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Japanese Women Surprisingly Single


Surveys reveal 70% of unmarried Japanese women have no boyfriend, and 15% have never had one at all.

The statistics were assembled by the Dentsu Communication Institute, targeting umarried women aged 23-49.

69.3% of unmarried women surveyed reported having no boyfriend, and 34.7% reported having not dated anyone for at least 3 years.

15.2% actually reported never having had a boyfriend at all

The results also revealed something of a surprise in light of previous findings – when asked about the main preconditions for marriage, 68% thought “trust” was important, 64.1% rated similar values and 61.4% “peace of mind.”

However, the traditionally crucial “three highs” (high income, high height and high education) ranked lowly – 15.1% wanted a high income, 11.1% a high stature and only 4.8% cared about high educational attainment.

Creepy virgin hunters enthused by the 15% figure must of course be cautioned that just because no boyfriend is reported does not necessarily imply the absence of sex…

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