Otaku Marries Nintendo DS “Nene is My Wife!”


A man besotted with virtual maiden Nene of Love Plus, the hit schoolgirl relationship simulator for the Nintendo DS, has married her at a Guam church.

He apparently paid a visit to a church on the pacific island of Guam, pictured, where he took Nene Anegasaki (above) as his wife.


He plans to hold a wedding reception back in Japan, and has invited media figures to attend. There he intends to show slides of the happy marriage, as well as the couple’s lengthy courting and romance.

The event will even be broadcast live on NicoNico Douga – those with nothing better to do can view it at 12:00 on the 22nd of November.

A small but vocal minority of otaku have lately taken to espousing fantasy marriage with 2D characters as something the law should recognise, and it seems this is but the latest effort to bring this about.

No wonder Japan’s wives are aghast at the competition offered by the game’s virtual maidens, regarded by many to be vastly cheaper than their low-tech competitors…

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