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“I Run a Delivery Health Company, Any Questions?” II


Yet another delivery health company owner gives a candid interview to 2ch. Unlike the previous interviewee, he does admit to yakuza connections and bribing police.

Those unfamiliar with this particular form of prostitution may wish to start by reading the previous interview with another pimp.

You run delihel only?

Only delihel. Without going into details, places where they run delihel are usually because the area prohibits brothels by ordinances.

Tell us your income and stuff.

About ¥10,000,000 annually. Nothing special, I run it by myself. I can handle it by myself, but dealing with the girls and customer phonecalls is nothing but hassle.

Are the outfits which run “VIP courses,” like 25,000 for 90 minutes, offering girls who’ll go all the way? [Delihel girls supposedly do not have sex with customers] Do those shops not report themselves to police?

I can’t speak for all, but even amongst outfits that report to police many close their eyes to what girls do. The places which send you leaflets are reporting, no mistake. Our girls don’t do it at all though.

So they’re ignoring it. I tried a place with a VIP course which let you have sex with them as much as you like in the time limit, so I though they might all do it that way. Maybe it was just the girl.

Yeah. Girls might do it for money or fun. I don’t know about shops which make girls do that.

But it’s their responsibility, and if they do that the shop’s image will be harmed so we strictly forbid it. Hardly any girls like that though.

I have a friend do a spy check on them to see what they get up to…

How much do you pay to the authorities?

Honestly, I pay some to the cops.

Sometimes I’m seeing girls to and from clients. As a bodyguard type, do you have to be buff?

I’m 170cm and quite slim. As long as you’re not really frail it’s fine. That sort of thing only happened to me once before.

You know any yaks?

I know them.

When you start a shop up, you have to speak to the organisation?

I think you’re OK with just the cops. If you’re in with the yakuza it’ll be nothing but trouble all the time. I tell them to be discreet.

Tell me your region and prices, and the names of your best 3 girls.

Saga prefecture. Fees are ¥15,000 for an hour. Telling you their names would give away who we are so I’ll leave it at that.

How many girls do you have?

15 girls at the one shop. Usually 3-4 are at work. Later I expect it’ll go to 20.

You have new girls fellate you at interviews?

Never done that. Our girls are mostly experienced in the sex trade.

How long do you work?

From the evening until 3-4AM, when the girls finish up.

I ran one and when I told the girls my number a lot asked me for loans. Are there a lot of them who have financial problems?

Our girls are young and want to live luxuriously, and a lot of the girls want to get rich quick. Most of them are from normal homes rather than poor ones.

What are the employment criteria for your girls? Looks, manners?

Honestly, I don’t check manners and just prioritise looks. Ugly fatties are definitely out. They’re a nuisance to cute girls too.

How much do they earn? Half and half?

Yes, roughly half and half.

How much do you spend on magazine and prostitution site advertising? A lot of them give discounts if you say you saw the ad there, do they work well?

I spend about ¥400,000 on advertising. About ¥10,000-30,000 per site. If you aren’t on popular sites, customers won’t come. At first I didn’t know what was effective, so I spent more on things like magazine ads.

How many johns do you get each day and when do they come?

For us it’s 100% night customers. If it goes well, it maxes out about 21, but it can be as low as 5.

How many johns on average?


As boss what exactly do you do ordinarily?

Handling phone calls, checking on the girls’ work, updating the site, meeting them or sending them off. We only have 3 people so I end all doing a bit of everything.

Do you do much to provide a good working environment? Do anything for their mental wellbeing? I get the impression some girls are pretty flaky, what do you see?

You don’t really know how they do until they start. There was one girl with mental problems, she was cutting her wrists, so I had her quit after a week. Maybe there’s a better way, but I only take any notice of the stuff on the outside.

What happens to the girls who quit? How do they move on?

I don’t ask what happens to them when they quit. Most of the girls doing this are sluts so I doubt they can get out of the business.

You been burned by any customers?

Some want forbidden acts [sex] or excessively perverted stuff.

What are the difficult things about this job?

There’s no future in sight, and I can never tell my parents what I do.

I make tons of cash though so I’ve no intention of quitting.

Do you take precautions against STDs?

Honestly, I think they’re an unavoidable part of the business. Generally we have girls go to the hospital for a checkup once a month.

What gets girls wanting to do this work?

In this day and age, there’s no particular reason or set of circumstances.

As I was saying, the girls mostly want to get rich quick and can’t hold a regular job. Lots say they want their own shop, but basically the reasons are as above.

Things ever get hairy?

I once took a punch – I had to stop a customer who was demanding full sex from a girl.

You have any girls no guys would be pleased to see?

We drop really bad ones at interview, but yes, there are some girls who are neither good nor bad.

Is there really that much demand for this? With hotel fees and extra charges for sex it comes to 20,000 a time?

Near my house there’s a place with rooms which gives full sex and 40 minutes for only 10,000. Shouldn’t you be adding value with image play and SM and so on?

I keep saying it, but we don’t let girls have sex with customers.

As to the shop, I don’t know any like that. We make a lot from having girls who behave amateurishly and give a sham romance type experience.

Do you use your own shop?

Use my own shop? Never.

Well, it’s time to go home, so I’ll be off. Later.

The usual caveats apply – a tradesman operating a semi-criminal enterprise can hardly be expected to give anything but a self serving account even on an anonymous medium.

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