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My Little Bride Can’t Be This Cute!?


Ore no Imouto fans are again in uproar, this time over the freshly unveiled cover of the ninth volume of the light novel, displaying as it does a wedding dress clad and rather fractious Kirino in the arms of an unfortunate Kyosuke…


Just whether this is as it appears is the subject of intense speculation:

“What is this idiot couple doing?”

“I suppose it’s OK for siblings to marry after all.”

“Damn, volume 9’s cover is too good!”

“Imouto marriage flag set!?”

“Pretty straightforward cover it seems.”

“The cover is exuding a strong ‘Where the hell areyou putting your hand, you damn sis-con!’ aura.”

“Really nice cover. It seems nice covers are all we get now though…”

“It looks like an obvious pitch, but this is probably intentional.”

“But if they wed this volume, what are they going to do in the last volume?”

“The anime finale will be maternity. She’ll be pregnant in the last volume.”

“Don’t get your hopes up. This is going to be some fake wedding dress or something.”

“Great cover, Kyosuke princess-carrying Kirino – nice.”

“I’m hoping it really will be a Kyosuke-Kirino wedding!”

“This is most likely a troll cover with everyone wearing a wedding dress for some other unfortunate reason.”

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