’s almost impossible to survive those wars.

      If Square Enix Really wanted to save itself – they just need to visit what made 7, 8, 9 and 10 so successful and do that. If they need to go back to Text-scrolling storyline and Cutscenes that last 1.5 minutes then do that.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope they don’t, just let go off the whole Square part of wothless CG-movies called “””rpg”””. However let Enix continue to produce DQ in the tradition of unfiltered JRPG goodness that it still is.

    • Years ago I would’ve said “and there went the greatest game/franchise SE ever got lucky creating” but with all the damn spin-offs and what not (really now, do we need 7 fucking Sora clones… grow some balls SE and give us a variety of protags please…) KH3 is due to be their final “real” entry in the series with a somewhat “high” quality assuming its still their ideas and input, even if made elsewhere… (we hope) But alas I lost all faith in them since 13 and don’t plan on it ever coming back.

      Assuming versus 13 and type 0 ever get a release and US release respectvely, those will be the last two games I ever buy from this shit company ever again and my journey with this company through its own personal journey is officially over.

      It began with me with FF4 and it died with 12, their last great FF game, and now it’ll die with versus 13/type 0.

      SE sez: ““We decided we needed to create more practical milestones, not story-based ones.””

      If we can only find the point where this shit mentality began, we can finally put to rest where their quality dropped. Using this saying in movies would be like saying “we don’t care about the story, we just wanna make it look good and have something bad ass happen every 30 min. in a 3 hour movie.” In short, that movies gonna suck.

      Why does this immediately bring up Transformers 2 in my mind? O_o

      • Anonymous says:

        Lose faith in them if Versus XIII sucks, because that’s the mainline Kingdom Hearts team. Nomura has been busy on that project, which is why nothing has shown up these last few years beyond mobile spin-offs.

      • Anonymous says:

        “If we can only find the point where this shit mentality began, we can finally put to rest where their quality dropped.”

        Well, I remember Nomura basically said the same thing as far back as Advent Children (the Transformers 2 of video game movies). Which was also around the same time the last actually trained writers left the company (and still have not been replaced by real writers). So around then, I’d say.

        • Lonesnipa says:

          It had a tactics advance feel, sort of. The game and combat system was far far removed from ff12 system. Races were really all that got pulled over, plus I think the place was called Ivalice?

        • Anonymous says:

          The story had potential for the first third or so. Had a real FF Tactics vibe to-not surprising, seeing as Matsuno was the writer/director for both.

          Then the insane amounts of pressure and interference the bosses put on him caused a nervous breakdown, and he quit the company. So they replaced him with…Kawazu. The man responsible for most of Squaresoft’s biggest flops (including the Famicom FF2).

          You can literally draw a line in the game when this happens-an NPC will run up and inform you that the Senate were all just assassinated, putting an abrupt end to all of Matsuno’s political intrigues. From then on out, the “plot” is mostly just a series aggravating, time wasting fetch quests. It stops being FF Tactics and becomes motherfucking FF2 of all things.

          Matsuno never came back to SE. Kawazu still gets work there though. That’s just the kind of company it is.

        • true, the story was largely forgettable, but the battle system was a great choice, it streamlined the entire exploration/battle aspect of the game wonderfully that sorta mimicked an “online feel” while playing offline. I know a lot of Americans hated on it, but it did incredibly well in Japan and I myself liked it.