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who gives a fuck about real people, aside from faimaly and friends?

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  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    HouseLife 12:38 take my lottery analogy. thats what most of its like. if i want i may be able to get business credit line from a bank, buy up a defunct mill, and renovate it to a metal shop and get government contracts until private businesses want in. the thing is there, even though i would make a crap ton of money (on paper) id also have to devote more time to that than any other option. a friend did something similar, i believe went close to 1 million into debt, before the business turned …

  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    HouseLife 11:00 good for you, you found something worth living for. me on the other hand, i know my limits. and i also know the odd of anything that would make my life worth going on are, and they are about the same as winning 100000 in a 100000000 lottery, they aren’t the worst odds but still you want to live 80 years hoping that one day you hit that 1 in over a million odds? everyone can be someone, ill give you that. everyone can fins a partner, everyone can get a job that pays good enough …

  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    if had the option available, i would get a nice, hd webcam, get a gun, and smile and wave at the camera, than shoot myself in the back of my head. have all the blood and brains shoot out at the camera like a Gallagher show.

  • Man Hangs Himself at 2ch’s Behest:
    Anonymous 07:39 pro help, dont make me laugh. this guy offed himself because of the quality of his life, a pro will tell you to live on because it will “always get better”. fuck that, life sucks, and i know i will end it one day on my terms, not i live to 80 and die, ill off myself mid 20’s just because i find nothing in life interesting. Azure Xuchilbara 08:08 yea, depression is a bitch, at least when you have no reason for it. lets say you have everything, and no real worries, but somehow …

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  • China & Korea Refuse To Attend 3/11 Memorial:
    but in asian countries age is revered whether earned or not.

  • Top 10 Reasons To Date Otaku Guys:
    the only one that wont come true is number 5, because compared to a woman who is THAT selective of who they date, the otaku will probably fit every one of those things listed, especially the “know allot of stuff” one because a woman will know mostly pop culture shit, the otaku probably knows more things that matter outside of otaku hobby.

  • Comiket Numbers Plunge – “Comiket is Finished”:
    dear passive aggressive racists. Ever notice how everyone shut the fuck up, in how many places are unnaturally quiet. They won’t say to your face most time but they’ll definitely think it. But I’m thinking of Japan as a whole, the comiket doujin people are going to turn away a sale, it’s only when you have a choice will people really start turning away anything.

  • Miu Nakamura’s Hair Nude DVD: “You Can See She’s a Cutter”:
    in my experience, repression either lasts forever, or when the floodgates open, they open hard. a strip club is a horrible place for someone who is repressed, because its really the red light district, and those places… well… breed sin. im betting if she grew up in a less repressed area, she would have been bi from the get go, or at least willing to experiment. repression also leads to, well, a shitty boring life. her drinking hard and fucking many is not really to surprising either. people …

  • Korea: “We’ll Surround Your Embassy With Sex Slaves!”:
    they made it illegal to research, so the real number will never be known, and the common 6 million jews came from russia, and at the time… not a very trustworthy country.


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