“We Divorced Because of Love Plus”


A man whose marriage all but ended, thanks in part to hit virtual schoolgirl sim Love Plus, has explained the devastating effect Nene had on his relationship with his wife.

He describes how his marriage collapsed under the weight of Nene’s charms:

I did write that I divorced, but we haven’t actually filed the papers, rather I just returned to my family home.

I’m a 29-year-old systems engineer, with no children and a 28-year-old wife. It seems exaggerated to say Love Plus is to blame, but still it went like this:

  • I kept coming home late every night.
  • My wife became enraged.
  • I said “Rather than you I think I’d much rather be welcomed home kindly by Nene-san!”
  • Marriage ends.

After I said it, I thought “I’ve done it now,” but my wife was already looking at me like I was dirt, with a “this guy’s no good” look in her eyes.

He likens his wife’s expression to “how Taiga looked at Ami in the fifth episode of Toradora!” – certainly a telling description in more ways than one.

He describes later how he narrowly managed to reconcile matters with his wife, and presumably Nene as well.

With Japanese men being hounded by their jealous wives for being unfaithful with Love Plus characters, and some even taking to marrying these very characters, it seems Japan may be witnessing the future of human relationships – all that is missing is an android body for Nene…

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  • Anonymous says:

    Both of them are at fault. Women should control their anger. Men should be sensitive to what they say. Imagine if your wife said that they rather be greeted by some bishounen from an otome game than you.

    In b4 male otaku rage.

  • People… Don’t blame the man or the woman…

    Blame the one that make the game…
    They make the girl in the game too ideal and otaku/gamers are expecting the real/3D girl to be that perfect too… which sadly they are not…

    High expectation gives greater disappointment…

    • Anonymous says:

      THIS. Otaku are expecting too much of women when women can only expect so little of them. Life isn’t perfect, people aren’t perfect and if they can’t accept it, stay with 2D girls. Nobody else will notice and people will move on.

  • OK do not want 2d gf or wife and i don’t want to celibate there 2d birthday. Or by a pellow with a pic of them on it. or turn my pc into a maid. or fill my room with posters and plastic models of them. or play dating games with them. or do any other 2d obsession.

    ill admit that i like anime and manga. but i don’t love it.
    its like teenage girls who LOVE a boyband and fill there rooms with posters and read in magazines what the boy band eat and what favorite color they have.
    and by all there CD’s. … i hope you see the similarity’s.

    I have heard that girls mature faster then boys do. i don’t want to pigeon box every one not all girls are into boy bands not all boys love 2d girls.

    but it should be a stage in life where you learn how to love but with out the real risk. a training exercise for whats to come. you still have a lot to learn but you have the idea of what its all about.

    but hay we cant all reproduce all the time or the planet would be over run with us all …. hold on it already is …. soooo don’t worry just forget all that go ahead love 2d girls just stop loving them when your race needs you. 🙂

  • As much as I ROFL at the sequence

    * I kept coming home late every night.
    * My wife became enraged.
    * I said “Rather than you I think I’d much rather be welcomed home kindly by Nene-san!”
    * Marriage ends.

    There isn’t enough detail on the situation to place blame. The dude coming home late and not growing a pair to speak directly to wife and runs away to fantasy land that is Nene. Or the wife is a vicious harpy that just screeches at him out of some unreasonable contempt without listening to the man. Maybe both concoctions were the reasons.

  • It may sounds stupid, but this game is like the Tamagochi a few years ago: it’s absurdly dangerous for some people (in a sense, of course). I mean, the game requires way more attention than a “normal” video game, wich leads to many social problems. That said, marrying with the game’s characters with official papers and all? Whilst the whole media is watching it? Fall in love so much for a non-exist character that ruins a real life relationship so much it leads to divorce? I may be not fully understand these people’s thinking, but that’s just plain… should I say… childish? I’m not saying that liking a video game/movie/comic book character is a sin, but come on, there’s have to be a limit.

    (Sorry if my English is a bit incorrect).

  • LOL @all these guys making sweeping generalisations of womankind, from their vast sample of experience, which is 0-1 and includes their mother and sister.

    Obviously plenty of women are idiots, and whores, the same way plenty of men are idiots and whores. The idea is to go out and find someone worthwhile, not to cry yourself to sleep because women are mean boohooo.

    Go out, and find a girl who is nice, and loyal, as their first quality. That means, maybe, not having such high expectations in looks (look yourself over while you’re at it, are you a 10?), if you want an understanding geek girlfriend who instead of looking down on you, joins you, and might even indulge in your perversities because GASP she cares for you. I’m not saying pick an uggo, but there’s something to be said for an average girl who takes care of herself, and takes pride in not looking like a slob.

    But LOL@ all the guys who go for the somewhat hot megabitches, the vapid cunts who have gotten all they wanted since day 1, because they’re hot, and haven’t read anything since they got the bill for the latest brand item. No wonder they end up miserable in their marriage, since they’re just a big fat bankaccount to their wives, who only care about how much more STUFF they can get, to fill that big gaping whole their dried up souls are, and to balance the ever increasing huge arse they keep sitting on. While the husbands who shave off 20 years of their lives working like horses to support the damn bitch’s expensive tastes. No wonder you retreat to 2D. That is, if you’re rich and can get the trophy wife.

  • I’d take an android lass over todays woman at the drop of a hat. Now granted not -every- woman is like that, but the majority are. And if were going through the western world standard of women, pretty much 98% are all of what has been talked about. Lying, cheating, ect. There really is no bid of equality like some people preach; never was, never will be. Women kind dug their own graves when they started uprising as if they were something more or deserved something more.

    Like a spoiled child it’s all gimmie this and that without any of the work. It’s todays method of thinking that’s putting women kind in the dog-house versus virtual ones. Marriage is just the soul crusher. Like a binding contract with Satan. Once you put on that ring, the mask quickly slips off and you’re dragged into pits of endless torment. As mentioned in one of the above posts, we -will- get to the point where we can artificially create off spring. There is no if in this day and age of science. Only when. And when that does happen, these generation of women will be treated like cassette tapes: obsolete.

    Or rather treated as more of an “exotic” treat once we’ve jumped into the age of android partners. It generally applies to both sexes. Both being able to artificially reproduce and tune their mechanical partners to match their inner desires. Women will have their lacky-droid to do everything for them while they sit on their asses. Men will do what they do in 2D fantasy land. Though once that age comes around, we’ll be seeing a lot more fat women, lol. For not being able to afford it? Well it’s worth the money hording and working over time for. SHIT IS SO CASH!

  • I’d take an android girlfriend. They don’t betray you like human girls do. I’ve been cheated on in 4 out of the 5 relationships I’ve been in.

    If they could have real emotions, but be programmed so that they can’t betray you, I’d take one.

    I’ve been hurt by women so many times that if I didn’t enjoy sex with a female so much, I’d turn gay.

        • No it’s not. Practically all of us are scared of the fucked up world we live in. It doesn’t stop people from looking for happiness and try to make a better life.

          His choice is still a fantasy as the anon above said. That is no relationship with a real girl, it’s just a blow up doll with AI integrated.

        • Well I guess the advice of not fooling himself came too late. It doesn’t stop you from reading my “irrelevant” opinion, you delusional men with unrealistic expectations about women and people in general (if it really was irrelevant, you wouldn’t even respond to it even).

          From all the relationships you had the only common factor is you. Maybe you should stop blaming women (who you CHOSE to date) and start learning from your previous relationships so you can finally understand what went wrong and later be more wise and find a nice sweet girl.

          You can call it whatever you like, but wanting an android “with real emotions” but to be programmable so they don’t betray you is a mere fantasy. You don’t want a relationship. You want an appliance. You want the pros of a relationship without the effort. Thus, enjoy your fantasy. It can be your reality sure, but don’t catch yourself thinking it’s a real relationship with a real girl.


    well, literally, this IS madness. same goes to all the funny/guro/racism/stupid/ero/etc news in sancom

    seriously, anyone who played love+ would know by the time you reach home late, nene and her friends would be asleep and would ignore you! instead of worry waiting for you to come home, hoping that nothing had happen to you…like this 3D wife just did.

    btw , taiga > nene!

  • The human race wouldn’t have even come to this point, but so many people are so shallow, I was around 15 when I figured out how shallow I was, now things are different and I’m actually with someone I could see myself spending the rest of my life with.

    I really hope everyone finds that special someone and doesn’t use a game to substitute a real relationship, perhaps when A.I. is perfect a relationship like this will be valid but more than likely the A.I. will be just as bad as current people and you’ll be back to the same problem.

    But whatever, it’s not like it hurts anyone, he was obviously unhappy with his wife, if there was the right flow of communication it wouldn’t have gotten that bad.

    It’s sad that most people treat relationships like accessories and then wonder why they blow up in their face.

    At this rate japan wont last long, soon as a few do it, it’ll catch on and THEN we’ll have a problem. I don’t want my anime to come from china, no offence china.

    • Sensible, logical post! finally you grace us with your presence!

      Seriously, people ARE shallow and selfish, too much nowadays. It doesn’t help they’re fickle when it comes to marriage (I blame some romance stories on that too) and any other thing that involves any level of commitment.

    • THANK YOU.

      My friend and I were talking about how people get into relationships or seek relationships for ALL THE WRONG FUCKING REASONS. Yet, nobody ever fuckin’ realizes this and then they want to go and complain about the opposite sex and HOW HORRIBLE THEY ARE and other such bullshit when they’re just as guilty.

  • The guy is not the one to blame…
    He just seeks for entertainment, like anyone else
    The WIFE is the one who acted stupidly…

    though 3d girls have brain, sometime they are more brainless than 2d girls….

  • Yes, let’s not blame the person with probably half an ounce of social skills, likes to do only what he wants without taking into consideration other people’s likes or dislikes, avoids trying to work out his marriage problems with his spouse and basically say she’s lower than a non-existing girl.

    It’s fun how people here just assume shit (just like I did above) about the wife without knowing why he comes home late, if he didn’t already put his hobbies above cultivating his 3D relationship or anything at all. Let’s just back our otaku comrade!

  • Nene is the perfect waifu. Can’t blame the guy. I, too, would be irritated if my wife would greet me with yap when I get home late at night.

    Again, another reason why I should stick with 2D (and Nene).

  • This sounds like half the guys here. Instead of learning how to live with real humans, they give up and rely on a game that are controlled by themselves.

    *Ding* Yup, I hear it… “All women are bitches and whores!” Yeah, it is precisely with that kind of scaredy cat attitude that all the good women are taken up by other men who choose to learn through living in the real world. You will always be consoled by an entity that will give you the response you program it to and others will have women who will cook, clean, sew, laugh, engage, love, touch them…

    But I am sure you don’t care anyway and much rather have the company of your 2D characters that only works with your own active imagination. Great life you have there.

    • Living in such an imaginary world is much better than having to deal with the painful troubles of real-life relationships. Like c’mon, most of the women I know marry for financial security! Marriage is like a guillotine which cuts you off with your inner child. Reality puts too much pressure on you and you always get crap in return. How can someone who has a romantic, ideal grasp of things live in such a harsh world.

      Everyone wants to find happiness. If one cannot give you that that, would you stay? Of course not! This is why people resort to something that gives him his happiness.

      Living in 2D doesn’t mean you’re a total loser. As long as you’re happy living in it, there’s no problem! I really don’t like society’s notion that having a nagging wife and snotty kids will complete your shitty life.

      • But whatever that you said will only apply if ALL women out there are that horrible.

        The thing is, both genders have about an equal amount of assholes, you might meet one but it just means you have to move on. Don’t waste your time with crazy people; it applies for both men and women. You only associate with people you want to.

        The thing is, most people pretend to be a certain person in their social environment, which leads to them wanting/needing some sort of escape from their real world. But if they faced up to themselves and was willing to be a non conformist, they wouldn’t need the escape and just be happy hanging with people who they like.

        The truth of the matter here is that most of the people here are a 5, but they want someone who is the epitome of beauty. They can’t accept someone who might do things that they themselves will do, eg. cuss, fart, swear, etc. But the thing is we are all imperfect humans, no matter men or women. Other than the gender and physical differences, we really aren’t very different. We all have horrible faults.

        The thing is, I don’t think people who wants and likes being single have a problem. I have some friends who like being by themselves. They travel the world, have lots of interest, whatever. But I just think the people who want to connect with 2D characters really are lonely and really do want a connection with another human being but are too precious to step out of their comfort zone. They just want everything to go their way.

        • Marriage is nothing but a contract ¿guess who loses in that contract with the divorce? the man

          Women always win in this that’s a fact and that’s why men don’t/can’t trust them

          They’re pussies, yes, but they are very careful

          I’m studying laws and the first thing the teachers always says is “If you get married you’re fucked for life”

        • The thing about the separation of assets in the States:

          That is why you have pre-nuptial agreements which lots of countries do not have. And though I am not 100% clear cut about the law, I believe the 50% only applies under certain set conditions. It applies only for a marriage after 10 years, and it is 50% of combined assets acquired during their marriage. So it could go either way, eg. the wife earning more means the wife will have to give the husband a share…


          Grow a real penis, crybaby pansy!

        • TehBoringOne says:

          To Anon 17:06:

          I’m just a bit curious… Do you in the USA have the choice of marrying while keeping separate possessions? If so, can you keep your stuff in its entirety, or what happens when you divorce?

        • Given they marry for all the wrong fucking reasons and way too early I’m not surprised. This is not Russian Roulette shit; if you go out with a person long enough you’ll eventually find out if they’re bastards or not and thus break up and move on. There’s no reason to rush marriage or just marry the first dumbass who gets in your way.

        • “But whatever that you said will only apply if ALL women out there are that horrible.”

          And we ALL win the lottery every time too.

          Not sure about Japan, but in the USA a man loses half his shit and pays alimony when marriage goes bad. In the USA 50% of marriages end in divorce. As for the 50% that stays together, no one knows how many are actually loving happy marriages instead of marriages of convenience?

          Anyone up for some Russian Roulette?


          I’m sick of all these people blaming others and playing victim when they’re just as bad as anyone else. We’re all so selfish and such fucking pussies we can’t accept it when things go difficult with the other person, immediately there will be a response like this dumbass divorced man from the post.

  • At least they don’t have kids I suppose. Doesn’t have to pay child support for a child he would never see again.

    Hope he doesn’t give her any money. Fuck yeah shitty civil courts with no power to force people to cough up dough…

  • If a DS can bring marriage bliss, I guess it can bring divorce woes as well.

    …on a side note;
    Why the heck is is always Nene? I thought there was 2 other girls as well, but you never hear about them causing such mayhem.

  • day by day, seeing this blog, I see how many weird people have in this world O.o this guy have serious problems, japanese are veeery weird… Long life to the ocidental part of the world \o/ (but including the Australia too, i love “Man at work”)

  • For those stating 2D wins out over 3D, it doesn’t exactly say how the guy felt after it…

    Love plus has a long way to come anyway, until the name and character features become customizable.

  • Captain BeefHeart says:

    a wife who does not love his husband is No wife but a parasite who feeds on his money, she should have changed her attitude towards him if she really did not want that divorce.They both just needed some love and since he couldn’t get it from his wife he had to find it somewhere
    well at least Nene won’t leave him.

  • I suppose it falls on me to be the anon to have actually read the article, particularly this part.

    “He describes later how he narrowly managed to reconcile matters with his wife, and presumably Nene as well.”

    I guess 3D reached a compromise in the end.

  • I’ll never understand the awesomeness of Love Plus. The girls aren’t bad looking, but they really aren’t great either. Nene in particular…eh. If you’re going to ruin a relationship, you’d think people would at least ruin it over something WORTH the trouble.

  • # I said “Rather than you I think I’d much rather be welcomed home kindly by Nene-san!”
    # Marriage ends.

    LOL. What a stupid reason to end a marriage. Still, it seems like he married a harpy, good riddance.

    • Well, that we know of. Apparently his wife knew he was playing the game (since she knew who Nene was) and also most likely let him watch Toradora, go on 2ch and so on. Truthfully, all that we know is that she got mad because he kept coming home late (something even patient women would start getting troubled by) and that she hated be compared to a stupid video game. For all we know, he could just be making himself look like a victim.

      • Going by what he said, he comes home late, because his wife is unpleasant when he comes home, so he’s trying to avoid her. Why bother with a relationship simulator if the one you have is just fine? Why bother with a 2D imitation of a nice girlfriend if you have a nice 3D girlfriend?

        People play video games to enjoy themselves, to do things they can’t do in real life, and to escape real life. People won’t bother with 2D representations of things they can experience easily and directly for themselves.

        So, from that observation, I think we can conclude that he wasn’t getting the nice happy greeting when he got home. He wasn’t getting the emotional fulfillment from his partner that he needed.

        • “Love Plus (and all eroge) give men pretty much (2D)women who never bother them, please them all the time and they can “interact” with at their whims while they don’t have to put one ounce of effort in a relationship.”


          “eroge” > “real relationship”

        • It seems I wasn’t clear enough. This is not about talking and being a happy couple anymore. Even when you know things might not end happily, you must talk. You must put things in order; the issue is not “solving anything” to make things work again, but putting effort to at least end things correctly. The fact that he didn’t even try is the problem here (as in most relationships nowadays).

          If he really cared at least a bit about his wife (he married the bitch, for chrissake) even if thing wouldn’t go well, he should’ve talked with her. They could have talked things over and decide that in the end the best for them was end up things and move on. Instead he avoids the confrontation and escapes to a fantasy world, playing the victim (b’awwwww nene-tan is much better than you!).

        • 12:34 01/12/2009 I don’t know about you but not everything can be solved by talking it over, in some cases it can get worse. And if we assume that this guy knew how it would end up if he tried to talk it over and that it wouldn’t end well, he just went and got himself Love Plus.

        • Are you kidding me? Love Plus (and all eroge) give men pretty much (2D)women who never bother them, please them all the time and they can “interact” with at their whims while they don’t have to put one ounce of effort in a relationship. I’m sorry but that’s not how a real relationship work.

          Instead of working out his problems with her, he just started avoiding her. I’m not saying she wasn’t a bitch, but he could’ve at least made the effort of overcoming their marriage problems (whether it was hopeless or not) instead of being an escapist pussy.

  • Every single fucking person here knows, that the game aren’t to blame. Their relationships were probably falling apart way way before this game, just that it was an oppertunity to blame, or make an excuse with anything, without being honest and say that they’re not attracted to eachother.
    Its relationship problem, thats it, nothing more.

      • That’s not what he meant. He didn’t mean that women are the only ones who should change but rather that they’re the ones who should change right now because right now they’re the ones with the problem.

        • You and that jackass DO mean the exact same crap you both stated.

          You claim that the ones with “a problem” are indeed women while you (men) are the victims. You see your lack of social skills, lack of female company or any other undesirable traits or situations as something other people made happen in your life, ignoring the fact that you’re the common factor in all of them (and that you’ve got a damn say in what happens in your life, especially when it comes to relationships).

          You don’t want to take responsibility for your actions because you realize you’re taking the path of a “loser” which is playing galges. You automatically assume that your partner is that one who needs to change and accommodate to your needs because they are the one’s at fault in the relationship while you fail to recognize your own.

          In short, you’re a fucking moron.

          …and what the fuck do you mean by “right now”? so whenever it’s convenient you like to blame other people over your actions? women don’t have problems as long as they obey you to the T and always fawn over you? What?

          It’s your problem if you feel ashamed of your choice of lifestyle, but I don’t want a pussy to blame me a woman if he chooses videogames over a girlfriend. Be a man and be proud of what you like. If bitches you’ve met think you’re a loser it’s their loss.

          Then again with that kind of post I highly recommend you not to reproduce.

  • BloodLegacy says:

    Coincidentally, I cant really bring myself to beleive that a signifigant self-induced thinning of the herd would be such a bad thing. I do however think it ironicly work against Darwinian theory becuse only the wealthy and successfull will actually be able to afford such things, leaving the lower classes to propagate… hmm, curious.

    • It’s happening in the U.S.: Welfare, pro-lifers, and tax laws enourage the poor to breed more members to be raised in low quality public schools for the purpose of adding to the unskilled labor force and/or military.

  • oh wow, this is so expected, I’m just waiting for some Love Plus obsessed otaku to kill himself after he gets dumped in the game, then that would truly make this game amazing.

    On another note… I lol’d at his summery of how his divorce happened, priceless.

      • Always pleasing him? being eternally a cute high school girl? always doing things he wants, only when he wants, talking about (cute)things he wants and not about economy, the house, children… you know, real life responsibilities?

        Obviously 2D waifu doesn’t need for him to put a bit of commitment or responsibility, much like a dog. You unfair 3D waifu you!

  • What do you expect? Be a better wife. Men only turn to outside sources when their main source at home ii lacking in enthusiatic service.

    And if it’s the women being unfaithful then men need to step it up.

    • That’s a good thought, but not the entire story.

      There are both men and women who:
      (a) “Live for the thrill of the hunt”, and
      (b) Value their own pleasure above their given word and the feelings of their spouses.

      You might call it, “low morals”, or “lack of self-control”.

  • Oh how it was headed that way from the start. *snicker* Japanese women really have no self esteem if they feel they cannot compete against video game girls.. let along manga, eroge and so on.

    American women on the other hand, (no not those bitchy ones that smashes up Xboxes), would make sure the real deal is better than video games.

    Japanese and to those certain American girls too. Try to be understanding if husband, boyfriend, lover is a fanboy or an otaku. Try to share in his anime or games, it is fun. I mean hell maybe turn the tables cause there ARE eroge for women too.

    • hey my japanese girlfriends supplies me with my gundam shit, so she helps me with my hobby, but I don’t fall in love with the mecha. I can’t understand why people on this site think there is a competition between real women and anime or game girls. None of you in your lifetimes will ever have anime character sex android because a game or a highly advanced sex toy will never love you , it is a machine. That is programmed to respond to certain conditions, not react with any emotions ,hate, love anger, pain,envy, compassion, greed, hell the entire emotional spectrum is beyond it. I will tell you that real women have minds and hearts, emotions and opinions,wants and needs. I would much rather be with a real women with all that because i can look into real woman’s eyes and see the soul behind the eyes. I and when you see love reflected back in those eyes, it is worth much more then your hobby or hobbies. eroge media is just masterbatory wastes of time. Dating game sims are also wastes of time.

      • @13:53

        As a kid, I or should I say do you now, look at people and poke fun at them for what they are? What right do you have to declare what I should do? And what right do you have to decide what is right and what is wrong?

        I have had one girlfriend that has been superior to 2D girls. The rest have all been retards who thought I was there to serve them.

        A 2D girl is an idealistic representation of love and mutual respect. Most “real” girls will have one or the other, but not both. 2D girls give the emotional connection that is needed without the baggage or the intimidation of failure.

        By the way, I call BS on your “japanese girlfriendS”. Busybody jackass.

        tl;dr – You’re a jackass for presuming to tell me what is right and what is wrong.

      • AmbientMoralityVictim says:

        hey my japanese anime character sex android supplies me with my gundam shit, so she helps me with my hobby, but I don’t fall in love with the 3D. I can’t understand why people on this site think there is a competition between real women and anime or game girls. None of you in your lifetimes will ever have real women because a selfish person or a highly advanced organism will never love you , it is a machine. That is programmed to respond to certain conditions, not react with any emotions ,hate, love anger, pain,envy, compassion, greed, hell the entire emotional spectrum is beyond it. I will tell you that anime characters have minds and hearts, emotions and opinions,wants and needs. I would much rather be with an anime character with all that because i can look into anime character sex android’s eyes and see the soul behind the eyes. I and when you see love reflected back in those eyes, it is worth much more then your hobby or hobbies. real women is just masterbatory wastes of time. 3D are also wastes of time.

      • “I can’t understand why people on this site think there is a competition”

        Maybe its because of articles like the one you’re posting a response to? The dude’s wife concluded that her husband preferred spending time with his game instead of her.

        If you’re only interactions with a person are unpleasant, why should you be expected to enjoy being with him/her? Some have the good fortune to find other people to have pleasant interactions with while those who are socially isolated are drawn to fantasies like Dating Sims. While it’s nice to believe that we have control over who we choose to include in our lives, the reality is that social bonds must be mutually agreeable.

        If no one cool is around or wants to hang with you, you’re stuck either hanging with losers or going solo.

    • Heh.

      Wait till the companies start making Je Li and Chuck Norris cybersex-dolls.

      Then the ‘newspaper wife’ scenario will move to the bedroom, with the human couple laying next to each other, facing away from each other, and facing toward their respective cybersex-dolls.

      I wonder how long it will take people to learn that you can’t accurately fake (emotional) humanness.

    • I love American girls, and I’ll agree that many Japanese women have very low self-esteem, but being an otaku in Japan has much stronger connotations than being an “otaku” in America, correct? I mean, wouldn’t one say that an Otaku in Japan is a lot higher on a “nerd scale” than one in America in terms of obsessiveness? I’m just saying, I personally think it’s a different degree between worlds. If my assumptions are incorrect I apologize.

      • It’s not so much the obsessiveness that differs, but the usage of the word “otaku”. Otaku in Japan is applied to anyone with an obsessive interest in one particular item or genre, while the word “otaku” in North America refers to a fan specifically interested (sometimes to the point of obsession) in Japanese paraphernalia such as anime, video games and whatnot. The word “otaku” simply gets thrown around more lightly over in North America because it doesn’t have the negative ties that Japan has to it.

        That aside, I think that those who indeed favour 2D women are either engrossed in their own interests to the point where caring about other human beings in a romantic fashion seems impossible to them, or are substituting fake women for the fact they have the social abilities of a pile of dirt and can’t take criticism of others.

        Just my two cents on the matter.

        • @Ribbons: I think I can understand the pressure of the expectancy that japan society wants from it’s peers. And the need to be comforted. And if one doesn’t know how to express her feelings properly or is too embarrassed because of what just happened. It’s not hard to just speak about what has happened. You’ll be surprised on how your significant other would want to help.

          Also men who play galge or eroge are already familiar with any situations that may occur and will have a proper response therein.

          And I do understand turning to one’s imagination isn’t a good idea when it comes to dealing with problems. But sometimes people would want to relieve the stress of said problem. Speaking as a gamer myself it helps greatly to relax, remove anger or even find the strenght to smile again. And then when all initial pain is gone. It’s time to remove the other pain at a decent level.

          So to answer your question, yeah, I would live with that person and also help him with his problems as he’ll share in mine in return. Unless he was a complete shut in from the start.

        • “the word “otaku” in North America refers to a fan specifically interested (sometimes to the point of obsession) in Japanese paraphernalia”

          Otaku, nerd, geek—> negative connotation

          Buff—> cool connotation

          There are “car buffs” and “sports buffs” but “game geeks” and “anime otaku”.

          Maybe we should join the buff bandwagon and be game buffs and anime buffs. Then again, maybe not…

        • 07:27 you make some assumptions about the intentions and purpose of individuals. Reproduction is for societies sake, not yours. If that is the case than they might as well become engrossed in their imagination. We spout about how we are suppose to be content with ourselves and than insist that we go to other people for satisfaction. Don’t look down on someone for pursuing their own kind of happiness. If it is something they can go and get for themselves rather than needing someone to give it to them daily, are they the ones who have failed?

          Society places expectations on people in general and what those expectations are varies. There is no, “well everyone expects us to do this”, because everyone spouts that lie. You should also consider that we are talking about Japanese women, most of whom would quit working to watch tv all day the second they found a man. This just coming from what we know.

        • I find that constant rejection that occurs at some point along in the familiarity with a woman (friendship, dating, relationship)happening again and again tends to also create this loss of interest in women. That combined with the love of 2D fantasy has caused my interests in women to become generic and not specific. I have women give me those superficial looks of, “he’s cute” all the time. Yet I am still unable to properly connect whenever I make my own moves. It also creates this notion that I’m not allowed to express love, whether platonic, romantic, or erotic with women. This can lead to expressing it in a fantasy state.

        • Then you meet a woman who shares some of your interests. Lord knows I’m having trouble in this area with men.

          But I do agree that women are usually their own biggest burden when it comes to loving themselves. It’s very hard to do when you have both society, friends and colleagues at work expecting you to be something, and often times that’s when they turn to the boyfriend or the husband for comfort. When this happens, the boyfriend either doesn’t want to deal with it because they don’t know how to, or the woman simply doesn’t know how to express her troubles properly or won’t because of embarrassment over her situation. It’s a rather difficult slope that, unfortunately, both sides aren’t willing to admit they’re going down.

          However, turning to your imagination and avoiding your problems will do no good in the end. It’s only a temporary solution for a long-term problem. Will you honestly be with this imaginary person for the rest of your life, even as you grow old?

        • Living with a woman who has been spoon fed all this crap by the media about how they deserve better, and that they all should ashamed of themselves if they don’t aim for the top isn’t really enjoyable you know.

          I’d rather do the things I enjoy, then marry a woman who will probably just look down on me due to my particular obsessions.

          I’m sociable, have had a few relationships here and there, but women these days just aren’t content with being content.