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China Bans Japanese Clothes… In Japan


China has seen to it that Japanese clothing is banned from an upcoming APEC summit to be held in Japan.

The APEC summit, to be held this year in Yokohama, will see Asia-Pacific leaders gather to discuss various issues, primarily economic.

Traditionally the summit location rotates through the member nations and a noted part of the event is a photo opportunity in which leaders dress up in the national costume of the host (as can be seen above with the premiers of Japan and China embracing each other whilst dressed in traditional Chinese clothing).

This year however, Japan has once again succumbed to Chinese pressure and cancelled the leadership cosplay event entirely.

Some sources connected with the event have tried explain the change as “in order to show signs of economy amidst a financial crisis” but others have frankly admitted “it was because China disapproved.”

Wearing traditional Japanese clothing, or even clothes which can be mistaken for it, is on occasion enough to provoke attack by mainland Chinese, and Hu Jintao probably did not wish to be shown so dressed, although this does not explain why he did not simply refrain himself.

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