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Japanese Women Demand Rich Husbands


Survey results have found 60% of Japanese women seek a husband with an annual income of over $70,000 (in fact 20% look for twice this much), but statistics show that the average income for men in Japan is only $44,000.

The results once again suggested the reason for collapsing marriage rates in Japan may be overwhelmingly tied to the unrealistic income expectations of several generations of women who apparently consider little else in their choice of partner.

Japanese women have long been known to care chiefly about their potential partner’s income and their ability to hijack it, and the results seem to confirm this: when asked about the most important thing they sought in a partner, 34.3% of women answered “income,” versus 3.2% of men.

Similarly, 22.8% of women considered “occupation” to be the most important, versus 3.4% of men.

Women even considered the educational background of men, with 5.9% concerned about this against 2% of men.

Another survey looked at the ideal annual income Japanese women sought in a man; the most popular answers were “over $90,000” with 22.8%, and “over $70,000” again with 22.8%. 19.3% were seeking over an income of $130,000 or more.

These figures appear to have actually increased from those of a previous survey, which found only 10% seeking incomes of over $100,000.

These women were then asked what their compromise figures were; 38.8% would settle for an income of “merely” over $50,000, 24% for over $70,000, and 14.8% for over $30,000.

To put these numbers in perspective, the average income for a Japanese man in his thirties is some $50,000, and for one in his forties it rises to $64,000.

The key to securing the “heart” of a Japanese woman appears to be high income, high height, and high grades. In contrast, men are seen in these surveys to be seeking a caring nature, and a partner they feel comfortable with, and increasingly want a woman who will pursue their own career.

The traditional explanation for low birth rates and rates of marriage in Japan has been to blame it on sexism, but these kinds of results hardly support such a conclusion…

Via Dokujo Tsushin.

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