“I Work at a Pink Salon – Any Questions?”


A girl working at one of Japan’s notorious “pink salons,” establishments devoted to provided cheap oral sex to the masses, has kindly offered an interview to 2ch in which she goes into great detail about her working life, which appears mainly to consist of fellating men for 8 hours a day.

In proper goddess fashion she even supplies naked pictures of herself…

It may help to place her remarks in context for those unfamiliar with Japan’s massive quasi-legal prostitution industry – in Japan, prostitution is notionally illegal, but is only narrowly defined as selling actual penetration.

As a result, most formal prostitution activity is conducted using euphemisms such as “massage” or “delivery health,” and substitutes a variety of non-penetrative sexual acts for actual sex (although sex can often be arranged informally even with such a service).

Additionally, a complete spectrum of sexual services has arisen, ranging from shady booths offering cheap 5 minute penile massages by ladies who would probably not benefit from higher light levels, to a mid range of “soaplands” and “delivery health services” offering experiences closely resembling sex, with girls too flaky or stupid to find real work elsewhere, and not attractive enough to work in the better paying reaches of the industry.

The upper reaches of the industry features hugely expensive sham-romances with relatively attractive hostesses who may or may not actually deign to have sex with a client, their choice usually dependent on just how much money he spends at the bar or on the girl.

Naturally the quality of the girl and the amount they can expect to make scales with their position in the industry – though the industry itself is in effect the bottom reaches of the same entertainment industry which cultivates idols and other such trades, and there are plenty of rumours of such idols themselves serving as high class courtesans for wealthy clients.

There are also a vast array of informal methods of prostitution – the most notorious being “enjo kousai” or “compensated dating,” which is a particularly popular source of income for dissolute schoolgirls and students, although new variations such as membership based private orgy clubs staffed in part with prostitutes have arisen recently.

The girl being interviewed below identifies herself as a “pink salon” (often abbreviated “pinsaro”) employee – the “pink salon” takes the form of a notional bar in which patrons receive sexual services (predominantly oral sex) at their table from a girl they select from the bar’s roster.

Pink salon are notable for being registered as venues serving food and drink – as a result they fall under various civic hygiene regulations (none of which actually address sexual health), which prevent them from establishing private stalls or making showers available to patrons, and force them to provide food and drink.

As there are generally no booths, the premises are kept very dark so customers cannot see what is going on at the other tables.

They are also notable in that the prostitutes are often retained as actual employees with a fixed salary and working hours rather than working on-demand and for a commission as elsewhere – as it suggests, this does mean they are expected to work 7-8 hour shifts in which they do nothing but perform oral sex on a steady stream of men.

The girls working at pink salon also have a reputation for including older and uglier women who could not find work elsewhere in the trade – fortunately it is very dark and there is always Photoshop to help with the mugshots on the roster.

The interview begins with an anonymous goddess introducing herself as a pinsaro employee and asking if anyone has any questions – she also provides some helpful pictures:


So just what is a pinsaro?

A shop where we give you a blowjob. But we also do most things apart from full sex as well.

I see. How much and how long?

Our shop charges shy of ¥6,000 for 30 minutes. Cheap places are about 2,000.

So how much do you get of that?

¥2,000 an hour, ¥1,000 a time.

That’s pretty low!

Tell us this stuff! [List follows]


Sex: Female
Age: 22
Occupation: Student
Location: Kanto
Height: 160
Weight: 50
Three sizes: 87 ? ?
Bra size: E
Boyfriend: Yes
Dated how many: 6
Virgin: No
First time/place: 21 in the winter, at their house
Impressions: Finally!
Number of sexual partners: 1

So how many do you do in a working day?

I do about 10 in a 7 hour shift. […] The most I ever did was 15 in 8 hours. I couldn’t get the biggest in my mouth, because it was too thick and my jaw hurt.

Your first was at 21 and at 22 you work in a pinsaro? What happened?

I was working at it when I was a virgin.

Since you were a virgin? Didn’t they use their fingers or something?

It hurt a bit but I got through OK, if barely.

Do you wipe yourself down with anti-bacterial material after each john?

I wipe myself. There’s a special anti-bacterial cloth for it.

Does your jaw get sore?

It hurts if I keep doing a big person.

Do you do “oyajikaeshi”? [Links to a description of a practice involving licking a girl and passing her straight to the next customer]

No. Honestly, I just want to wipe myself whenever they lick me.

How is the taste of penis?

Dull. The Cowper’s fluid is salty though.

Tell us the name you use.

No way!

You were a virgin but worked at a pinsaro? Why?

I needed money and I was totally desperate.

Is it fun work?

It’s no different to any other part-time work.

You get on with the other girls?

Yes, it’s really lively in our waiting area!

You get a lot of old guys?

Lots of guys in their thirties and forties. We get customers aged 20 to 70 though.

Does your boyfriend know?

He doesn’t know.

I’ll visit your shop.

If you go to lots of pinsaro we could meet. I’ll be waiting.

Your mouth stinks of penis.

Sorry, although I used isodine.

You have partitions? I want to go but I’m fat, have “false” phimosis and am really small so I’m a bit hesitant.

It’s like a net cafe. There are no doors though. If you are clean there is nothing to worry about. Guys with “true” phimosis have a problem though.

[Phimosis is an uncommon medical condition in which the foreskin cannot be retracted from the glans of the penis. Japanese men are apparently obsessed with phimosis for reasons which are not well established (internationally a mere 1% of males have the condition), a condition which is not helped by Japanese doctors inventing the term “false phimosis” to describe normal uncircumcised foreskins. A large and actively advertised Japanese clinic industry now exists to address this insecurity.]

How much do you make a month?


Do people proposition you for a go outside the shop?

They do, but I decline them.

Do you mind if I spend all the time fondling your boobs?

Sure, I won’t mind, in fact I’d be obliged to. But if all you want to do is fondle them then you can get it cheaper at a sex cabaret club.

Do you get guys with stinky, dirty penises?

There are some guys with spicy smelling penises. Luckily you can use your fingers.

I have true phimosis! What should I do?

You can use a condom…

So you can touch breasts at a pinsaro?

Sure. You can touch down there too.

How do you clean your mouth? What about eating?

There’s isodine mouthwash and brushing. I don’t eat as much.

Are there lots of people with false phimosis?

It’s nothing but people with false phimosis.

[This is unsurprising as this is actually considered normal outside Japan]

What do you wear at work?

A school uniform. Like from high school. […] I take off as much as asked. Often customers prefer I just wear the skirt.

Do you swallow?

No. […] I have done it accidentally though, but refuse if asked.

You ever had full sex whilst working?

Impossible. But I have come close. […] Because there are guys doing the rounds of the tables… The only places you can get full sex are the soaplands.

You really don’t? I had a girl just mount me at one place, the guy didn’t even take any notice.

That shop’s funny. The shop could be shut down and the employees busted.

Can you get paizuri?

You can. I’m a bit too flat and there’s no lube so I’m not very good…

Can you do 69?


Will I be blacklisted for burying my face in your breasts for 30 minutes?

No, but I recommend an oppub or sex cabaret for that instead.

How much have you made since working at the pinsaro?

¥1,000,000, working on and off.

Do you think you can get AIDS through unprotected fellatio?

Definitely. It’s scary.

[Most STDs can be transmitted through oral sex, including AIDS]

Does your shop use condoms or not?

No. If you prefer, we can, and we can use them on phimosis sufferers.

It must be hard telling a phimosis sufferer to put one on.

Yes, at first I couldn’t and I just wept behind the scenes. But I’m afraid of illnesses.

Do you get foreigners? Are they really that huge?

We don’t allow foreigners in. There are some really amazing Japanese out there though.

Don’t you think this is unfair to your boyfriend?

I don’t wish to discriminate against prostitutes – I think it’s a splendid trade – but hiding that from the boyfriend you’re dating is just despicable. It’s worse than cheating.

If my girlfriend cheated on me I might be able to forgive her. But if she turned out to have been working as a prostitute I’d go crazy. I might even kill myself.

I think it’s bad. I think it’s despicable. I cannot excuse myself at all.

Have you ever been cheated on?

No. Although I’m sort of cheating on my boyfriend now, aren’t I?

As a woman, do you regard men who visit brothels with contempt?

I work there, and I don’t. Besides, doesn’t every man visit a brothel at least once?

Lately I’ve been wondering if I should split with my girlfriend and just go to prostitutes instead.

Why not just go to a brothel whilst you have your girlfriend? Is there something wrong with that?

Please tell me how I can tell if my girlfriend is a pinsaro girl or not…

For the other side of the story, it may be helpful to refer to an interview with the proprietor of a delivery health operation (see here or here).

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