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“86%” of Chinese Would Help Crushed Girl


China has been revolted by the callous and repeated hit-and-run crushing of a little girl and the subsequent unwillingness of passers-by to so much as acknowledge her bloodied body lying in the middle of the road, but according to surveys some 86% of Chinese claim they would help such an accident victim.


In a pathetic attempt to salvage a hero from the incident a media circus has erupted around the only woman to help the girl – despite the fact she wants nothing to do with any fame arising from an act of kindness she regards as a matter of course.

There are mixed reports over what actually happened to the girl – reports range from death to recovery, although the consensus now appears to be that she is brain-dead and in critical condition, with massive injuries and poor chances for recovery. The two motorists who ran over her have since been arrested.

Chinese media has expressed moral outrage, although widely publicised cases where good Samaritans have been forced to pay the medical costs of the people they helped or accused of actually injuring them in the first place have been highlighted as a partial explanation for the evident moral vacuum which is mainland China.

Online, the reaction to the incident is mainly one of outrage, although if the results of one survey of Internet users conducted on a major Chinese portal are to be believed, the majority of Chinese would actually help such a victim:

china-girl-crushing-3Call the police: 66.4%

Unhesitatingly help them and call for help from those around: 19.5%

I’d be afraid of being accused of perpetrating the crime, so I’d flee immediately: 6.9%

Wouldn’t know until I was there: 3.8%

Leave the frightening place immediately: 2.2%

Just stand around and watch: 0.6%

Pretend not to be interested and just stand around and watch: 0.6%

According to police, the girl was ignored by 18 passers-by before being helped – some simple application of probability theory suggests that with an 86% chance of someone assisting in some way, the chances of being ignored by 18 successive people are rather low, so either the girl was incredibly unlucky or the survey respondents incredibly deluded or dishonest…

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  • If you ever been to China so many con artists there, if you go help someone who got hit by a car for the sake of money they will say YOU hit them or knocked them over and demand money because

    1) Driver already is long gone so no one is going to pay up.
    2) Greed but they are poor.

    It’s understandable but least the 18 could have done was call someone to help but the 2 drivers that ran her over smh.

  • Okay… listen up. Most of you are speaking from an emotional place, and that is understandable. This is a tragic event and thankfully very few people are unmoved by this incident. But, here is the sad news… most of you would have done nothing to help her either. Don’t believe me? Look up the bystander effect. Look up the murder of Kitty Genovese, in New York. To lazy? Allow me to summarize… woman stabbed multiple times in the middle of an apartment complex and no one helped. It’s a psychological phenomenon known as the bystander effect. The MAJORITY of people in these tragic situations are unable to act. But… there is one known way to counter act the bystander effect and that is to know about it and be the first person to act.

    For all the racist out there saying this is strictly a problem is China, this happens ALL OVER THE WORLD! Children, adults, boys and girls, are killed all over the world due to carelessness or worse, outright cruelty. If you really want to make a difference, stop the blaming and name calling, pay attention, and act when you see something wrong.

    Lastly, to the racists again, blaming those who did nothing, calling them names because of that poor little girls suffering… every name you called them, every hateful thought… they land right on that little girl you think you are defending.

    Wake up.

  • Witnessed something similar when I was 9 y.old. Some old dude ran over near a bus station. I didn’t have the faintest clue what to do, so I told a shop keep about it. People just walking past like it’s an everyday thing.

  • I’m still wondering wtf do you guys know about the situation here in China.We DONOT have a compeleted law which clearly defines the responsbility a passer-by should take in this kind of accident.Those fucking judges in some other provinces in China had already offered the samples like:if the victim were not hit/hurt/crash ed by you, why would you help him/her?
    And one of the judges in Nanking once sentenced in court:according to “logical thing”, you(refered to a kind-hearted passer-by who helped a old lady at a bus station) are guilty… etc.Peng Yu, this poor guy was charged with a compensation of 136.000RMB by the old lady who thanked him a lot right after she was knocked down by crowd.WOULD u ever believe that?
    according to some shit like”logical thinking” but not the rule of law?This is a true case happened in China in 2006,and do u think that in these recent years this situation has been improved? Alright let me tell you sth.The fact is more and more people have learnt that if u are hurt in a certain accident ,the best way to make up money is to claim the one who helped you.Especially those poor ,old guys,they really often do so!and most of them succeeded! Until recently,not half a month ago, most Chinese had realized that a camera would help much more than some weird rules of law, at least they can keep their own proof of not-being-guilty after some certain assistance.And a camera does work! By the later Sep,one bus camera in Nantong just prevented a bus driver who was charged by a old guy from being punished by court.Finally the old lady claimed that she couldn’t remember how was her knocked down in the middle of a street after the video was shown as a proof.She said she was too old to remember such things.Fair enough,and she DO remember charging the bus driver as a responsible person!And yes,that’s it, and all.I would like to take the old lady’s words as truth,but why the frak all those old guys in China say exactly the same thing when a proof is shown and only by then a seemingly guilty kind-hearted passer-by’s innocence could be proved beyond any doubt.
    This is it, being a “good Samaritan” in China is not as easy as it in the US(do i make a misunderstanding?)Because the lack of law, citizens always need to pay more than just help.Would you really like to sacrifise a large som of money for a stranger and a few months(maybe years)dealing with the complicated process of lawsuit?(I dont think i should remind u of the poor effiency of chinese officials)If you were in the accident IN CHINA, what would you do?
    All right,you guys may search the imformation i’ve mentioned if you like.And I’m also sure I would be blamed in so many ways(including my poor English).
    So, bring it on ,if you like.
    But one thing is certain,which is also I’d like you to know:I’m not stating a series of excuses for being a asshole, a coward here.I do know that I should do my best to save a life. But I’m not sure I can when such situation take its place.And also ,this only my opnion, u may consider me as an asshole if u like ,but please donnot take it to all the Chinese(I saw in the comments that some freak wants to fuck all Chinese.HOly shit )
    I hoped YUEYUE would soon recover,but sadly ,this is not fairy tale,her brain is dead.
    Poor child ,maybe she chose the wrong country.
    I wish I were by her side at that moment,at least I could remove my SIM card and call the police and the ambulance.That is all I could do in that situation,beacuse neither do I take a camera everywhere with me nor I would willingly spend my money and time in an unpredictable court event
    Yes ,YUEYUE is only a little girl who doesn’t learn the darkness of this society,but her parents aren’t naive as her.

  • I like how the lady who helped looks at the media crew in a “wtf, why would you do this?” manner. Saving face won’t save the girl, regardless of whatever guilt trip or feel good facade the media puts on. The 3.8 percent in the survey who say they dont know until it happens are really the only ones who are telling the truth. China should not be judged on the backs of 20 folks. Those of you who have sentiments of good from China should keep them, for they have no bearing on the display of gore in the video.

  • This isn’t a Chinese-only social problem… onlookers not helping someone in need is a social condition in which we are grown up with…

    It happens in the U.S., in Japan, anywhere in the world…

    • People are forgetting what happened in London not a long ago. there were a huge riot, people beat up, rode over others and robbed other innocent people who just happened to be there. And that were hundreds or perhaps thousands of people like that in the riot in the UK recently.

      And there had been an incident in New York where some guy is hit by a car, and he thought someone would come to help him, but instead he’s being robbed by several people who were supposed to help him.

  • Just thinking about it makes me sick, these men are the worst of humanity and no punishment would be to harsh. Don’t execute them that would be a mercy, instead make them suffer every waking moment of their miserable lives.

    Demons like those deserve no less, and the ones who stood there and watched or just walked right by are equally responsible.

  • I know I’m a terrible person for saying this, but some part of me thinks they should’ve just let her die. Look at the poor girl…if she survives this what kind of life would she lead, and once all the media hype is gone those who said would help would just forget about her like the rest of last week’s news.

  • It’s not only the bystander effect at work here, it is the LACK OF PROTECTION for would be good samaritans. Some Chinese have tried to help injured, vulnerable people like a certain old lady who fell down… and then proceeded to lie that her helper actually pushed her and demand he pay for the hospital bill. Search the ‘Peng Yu’ incident. Without Chinese legal protection and with many disgusting swindlers looking to fuck over good people, is it any wonder why a reasonable Chinese person would be hesitant to get involved in ANY way? And yes, it has been documented that Chinese criminal gangs even use little kids and pregnant women in various schemes (such as fake injuries) to screw over gullible responders.

  • 86% of chinese would just leave the child thinking it is a scam in the middle of the road.
    chinese full of hypocrite
    out of 15, only one (the woman with garbage) that actually take action. its only around 7%. only that i believe.

  • Hi…
    First, i’m chinese… and I have alot of chinese friends that have big mouths… when bad things happends… they’re the first who run away…
    Second, I was 7 years in active duty international red cross in europe (DRK-HZA3 Germany)… was a CCC-medic in 1996 in macedonia… it doesnt really matter in reality when something really bad happend people always help then selves first or look away… walk away… even family members in european warzones… it sucks that much… that I… third… have quit the red cross – and that is because – the last I hade blamed me for doing nothing… because there was nothing to do anymore… so what I try to to tell is – just do it, help when you can… it gives you a better feeling or motivation for a little moment… or just a moment in your live where you can think of yourself that you did something in your life for somebody else… sorry for my bad english… i’m chinese… 😀

  • My point exactly. Everyone is a hero … on the internet. Same goes for all of the people here.
    Half of you would faint or puke from seeing blood, and the other half would just either ignore or chicken away thinking they’d be the ones accused in abusing a child to death.

  • That shows part of the problem with trusting survey responses. If 86% would have helped, then surely 94.7% would not have ignored her as they did?

    I’m not going to just take the intellectually lazy route and say “Chinese are callous scum” – there are numerous factors at play, such as frauds where car accident victims have sued their helpers for support, and I’m sure there are many others I don’t know of. I’ve heard children tend to be used in scams because people are less guarded to them. Some of these people were cold bastards, but others probably figured it was staged and as soon as they moved to help, they’d be victimized themselves.

    But, this incident shows that regardless of these factors or causes, Chinese society is in trouble, and needs to reform – whether that has to do with laws compelling people to assist the wounded, or crackdowns on scammers or something else, it cannot be allowed to continue like this.

  • I doubt this…. saying something online is different than actually doing it when things come down in real life.

    Personally, judging by how much hatred of females there is in China today? I doubt most Chinese would have done anything.

  • I can’t bear it … just die already kid, you have suffered enough … only miracle that can help you right now … its better leave this world while you can than living the world in that condition …

  • Suchaproblems are here in Hungary as well. The folloving happeng around 2007.:

    A male teacher was driveing his 10 year and 8 year old daughters to school. In a small town he accidently hit a 14yo gipsy girl who ran out in front of the car without looking around. The man stopped and immidiatly gave first aid, but than the parents of the girl came out and they BEATEN HIM TO DEATH, right in front of his two daughters who seen everithing. Several hours later the called the police to take away a drunkard that started a brawl and got beaten. When the police came out and sav what happened they called an ambulance, but it was too late.
    7 men were prosecuted later and the trial lasted 4years long, cause the gipsy family turned out to be the towns crimelords, and the people they terrorized, turned on them during the trial. The dead teacher was represented by his elder daughter during the trials.
    Gypsies are doing this all around Hungary and they often get away with it, cause officially an Hungary gypsiecrime dosen’n exist. Cause they are minority, “oppressed” by hungarians, that’s why they earn more money for not working than an averege working hungarian.

  • I’m sad that a follow-up on this had to come from Sankaku of all places, but I had been wanting to hear what happened. I’m glad the woman who finally helped the girl doesn’t want attention from it, because it really was simply what one SHOULD do when you see someone injured in the street.

    Now I’m curious to hear WTF the drivers were even thinking.

  • After a big happening everyone goes into the “Captain Insight” mode. “I would have, i should have, i wanted to blah”

    I allways thought only the Government in Comfascist nations is wicked. But most of the inhabitants are too.

    I only know it from my country. It’s well known law that you must help somebody in danger (except when you have to put your own health on risk). “Denial of assistance”. And nobody who helps will be judged (except for being a pedo of course)
    Its pretty expensive to act like an Asshole here.

    On the other hand i seen some cases where brave people got sacked or killed when they wanted to help someone who is beeing threatened or is a victim of public violence… I have to admit that i would think twice before i rush into a fight to help a stranger.
    (Ok if Children are the vicims i go into Lolisaver fury mode and would probably end up as mashed potatoes. At least i would have the angry pedochaser mob as my background army)

    But anyway i bet most people in civilized States would help somebody injured (especially children).
    Even when it’s not only Humanity everyone want’s to be a Hero. I think thats quite positive.

  • “The two motorists who ran over her have since been arrested”
    I demand them to change it to:
    “The two motorists are to be sentenced to 20 years of punishment through torture and mind disintegration though trauma forcing methods.”

  • The night before I read this, I had a dream my dad ran a child over in our Truck, and I was screaming at him to stop before it happened. It was really unnerving reading this story the morning after.

  • what you say, and what you do is not always the same..
    they say they would help the girl, but would they do that…? video says “no”, there is saying “people on same condition often help each other”

  • Really, this survey isn’t worth a shit.
    All people that were on that video surely don’t have an internet connection at home, they belong to an undeveloped area of China.
    Only a little number of chinese that live closer to occident’s lifestyle have voted in that survey.

  • If this happens in the Philippines especially in the urban area much like the commercial streets in China . . . 2 things will happen.

    1. The 1st sign that the kid was run over. SOMEONE will automatically run for assistance no matter who they are, no matter where they are from, no matter how busy they are. SOMEBODY will run and help. Even the crack/drug/liquor addicts will sober up just to help the victim.

    2. By standers will automatically stop the car from moving. If that driver will attempt to flee. . . he wont have any chance because He will be facing a MOB who is more than ready to beat him up to death

    There is no excuse for what the bystanders and passers-by did for that poor little girl. . They have done the most cruel thing any man would have done. . . ignoring an innocent child to die all because they don’t want to be held responsible

    • Yeah, I’ve already experienced that. I remember when our car fell into a ditch and the nearby people came rushing to help us. We were able to go home safely. There was also a time at the mall when we’ve just noticed our tire was already flat when some Jeepney drivers came to offer help.

      Filipino hospitality is truly a trademark us Filipinos can be proud of.

      One more thing. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 5 years as I child. A truck ran over the red light and smashed into our car. The car flipped and roll over several times. The bystanders who were Arabs came over to help us. Just glad we got the hospital right away to get treated… Many people think Arabs are terrorists and stuff and generalize but they are also kind people you know.

  • So what are the laws for Good Samaritan in China? At least here in the States I must admit I would hesitate because any medical training puts you at risk of been sued even if you do something in good faith. Sorry to say but talk is cheaper than going to court just to prove your innocence. I can’t even imagine how bad it can be in China’s system.

    Good Samaritan laws are laws or acts protecting those who choose to serve and tend to others who are injured or ill. They are intended to reduce bystanders’ hesitation to assist, for fear of being sued or prosecuted for unintentional injury or wrongful death.

    While U.S. laws focus on shielding from liability those who choose to help in a situation (they don’t always work) they did not cause, European laws criminalize failure to help in such a situation. Nowadays in some European countries (France being one such example that has a Good Samaritan law), people who do not help may face prosecution. Ouch.

  • “so either the girl was incredibly unlucky or the survey respondents incredibly deluded or dishonest…”

    I think she was already unlucky enough to get run over by car before failing 86% chance of getting help 18 times in a roll

  • What the fuck “being or not being chinese” has anything to do with it ?

    If a tall man with dark hair kills someone, then every tall man with a dark hair is a killer ? It’s “logic” that a half dumb elementary schooler would be ashamed. Excluding perhaps religious freaks.

    for fucks sake …

    It’s all about being a pathetic, sensless trash mixed with “bystander effect”. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Nationality or anything else has little to do with. You can find similar examples around this whole planet, if you just search a tiny bit.

  • If this was true, the odds of that no one would help her after 18 passers-by would be 1 in 2300 trillion. 2300 TRILLION. That’s several magnitudes higher than the hardest lotteries. That’s more than a hundred times higher than all our red blood cells. That’s just fucked up.

  • Nobody talks about the only woman who has helped the kid? Anyway, kudos to her, while at the same time being humble. Bravo! See, there are good people in China, even though not many, just like everywhere else.

    • I know this is what I said in another post. She is “that person who dragged her off the street to be left for dead” when she was in fact calling for help off camera! I don’t think Artefact read more into the story or missed something out.

  • this poll is bullshit because it only concerns netizens. Netizens are generally more educated than commoners. Im pretty sure 80% of the chinese country people would react the same way as in the vid.

  • I wouldn’t touch her (normal human aversion to gore as well as the fact that you should NEVER move someone in that condition) but at least call the cops and an ambulance. I thought that’s what any average person would do.

    • Indeed Anon. So many whiners in this website who are just sheltered ignorant people. Really what can anyone of you guys do to help? This girl had her leg are you going to move her and bring her to the hospital without causing more damage? Do you have any medical training or first aid training at all? Bullshit with helping, you might even kill her.

      The best thing to do is calling for help or you can treat her if you have the experience or are a doctor/nurse.

      Panic is a reason why some couldn’t help, they can’t think of what to do.

  • So…

    Of the few people who walked past her body, one of which pulling it off the road and leaving it for road kill…

    That was 0.6% of the Chinese population that just HAPPENED to be there?

  • Why does her being a 2 year old girl matter? It’s okay to leave a 30 year old man like that?

    It only exposes the shallowness and fakeness of your supposed conscience if you only consider certain sections of life worth saving.

  • It’s easy for anyone to say they’d help without question, that they’re all perfect citizens. And many of them probably actually believe it too, right up until they’re actually facing the situation and all their piety goes out the window.

  • “so either the girl was incredibly unlucky or the survey respondents incredibly deluded or dishonest…”

    We can only hope that this event has helped some people to open their eyes to their own humanity and perhaps even compassion.

  • It’s not bystander effect, more like fear of being accused as perpetrator.
    There’s 1 other case of an old lady being pushed off a bus. One passanger jumped down, helped her and brought her to the hospital only to be arrested as the pusher.

    I would probably call for police/ambulance but left her there until they arrived.

    My country have the same corrupt authorities. You helped an accident victim? You’ll be taken to the station as ‘witness’, which usually means an hour later you’re the suspect if there’s no bribes involved.

      • I really don’t know if you guys are serious or not. It’s a natural thing not wanting to be involved or put your family on the line just to act like a hero but, hey, we’re not talking about helping a grown up man beat up, we’re talking about a little kid. A FREAKING LITTLE CHILD. Would you want your daughter to be fucking ignored like this? I know the risks and I don’t know myself what I’d do in that situation. At least scream, I don’t know, cry or anything but not ignore her that way. She doesn’t deserve that and now she’s gonna die (if she’s not already) because of the shitty humans around her (Talking about Humans, not race). Not pointing fingers at anyone, I can understand their point of view but holy shit they just look so cold..

  • i’ve read news everywhere about this incident and many of the people that walked by had some bullshit excuse example the guy with the bike was like “i thought the crying was from one of the shops” and the other being that it was too dark to see….. are u fckin serious it was too dark go fck urself u chinese rubbish, wat?….. has the pollution blind the shit out of you, i’ve read this story over and over from all different sites and each time i do i get more and more pissed off at the attitude of these chinese people, not to say that there are bad and good chinese but it seems the majority are bad chinese people.

  • This is so sad, i can’t believe so many people didn’t help that little girl. I don’t care if the survey is wrong or not, the video shows so many people just ignoring the little girl and they simply didn’t do anything, even ran over by another car!! Those people definitely don’t have a conscience no matter what laws their country have. One time i saw an accident happen in front of my eyes and I was one of the first person to stop my car and help an old lady get out of the turn over car. I if i see a little girl get hurt like that i wouldn’t be able to just stand and not do anything. I really hope and pray even thou she’s in that condition she lives and recovers.

    • Perhaps it depends in what neighborhood it’s happened, if someone was getting hit by a car in the ghetto he/she would also likely to be ignored. Or the people at the time of the accident couldn’t believe their eyes what’s happened. Would you believe that the people wouldn’t help a girl in a similar situation when she got hit by a car? No, of course not. Also where were her parents when this was happening. There’s really something wrong with the parent when they didn’t even know where their child is at night?

  • this survey is a joke, some bullshit it is that 86% of chinese would help, fark off more like 14% would help and 86% would jus leave that poor girl there, fck u chinese assholes heartless scum, sorry if i offended some of the good chinese people, the good kind ones are ok, but those who ignored and did nothing could go to hell, this news has spread all around the world, we know have evidence quiet alot of chinese are heartless. Some are still kind, so saying 19 people including the lady who helped put it in a statistic calculation of china then guess how many are kind and how many are just dickheads, some one do the math 🙂

  • Dishonest I’m Chinese and when I read that article I wanted to bomb china. Chinese people are selfish. They dont care if it’s not their family. My dad always told to be proud to being Chinese…after seeing this I don’t see why I would be

    • You know you are already generalizing your own kind; it’s not like you are the one who rides her over twice. Being Chinese, or other inhabitant of any other country is fine, as long as you are not doing evil things like killing, raping vice versa. Just be honest, and show your respect to the people, especially your parents and the elderly. By the way, your dad is right.

  • Watching this footage and reading the reports just made me sick. I don’t care what race or culture you come from. The people that walked by her were just an example on how pathetic the human race can be. I’m sure situations like this happens off camera as well. I hope she pulls through this and she forgets what happened on that terrifying day. Anyone that thinks it was funny can kiss my ASS!

  • So which is worse, the fact that I live in a country that owes over $40trillion in debt to China, or the fact that these Chink-ass muthafuckers didn’t do jack shit to help save a little, defenseless girl who was this close to the brink of death from getting ran over by some dumb-ass motorists?

    Should be easy enough to answer.

  • Most of the people saying bad things about China in general do not know anything.

    In China, there are actual parents who would tell their children to get hurt to make money by framing whoever tries to help as the offender.
    The situation is very much like Japan.

    Don’t go spreading bullshit if you don’t know anything about China.

        • In the Philippines there’s a modus operandi of gangs using kids who are lost to ask help from women and guide them to seclusive places then rape them and murder them

          Another one involving a make-believe accident that can pass off for real. They would leave someone in a car who is acting passed out and the car would be a wreck. IF someone passes by, they would check the site of the accident. Then gang members would go out of hiding to rob the person and murder him. If it’s a woman,they’d rape her then rob her then kill her.

        • yea not saying china is bad but they have alot of issues like that, china one of the few countries who invented that bullshit about faking injuries to get money not sayin the whole race is bad just the many of it are

  • In the video clearly see that she must have suffered damage to the
    It is very easy to go online and vote that would help… If the law is wrong why not do nothin about it?
    Because it is convenient to look the other way and pretend it is not with their family!
    My only relief is that this story will crucify the bastards who done it!
    In my country (Brazil ) just end up trampling on bail out instead of ending up in jail!
    Really disgusting!

  • It’s called the bystander effect. Ideally, most people would want to help whoever’s in trouble but if the situation occurs in a crowded area, one would assume that someone else has already called for help or will call for help and hesitate to help or call for help, themselves, which is why help arrives much too late.

    • Uhm….it sure as hell didn’t look crowded in that video. People in groups no bigger than 2 were passing by, with occasional vehicles going about their way. The bystander effect would only apply if there were actually people standing over her, with police lights flashing and ambulances wailing. That sounds a little more relevent, yes?

      • i believe so too, wtf “bystander effect” really?? are u blind? is there a crowd there? retard… u fckn see a crowd there? i don’t think so screw the bystander effect doesn’t work that way in this video

  • i personally disapprove with the author’s snide tone in this article. the women’s rightfully a hero for what she did in comparison to the other bystanders. the world needs more people like her.

  • Internet words mean nothing, use your actions to back up what you claim.

    Of course people online would say that they would help the girl, but when faced with that kind of action in real life there’s no telling what they would do.

    • i believe so as well. you may talk alot online but “reality hits you hard bro” LOL!! but some people who talk on the internet is to release their anger of it and because of ‘internet words’ this story was spread worldwide can’t complain on that

  • what kinda bull crap is china trying to pull? bad luck? don’t fuck with me if a person was going to help her it should have happened when they hit her.. How many people do u think answers truthful on a survey… ACTION speak LOUDER then words.

    • I don’t think they are pulling anything. Its just feel good news. After all people in general don’t want to think that their fellow citizens could care a crap about what happens to you. Its like the whole “she gone to a better place” crap that people spout to make them selves feel better.

    • I lol when people take surveys on morality seriously though.

      The retards who are calling out the Chinese being the only liars on such kind of survey. Tell me what ethnic group has not bs about this kind of stuff? You want to hear about an ironic survey?

      Here in the UK there was a survey on helping someone who publicly annonced suicide. Survey says over 80% would of helped. Reality, everyone got their camera phones out and started filming telling the guy to jump. He died.

      • Meh, most self proclaimed suiciders are just attention seeking trolls me thinks. Last time I tried to help one of those type of people (top floor of parking garage crying mexican kid sitting on ledge) I basically wasted one hour of my life, felt very corny, and kid doesn’t say one word to me the whole time…then his g/f comes and he steps down, and they proceed to ignore me and just walk away and I feel like a jerk for wasting my time… trolled so hard FUUUUUUU, never again.

        Luckily I called the cops beforehand so he got arrested shortly afterwards.

    • Well the most of these think they would help but probably wouldn’t in the actual situation. I think the most famous case is the Milgram study in which 100% of the participants SAID they wouldn’t shock a puppy to death but about 75% of them actually did.

      This situation is a little different but it’s the same that in a hypothetical situation we all want to think we’re good people but when it actually arises most people don’t act the way they say they would

        • (1-(37991+11175)/57242)^18 = 4.90531834 × 10-16
          which is one extra zero on the board. Lets not take into account the people that don’t know what to do and a truck that is willing to drive over her as bonus.

          Chinese people just say stuff for image. Obviously the numbers on the board don’t represent the real chinese people. They are too busy ignoring little dying girls to have time to answer pointless opinion polls.

        • No, you should not. No matter how many people come by, it’s still that 16 (or 14) procent chance that they would pass you by, so 0.16 * 0.16 *…. etc. Think of it like this, you have a two pies with 4 pieces, where one piece on each pie is black. The chance that you randomly pick the black one is 25% for each pie, so if you pick once for both pies, the chance you have of getting two black ones is 0.25 * 0.25 = 0.0625 = 6.25%

        • 86% and 14%, so the number is even smaller. But the number of zeros crashed my calculator.

          It’s almost in the realms of buying only two national lottery tickets and winning the jackpot with both of them.

    • they’ve “mistunderstood” a lot of things lately.

      from exploding shits to putting a lifeless train in a graveyard is part of the latest economic power domination of China.

      and yet this is what America seems to fear..

      well, they’re damn right. Who wants another exploding shit anyways.

        • Lol, is your childhood really such an addled, obscure mess? Kids can’t be compared to housebroken cats, parents take them out to go shopping, send them to school, etc. The parents just lost track of the child, that kind of thing happens to every parent. Not saying that the parents don’t have their own sins to own up to, but you can’t just chain a kid down and bring them fresh bread and water every day, that’s something that gets people arrested, or at least gets people put in very awkward positions for the media.

        • Don’t be stupid. Most people will say they would help. It makes them feel good. But when it come down to it the naked monkey that humans are will do what ever preserves them and helping someone who has been hurt and been libel to be arrested for it is not one of them.

          Screw it next time keep the kid indoors.

  • If it’s japan, all of us ( men with Good Lolicon license ) will jump out the road to save the girl before before the accident.
    even we may die or we may be arrested by police by attemp to attack little girl.
    yet, we have no regret.

  • im a chinese, srsly it’s a fucked up place to raise a child, the system here are going against the very nature of what is just, and i dont even know why ppl want to move into the cities. fuck this. im leave this country

    p.s. now you know why there’s chinese everywhere, leaving China.

      • Yeah no shit, you’re completely missing the point, NO ONE HELPED HER do you get that?.

        Actions speak louder than words and numbers, so don’t give me that “86% of the people were not there” horse shit!

        A lot of people were still there and they did nothing, that speaks for how the majority of the every day Chinese person is.

        It’s not like the ones that were there ALL just happened to be the bad Chinese people, and all the good ones just by chance weren’t there, well isn’t that fucking convenient reason to defend Chinese people, it’s sickening.

        Have you ever been in a situation like the little girl’s? Just for a second put yourself in her shoes and think how it would feel, to know people just walked by you with no help in a situation like that.

        Fucking good day sir!

        • @ 00:48: If he is, can you blame him? we’re talking about China and Chinese people here.

          I don’t know about you or everyone else but for me, whenever I hear news related to China, it’s always about Chinese people doing something ridiculously shitty and horrible.

          And just out of curiosity how is Sinophobia worse than Anti-semitism?, aren’t they both the same except different ethnicities?

        • I don’t care about the statistics, whether the number is 86% or 100%, it doesn’t change the fact that no one did nothing to help her, THAT’S proof enough about the everyday Chinese people.

          No matter what you say actions speak louder than your bullshit defence for the Chinese people.

          Yet again, fucking good day sir!

    • Talk is cheap anywhere, including the states. When my friend was hit by a drunk driver that ran a red light, exactly ZERO car at the intersection stopped and just drove on by as if nothing happened. Even got hunked as my friend sit there dying at the wheel.

      How many of you have actually stopped at car accidents to render assistance? I am not saying those without sins cast the first stone, but saying we all need to reflect on how much we’re willing to help our fellow men instead of pointing fingers.

      • in the states, i dont know if you are aware, people have been arrested for rendering help in those situations. and one was sued, that i know of, because he was pulled from the vehicle (smoking) and ended up paralyzed, only reason it never made major news was because they couldn’t determined if he was paralyzed before or after.

        we are taught in america, that unless you are a paramedic or off duty cop, just drive on by and call assistance at the nearest phone.

        though i was tought that before cellphones became a common thing.

      • Every one I have ever witnessed. That’s how many.

        Often all it ended up being was my calling 911, and asking if those involved were all-right, and handing out water and contact info if I witnessed it.

      • I saw someone roll their car on the side of a busy two-lane road. I was about to stop myself but by the time I was over there four people had already pulled over and were running toward them. I’m American btw.

      • Those who did not stop where smart. Problem in the States is that your not really protected very well by Good Samaritan laws. It sound like you are but your not really. For example a person stops the car but unless that person has actual way of proving they did not hit your friend they may be arrested unless the police (good luck) can assess what really happen.

        Its a mess when stuff like this happen and its even worse if someone with medical emergency training but no equipment comes to help. Now its a double whammy in the states. I for one would keep going. Its dog eat dog world and I don’t feel like spending all my resources in court fighting the person I just helped because my actions may be deemed to have been a contributory part of the injury.

        But hey do as you wish its your ass on the line not mine.

      • I have stopped before to help a car accident… unfortunately it was too late as the driver had already died (hit a cinder block wall, and was crushed under the fallen blocks =\ )

        When the police came, I and other who were at the scene were treated as suspects and were asked questions… did it bother me? yes, but they were just doing their job… if I came across another accident like that, would I be hesitant to not help just because of that incident? no, I would still try to help and do what I could just because I think its the right thing to do.

      • I have helped in car accident yep… its actually surreal feeling, the guy I help leg got a smash and trapped from head on collision. But I wasn’t alone to help at least 5 other came out and try to help too, and I’m sure many more at least call police.
        I also went jogging and found a guy on the ground… he was elderly jogger and had heart attack… I stayed til ambulance come but it was too late unfortunately.

        • It really depends . but walking away like that its unforgivable
          I used to live in a big city, and ive seen countless people falling from scooters or crashing cars
          there was always someone lending an hand (i am from Rome)

          I know im not a doctor, so if i find myself with a bloody mess in a car in front of me what i do is call for an ambulance while playing the “everything is going to be alright” card
          in italy at least this “persecution” of the good samaritan its not practiced , not that i know of

          i reckon 2 or 3 times someone was already helping, so what i did was stepping back and told the traffic to move aside or wave them around , many dont realize that an ambulance cannot reach you if there is 20cars stuck watching, so while 2-3people can surely help, more than that are not useful, one’s try to help with what he can

          my friend face-planted himself with the bycicle and as he got up a river of blood was coming from his nose and mouth, his yellow shirt was soaked, my first reaction was of course “oh my ” , then i called my father , shortly after that i started feeling dizzy myself, so i sat down with him and waited for adult help.

          Ita easier to talk indeed, or to take surveys but it does take abit of force of will to help somebody, if feels unreal when you actually see blood everywhere , its not video games or movies anymore

        • Oh and sorry for spam but one more thing. I think some people may be scared to help because gore. I remember when i was very young say 7 or 8 or so a motorcyclist got hit by a car next to my home and he ended up sliding down the asphault so there is pothole in his skin very gross… when i saw this I was so shocked as well, but yes not something most wishes to see but it cant be helped people will die if you don’t help fast enough (like that jogger i find but too late).

        • ^ sorry typo I mean the car accident the guys leg was trapped in dashboard which is smashed in from head on collision from other vehicle. And its surreal because hes screaming in pain ^_^ pulling all nighter can’t type.

        • Don’t be an idiot, 20:53. The passerby effect is increased with more people, and if they got hit by a drunk driver running a light, then they were in a densely populated area. Not the fucking countryside.

        • it’s because there are so many people there that responsibility is spread. as such people think that someone else will call the ambulance. if the passerby was all alone, he would feel more responsibility to make the call. that being said, no rules apply to china.

        • No, the bystander effect is really that powerful. You wouldn’t because your mind will attempt to justify why you shouldn’t help.

          This is not specific to any race or nationality. It’s a human thing. Welcome to social psych 101.

  • After seeing that 1st pic many emotions running through me right now it feels like fire inside and reading she probably wont make it or died already it makes crazy with rage NEVER have i felt this way befor…

  • let me tell you idiots something, if you help the girl and she dies while you are trying to help you are partly responsible for her death. it is law not only in china but in america.

    if you help someone and they end up dying or you make the situation worst you will be punished too.

    do you want to risk getting charged with assisted manslaughter?

  • If the poll is accurate, the likelihood of her not being helped by the first 17 people is (.14^17)*100

    Or to put it another way, the odds this poll is accurate are around about .0000000000003%

  • “Samaritans have been forced to pay the medical costs of the people they helped or accused of actually injuring them in the first place have been highlighted as a partial explanation for the evident moral vacuum which is mainland China”

    What a pathetic excuse!!

    In everywhere in the world except china, people risked being burned, drowned, stabbed, shot, limb and even life to save someone let alone a small child.

    • In everywhere in the world except china, people risked being burned, drowned, stabbed, shot, limb and even life to save someone let alone a small child.

      Fuck the likely punishment if you can save a 2 year old girl.

      • Lady in the Video all she did was pick up the little girl and not realize the little girl legs were broken Old lady in the video try to stand up the little girl and fell to her face.

        I commend the lady for trying to help take her off the street at the same time hurt the little girl not realizing the injuries.It wasn’t the old ladies fault but she try to help the girl.

      • This is actually a well known psychological phenomenon, the bystander effect. And it happens everywhere. Last year a homeless man in New York was stabbed while helping a woman being robbed at knife point. The woman and murderer ran off and he died on the sidewalk as people literally walked past. One guy took cell phone pictures. Another shook him and, realizing he had bled to death, walked away, no police call, no nothing. Firefighters found the body an hour and a half after the attack. It’s not that these people were malevolent or abnormal; maybe delusional, but not bad. People in large groups just assume someone else will fix a problem like this. The larger the group, the higher the chance they won’t bother. I mean, why should I do something? Someone else is clearly on the problem anyways, or I wasn’t here first, or someone else will know what people to call and how to help the victim, or I have important stuff to take care of and I don’t really like blood anyways. You ever drive past a wreck that didn’t have police or EMS on the scene? I know I have. Different scale obviously, but same phenomenon.

        • @macona

          Playing Mr. Politically correct for yourself to fit an arguement based on prejudice and hate is no excuse for it. Paedophiles aren’t child molestors but is used for the term for it’s ease of use. If you want to get get down to it then calling Americans “Overweight ignorant scum buckets” isn’t racist. Because the only race on the deadbeat planet is Humans.

          Applying the pollitcally correct to suit your needs is just an excuse to allow yourself to be free of what you say. Racism in it’s use of term is used for the sake of highlighting a form of prejudice towards a specific ethnic group. It’s an accepted social term to describe one like so. Instead of just leaving off with a haughty reponse. At least provide a better term for such people then instead of racist/racism.

        • “They can’t even spare a minute to call an ambulance. Those bastard chinese scum.”

          I’m all for bashing China’s political and social problems (I do it all the time), but racist comments like this are unnecessary, and only serve to promote your own ignorance.

        • Not so sure about Taiwan making bootlegs and ripoffs, that’s mostly the Communists’ forte.

          Taiwan mostly deals with “non-bootleg” hardware like computer motherboards, graphic cards, and memory (RAM). MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, Acer, FSP, ECS, Kingston, G.Skill, ASRock, Geil, Biostar, Thermaltake, Lite-On, Transcend, etc. are all Taiwanese.

          And then there’s TSMC, the world’s largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry.

        • You’re an idiot. Try thinking just a tad more and you may actually be able to grow up just a little. But hey if you want to be a racist tard, carry on. The users here supports racism anyway.

      • Do you have supporting evidence for this, or are you spewing nonsense out of your mouth out of rage? Because there have been cases already of people in China who took the risk and lost. If you want to be such a good samaritan, go to China and start helping people in need. Go play the hero. But don’t go complaining when your ass is prosecuted and sued for doing so. I despise vocal hypocrites that can only talk but won’t do a thing. Overly emotional rage doesn’t get you anywhere.

        Some of you people are so ignorant from emotional outbursts that I can’t help but feel less confident for the next generation. I’m guessing you’re not a father or mother. Because if you were you’d think twice about about “Fucking the likely punishment if you can save a 2 year old”. Do you think that only “YOU” yourself would be affected? You really want to put your family in the line of fire for your single act of heroism? If you were mature enough, you’d understand that playing hero and being the only one to suffer doesn’t happen in real life as often as films or anime portray it.

        Also to the people applying 1st world standards to 3rd worlds. Get off your high horse, if not go do something about it. Or do you have no empathetic value to those living in less unfortunate circumstances? No? Then maybe your mental comprehension skills just isn’t mature enough to think things through a little more without being overpowered by feelings and going all racist.

        I’m disgusted and all about this injustice done to the little girl, but some of you people irks me just as much by your ideal sense of the world. Grow up.

        • @Godot 20:41

          Triads actually have a hand in hospitals aswell sadly. I don’t remember the details that well but there was a few cases where doctors were reprimanded with triads when they were caught in backdoor dealings in drugs. Like I said if you knew how much of a hand these kind of people have in politics and public services as said previously, any person living there would think twice about going to hospitals.

          As for the store clerks around. I honestly don’t know what the relationship is between the store clerks and the victim of the parents are. Have they just moved in? If so I doubt anyone really even knew that the child belong to them. The video in all honesty isn’t decisive on what’s in the surrounding area is like. We can see people passing by, but other than that nothing much. But it still doesn’t change the fact that people did just walk pass. But I will reiterate the point of triads. Even if there were other clerks around, if they saw this happen. They would think the triads was setting this up. Someone who brazenly runs over a little girl right in the open doesn’t happen on a daily basis. Anyone would be suspicious about that. I’m not saying that is the case. But at least a likely to be the case. If I saw that happen over here, even I would think no one just does something to that degree out in the open (Though similar have happened in Africa and Jamaica) without having a purpose to do so. That’s not saying I wouldn’t call for police and ambulance since I have that confidence at least to trust my public services enough to do so in this country.

          Again I say if this really was a case of triads being involved, just getting into contact with the child could put you on their blackmail list. They’ve been known to sit and wait in the shadows watching and ready to pounce on unsuspecting good samaritans helping out a “Child Beggar”. Picking a fight with triads that might have connections in police and other public services isn’t exactly a great idea.

          I’m going to pull a stat out my ass in and say that majority of people on Earth don’t trust their neighbours. So imagine a society like China where even putting trust in the police could be fatal. Trying to trust their neighbours 100% is near impossible then.

          I can’t express what’s it’s truly like living in China. I’ve never lived there so I wouldn’t know if I would be the same as I am now if I was born then and was living there. But I have friends from China and believe me the majority of citizens just don’t want to get involved with anyone because they are afraid of who it could be behind the scenes. Triads asking for “Store Protection” is still around to this day. It ain’t no fairy tale. Just like how even Yakuza’s are known to do the same in Japan. The only way for the average citizen in China can guarantee a safe (or safe enough) life is to not jump into things that stand out. It’s sad but this is reality when you have criminals with power in charge of almost everything around you.

          My beef is with the drivers more than anything else. I would like nothing more than unending torture for the 2nd driver. The people who walked pass and did nothing pissed me off. But I can understand from their point of view at least, or what could be their point of view. I pity the mainlanders because of the dangers they have to put up with everyday. It gets to you eventually if you survive long enough. I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but as a certain quote implies “Would you rather die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villian?” If doing countless psychology courses has taught me anything. People in general all over the world end up the latter. Even if it’s involuntary. I’m no exception.

        • @19:22

          So basically in a country of 1.5 Billion its run by the triad and corrupt politicians. I get it now.

          What you are saying is China is more like Mexico now but without the gun battles and beheading, yet. Violence there happen right in front of everyone as a demonstration. But unlike Mexico, theres no overt intimadation there when the incident happen. Its also plain to see she is crushed under two vehicles. The drivers also lacks firearms besides the fact the they SLOWLY got away and left. And some more reading tells the little girl was the DAUGHTER OF A SHOPKEEPER there. I doubt other store clerks can truthfully say they don’t know her.

          Even so whats with the response of the passerby or shopkeepers. The passerbys completely ignored her as if some roadkill.
          And again no calling for help from a ambulance/hospital or is that triad-runned too?
          The other shopkeepers couldn’t inform her MOTHER who was in their nearby store?

          Nevermind triads, do chinese don’t even trust their NEIGHBORS?

        • @17:36

          Now this I can work with. This is a lot better than your first reply. My reply to 17:02 is harsh but if I misundertood you then fair enough I am at fault and I apologize. That is if that one actually appears before this one does.

          Again this comes down to civilian fear of the state. But not just that. The police can be just as corrupt. The problem is that when you have so many public services that is controlled by the state, how can you trust them, especially that of China? China is one of the largest, if not has the largest number of corrupt suits in government and public services (Can’t remember who, but a politician admitted that). Triads also have infulence in the police force which makes going to the police a 50/50. That’s what makes it so difficult other than have a heavy ass lawsuit that can hit you in the face. When you have both criminal organizations and corrupt politicians working together with the public services. Just “seeing” an accident could find you or your family dead the next day.

          Put it this way, if you lived in fear from the government and even your own public service and scams from Triads. It’s going to be risky to do anything. If the Triads have a hand in it and the child was an abducted child being used as a “Child Beggar”. You really are risking your whole family for even seeing it, never mind going to aid. That’s how deep the poison has reached in state and public services. You can’t go to the police in fear they’re in league with the Triads and the government isn’t going to do anything. In a way the “If you aid the injured you will be held responsible” is an advantage to all the corrupt politicians in league with Triads. Which let’s them maim, kill, target, blackmail anyone they see fit with little to no repercussions. I don’t think I need to tell you this, but numerous people have gone missing just being a witness and nothing more.

          The reality is, unless there’s some inside upheaveal of the current governing state to rid the corrupt politicians, officers and so forth. People will live in continuous fear and turn a blind eye as much as possible. Which is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Most likely if someone did challange the current state and tries to wipe out the poison. They won’t be around for much longer. You’ll be making a lot of enemies. In both officals and the underground. If you’re not gonna end up dead you’ll be locked up for a crime you never did.

        • @17:02

          Did you even read what I said or were you to raged up to even understand what I said. Throwing a strawmans and a tantrum shows that you are just side stepping the problems I pointed out with you people.

          A single video? Are you in grade school that you have to rely on just a single video to prove that only Chinese people are like that? Then I assume that you already have a set bias against the Chinese without even thinking that this can happen anywhere whether we see it or not. But your bias is quite obvious since you so love picking out the Chinese are incompassionate and selfish. Or is that as far as your comprehension skills can go that you rely on a single video to base your assumptions on? I was crtisizing the fact that anyone would say only in China would happen can’t prove it. Or can you prove to me that you know of every single incident that happens accross the world that involved someone in such situation and the victim got aid? The fact that you believe China isn’t still calssed as a 3rd World tells me enough you know nothing of social and economic growth and population dsiparity.

          Suggesting that only 1st world countries have selflessness and compassion? You’re just throwing words in my mouth there. I guess your capability to understand the meaning behind “less unfortunate circumstances” is benign. Circumstances involve the corrupt government and the backwards ass law that aiding someone can land you in a shooting field or being punished. If you weren’t living in a cave you’d understand that this also involves the the hardship that human rights groups face because of the government. But I guess you didn’t understand that since you were too engrossed in laying into me for saying things I didn’t say.

          Why aren’t I doing anything about it? Because I’m not that much of a hypocrite that I’d condemn the citizens for the governments inhumane laws that puts a ball and chain over the average Chinese mainlander and act like I could do better in their shoes. You think you can do better than the Chinese mainlanders on their grounds? Because that’s what you’re suggesting right there, if so go prove your metal. Go fight against the government. Go live in China. Let’s see how much you can do with the government down on your neck almost every living second of your life.

          All you’ve done is throw strawmans at me, put words in my mouth and quite obiviously showed you have a hate or dislike for the average Chinese and have been implying so from the start. Your racist undertones only proves to me that you know nothing about the situations and are jumping the bandwagon of “Durr Chinese people are heartless drones”. The fact that you assume I’m Chinese is enough of evidence that you wanted to pick me out to lash with your Anti-Chinese swing. If anything you’ve just proved yourself to be another person in the midst of emotional rage who can’t discren the reality from ideals.

        • Another point. why didn’t no one CALLED FOR HELP? Its not just 19 people there. Its a market place, with STORES with SHOPKEEPERS and CUSTOMERS. Most of whom could witness the tragedy right from the store. They’ve had to be willfully blind to say its a SCAM even then.

          Even so, no one called the police or ambulance from their store? How much risk is that compared to burning or drowning? How much risk is calling anonymously?

          Failing that, its a store Im sure they could find a bag to cover their faces and move the child to a hospital or atleast to a safer part of the street. No, not even that. It took a random passerby to help. So much for mindful shopkeepers who cares more for their goods than a bleeding child on the road screaming her life out.

          If society, specifically the chinese one, can’t be blamed for that then what is?

        • Its ironic you call out someone as hypocrites and then go and ask them to go help. I assume you are chinese, but what are YOU doing about it? What are you doing to help?
          You are asking for proof as if the video didn’t prove it enough? But didn’t you just testified to it yourself? By doing nothing you perpetuate it and prove it every time. You are also suggesting that COMPASSION and SELFLESSNESS are traits only 1st world countries have. And china is a 3rd world country? Oh how the 2nd largest economy have fallen. Boasting how much 1st world countries are indebted to them. Still a third world? So much for communism, for the greater good and all that. What you really mean to say is CHINESE people itself lacks COMPASSION and SELFLESSNESS.

          And an important fact that seems moronic. Good samaritans gets punish for helping? Do you not realized how stupid that is? China is the only country i know that breeds such a backwards culture that punishes good samaritans. Is it real or just a convenient excuse? And why aren’t anyone doing anything about it? Not you, you said so yourself that you’re useless. The way that it seems so ingrained in the chinese pedestrian mindset that it even appears in online surveys tells that its been happening for A LONG TIME. But someone else should have noticed how stupid it is, right? Oh right, human rights advocates don’t do shit in china because they are in JAIL are labeled DISSIDENTS. Admit it, this is the CHINESE STATUS QUO and the chinese are ENABLING it and PERPETUATING the tragedy.

          As for foreigners going there help. Im sure the chines government minders would love that. There are already people who trying to help but it be easier if the chinese government wasn’t obstructing efforts or covering up those who do need help.

        • Ignorant people living in 1st world countries wouldn’t understand anything. They act shocked and appalled, but out of sight, out of mind. As if this is new news. It just happened to get captured on video and uploaded world wide. Worse things happen out there that people don’t care about.

          People just make noise once they see it in front of them, and act as if they’re some kind of hero with morals. Put in such positions in Africa, China, or what have you, and see what they would do.

    • It’s sad to say but….I almost wonder if letting her live would be too cruel. She’s never gonna have a normal life again, I mean did you see the way she was bending at the hip in that video, when that lady was pulling her arms to sit up? That basically means her spine is 10 kinds of fucked up.

      If they have -any- kind of genuine shame for what their countrymen have done, they should instate cruel and unusual punishment for this occasion. Otherwise, they’re just flattering themselves so the rest of the world doesn’t start talking seriously about bombing them off the face of the planet.

  • These polls means jack shit.

    Sure everyone would say they would help the girl, but at the moment, who knows what would you do?

    The fear of getting sued for helping people out would at least cause me to pause for a few secs.

    • This is very common in China, and other parts of the world, where someone would sue anyone they can in order to get some extra cash.

      Although, there was no excuse for this particular situation because it’s clear that she was ran over by a car or two. Since passerby pedestrians cannot possibly crush her legs by accidently knocking her over, you can’t possibly be blamed for it.

      People can speculate and accuse, but when the time comes, you’d be proven innocent.

      • Your naive since your seen it from a different vantage point of a picture. But there is no indication that people knew they where been taped or anything. You think if the people in the vehicles knew they where been watched they would not have been more careful.

        Easy to state bull when your out of the actually picture.

    • She was run over by a car. How is a passerby without a car going to be accused? There is also the matter of the size of the wounds compared to the size of the wheels and what about traces of blood and human tissue on the tires?
      Even if it’s china the simplest investigation would prove you innocent.
      I could understand if it was someone beaten up in an alley and you had precedents for assault… but in this case that doesn’t apply.

      Also, was that a hidden camera? If you are a local you’d probably know there’s one in that spot to prove your innocence.

      Furthermore, the place was full of people who could be asked to testimony…

      • Its not only china it happens all over, Good Samaritan laws are crap and your rolling the dice that you will not be sued to pay even if you had nothing to do with the original accident. The law here in the States are simple. If you do not help your not liable, if you help, you better f*cken know what your doing because your going to be libel if you cause any injury after the fact.

      • There is a Chinese law that allows cases to be argued as “if you weren’t involved in the incident, you wouldn’t be helping the victim” and the victims have won money from Good Samaritans that way in the past. This is what drives some people away from helping.

        Surveillance camera caught the action.

        But fear not, the girl has a brother; the family is totally fine under the One Child Policy.

      • I dunno, maybe due to all the pollutions, there are a lot of people with mutant like super power in China. That the polic will honestly suspect you tearing the girl’s limbs off like the juggernaut.