Wii Doomed? US Sales Shrink 37%


Aging hardware and a severe lack of quality titles have led to the Wii’s eighth consecutive month of shrinking sales, with US sales now down 37% on a year earlier, even as certain competing consoles enjoy record sales.

For October, the Wii’s US sales were recorded at 506,900 units, a 37% decrease on a year earlier though still an enviable figure, whereas the PS3 sold 320,600 units, a 70% increase. Xbox 360 sales slumped 33% to 250,000.

Investors have already given up on the Wii, says an analyst:

“Investors have gotten used to the Wii’s weak numbers, now the market’s concerns are centred on how its next hardware strategy will turn out.”

The DS Fat appears already to have failed, although it seems this is merely an interim model. Attention focuses on a rumoured “HD upgrade” to the Wii, possibly with a greater emphasis on conventional as opposed to casual games.

Obsolescence is an inevitable part of the product lifecycle, but few have managed it so gracelessly as the Wii, which despite fantastic hardware sales now suffers an astonishing dearth of quality titles, something even their CEO is forced to freely acknowledge

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  • Wii sucks for real gamers, PS3 has no games, Xbox360 breaks all the time

    People what the hell, get back to your computer which already happens to be able to do everything you want it to do instead of emulating ancient games on your TV

  • The Wii is the first ‘major’ console that I have not purchased in 25 years of gaming. I’ll be the first to admit Nintendo has made some of the greatest games off all time; and the NES and SNES were phenomenal. Yet, I cannot wait for the Wii to fade away. Being down 37% vs. last year doesn’t make me happy. I’ll be happy when the Wii sells ‘zero’ consoles. It’s horrible. 🙁 There are about 3 games that make me jealous; but, not enough to buy one. No More Heroes, MadWorld and Muramasa. Those titles are on the WRONG console. They can shove Wii Fit, Wii Sports and all that shit straight up their assholes. And, hey, “Anyone remember the most embarrassing piece of shit, Wii Rock Climbing that was shown off earlier this year, and vanished???” Also, I want to thank Sankaku Complex in advance for having the balls to post this comment. Other sites either won’t post my comments, or ask for a mile long list of requirements. T/Y Sankaku!

  • The real problem is not so much the hardware but the fact they need better games.
    I really don’t care how nice the graphics are if the game play is crap.
    I seem some stuff on the PC that looked like pixar stuff but it played like shit.
    I will give Nintendo credit for having the guts to try and change how you interact with games on the Wii vs the same old gamepad.

    I think the console still should have at least supported 720p I don’t care about HDMI component would have been good enough.
    Other issues just about everyone has a Wii so in someways they’re a victim of the own success.
    I think some stuff they could do is allow homebrew to be official vs trying to kill it as this does greatly improve it’s usefulness.
    Also I think FPS could be great on the Wii with a little more work.

  • The Wii was doomed out the gate. Its launch games already maxed out the systems capabilities, and the system has 0 room to grow. Add to that, no serious gamers want anything to do with the waggle-mote, and developers know it. Worst still, Nintendo knew their newest gimick would remain theres in success only as long as it took each other system to clone the ability. Once 360 and PS3 get their waggle-mote clone gimmick mechanic out, the casual gamer market Wii was enjoying will make the jump to the other systems where they can get casual games, serious games, niche games (like flower and little big planet), and enjoy other uses for the systems, such as watching blu-rays they grabbed from a red box. Nintendo F@#$ed up big time by making the Wii and DS, when it should have made a Gamecube portable to keep their old system and library growing while putting it in the portable market. They should have saved the waggle-mote and touch screens until they had a system that wasn’t obsolete out of the box.

  • Today is everyone bothered about graphics and shiny effects.
    OMFG Mario can’t shoot with a M16 like I can in MW2
    What a crap game ololol
    I can’t even kill Nazis or Terrorists aka Americans xD

    Wii is good and will be back with Zelda,Mario or some other good games.
    PS3 will be a hard attacking enemy next year and yeah the 360 lol

  • Wii was the worst console I’ve ever bought. Not only did it barley have any good games to play on it, but on top of that the CD/DVD drive stopped reading discs so it needs to go in for repairs.

    …I really just can’t justify sending it in for $96 to be repaired. I get no use out of the thing. This is the first Nintendo console that’s failed me in both games, and reliability.

  • Nintendo needs to stop focusing on hardware sales because like others stated almost everyone already owns a Wii, and start focusing on putting out better games to sell. Does Nintendo expect that everyone and their dog should own 2 or more Wiis?

  • If the Wii is doomed, the Xbox 360 and PS3 are dead, since it outsells them both combined to this day.

    Seriously tired of this bullshit of console wars and spinning. I’m glad I gave up on gaming, because now it’s all about graphics, review scores, marketing, and no longer fun or innovation.

  • Let’s look at this story from a different angle:

    “PS3 sales increase by 70%; Wii still sells almost twice as many units.”

    And in all fairness, there wasn’t anything really notable for the Wii in October. Now that it’s November, though. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is out, and rest assured that people will be buying Wiis for that.

  • I think most large 3rd party developers WANT the Wii to fail, because they don’t want the gaming landscape to be altered by an innovative and different system; they want creativity to fail so they can go on juicing money out of gamers for the same shit they’ve been making for years, rather than trying to come up with good Wii games.

    • lol no. This is absolutely retarded. Are you some kind of conspiracy theorist who thinks of developers as “THE MAN” or something?

      Video game developers want to make fun games. That’s how they make money.

  • Serious games died couple of years ago . Now they’re only casuals . On Wii with kiddy graphics and on ps3 ,pc or x360 with more mature graphics . Yes the only diffrence bewtween wii games and ps3 games are graphics :} . Both consoles got only games with simplified casual gameplay.

  • Well, maybe if you don’t really like nintendo games such as zelda, mario & metroïd ; Where’s the point to buying one ? it lacks of real game. i don’t really care about the hardware though graphism sucks.

  • I own a Wii and I have also see the decline of great games for Wii. The last one I got was the Wii Sports and yet I bought more then 3 different games for Xbox 360 and DS.

    I fell like a lot of publishers can’t make a great game for Wii which has cause and effected this slump.

    Come on Nintendo fight on

  • All this article says is “The Wii is still outselling the PS3 and 360 but by less than it was last year.” Actually, add to that “and despite that fact, even if you combine PS3 and 360 sales, they only beat the Wii by about 10%”.

    I’m not the biggest fan of the Wii, but this article contains stats that clearly prove that the Wii is continuing to outsell both other consoles by a large amount – then those stats are bizarrely twisted into “proving” that the Wii is “doomed”. Surely that means the PS3 and 360 are even more doomed if they’re STILL selling less? Especially the 360 since it’s also selling less than last year.

  • Make more violent, interactive games…

    Make a snuff game that utilizes the Wii’s full potential with the Wii-mote like I suggested months ago…

    Either that or you can make interactive eroges…

  • all the good wii games are coming out too far and few between. there’s a couple good ones coming out this or next month and then 1 or 2 in january and a couple more in the months after that. too bad there’s next to no advertising for them.

  • Deathstryker says:

    I can kind’ve understand the sales slump. I’m a Nintendo fan and when I first got my Wii a couple years ago, I thought it was great. But now, I find I never play it mainly because there haven’t been any good games lately on it. I find I mainly play PC games now.

    Unfortunately, there are way too many crappy games overrunning the system because they know the main demographic for it (people who aren’t hardcore gamers) doesn’t pay close attention to video game reviews.

  • Wow. This is just horrible reporting. Do I need to remind you that
    A) The Wii had insane sales before now,
    B) The Wii still sells almost twice as much as the PS3 and Xbox 360, and
    C) Sony recently released a new version of the PS3?
    Obviously this is a complete misrepresentation of statistics. The Wii is losing its hype and is only now returning to regular non-hype console sales. Of course it’s dropping. But you can’t say it’s dead because of the relative drop in sales; you can say whether it’s dead or not after the sales have stopped dropping, when we know how much the Wii sells without its casual gamer hype.

    In absolute numbers, the Wii is still completely outselling both competitors at the moment, so declaring it ‘doomed’ is a bit odd. The number of sales is shrinking though – the big question here is how long it’ll stop shrinking.

    But most importantly, the PS3 statistics are completely skewed. Sony recently released the hugely popular PS3 Slim. Whenever a new console is released, its sales are much higher temporarily than when the console has been on the market for a while (the Wii being an exception, as it was too popular at release for supply to catch up with demand, leading to increasing sales rather than the usual decreasing sales). You’re basically considering the peak sales of a device with the slighty-above-average sales of another device.

    Lastly, to the commenters complaining about how Nintendo is losing market share by catering to casual gamers rather than hardcore gamers; you do realize the Wii has become the #1 selling console so far exactly by catering to casual gamers, right?

    I can’t disagree with the lack of quality titles, though. But that doesn’t make the incorrect conclusions drawn from the statistics any more valid.

  • Yet again proving that game developers are complete retards. Over 500k systems sold in a down month and they are giving up on it. A person can only play one game at a time, they don’t need 20 different whack a ball around games which is the only thing we ever see in commercials.

  • I hope the Wii goes the way of the Virtual Boy and soon.
    I love Nintendo and I’ve been a fan since I was old enough to pick up a controller and play by myself, but seriously, the real lack of any good games for the last few years it’s been out really put a damper on my Nintendo fandom lately. While I think that the idea of reaching out to “casual” gamers to rake in more money was an interesting idea, I don’t feel that it was worth all the crap quality games that have hit the Wii since launch day. I’m hoping that Nintendo learns from this with their next console.

  • Even though Nintendo does have to step up it’s game a bit (get it, step up it’s game) for the Wii, it has sold almost a million Wii/DS this year, while Sony hasn’t even sold half as many PS3/PSP.

  • LaughingReader says:

    The debate on which console is superior to the other or which one is crowned the best is always an exchange of fatal verbal blows either from the professional team(of pure knowledgeness) or from the respectable(or just talkative) avid gamers

    Most of which fell on the well of hardware builds/specs because well, better hardware does handle better loading time, graphic output or sound quality processings

    However, if great games come only on Wii(just imagine it), meaning the game does exceeds awesomeness(just pretend it did), the Wii will rise from the Dust of Age and heads again on the burning spotlight(dancing swimsuit beings promoting the console on the beach)

    The point is the game releases(if they just find the guts to bring out their potential u know…their hidden creativeness)

  • Yup its failing yet still kicking the ass of PS3 and 360 every damn month. People love saying the Wii is failing but its always doing great numbers so honestly everyone needs to get the fuck over themselves.

    Tales of Graces, Fragile, Sin & Punishment 2 , New Super Mario Bros Wii. Ive got a good holiday.

  • That’ll do, Wii. That’ll do.
    Pretty much the only games I’m waiting to check out on the wii now are the Fatal Frame translation project, and that Fragile game. My Wii stopped mattering around the time I got an HD tv for my 360.

    I don’t really follow wii news anymore – is that new super mario rehash game their only notable holiday release?

  • The Wii is not anywhere near doomed.. Stop being such fanboys… Sony and Microsoft are still getting there asses kick more than even before. This is 100% Fact… Sony is doomed those idiots need to learn to stay in first place for more than a month.

    • Agreed Mario1-7, I mean I’m a nintendo fan but even I have a limit, Wii is still doing fine, not as good as it used to but it’ll probably do fine until either a console revision or next console line up.

      Sony needs to forget the PSP even more so after the PSP Go, Sony has no idea what it takes to make a good portable.

      • Oh please… The PSP itself is a good portable device. Graphics-wise it’s not too bad. The titles released for the PSP are decent. As compared to the DS, which, I think can do better, but the titles… well, not exactly my cup of tea.

        The PSP has good hardware that supports some great features. I’m not too sure, but I think it was the 1st to have WiFi connectivity. (I could be wrong, but I don’t really remember anything existing before the PSP which had WiFi), and your comment that Sony has no idea how to make a good portable shows that you’re oblivious to the fact that the PSP is still widely used. There is still a market, and it’s not likely to fall anytime soon.

        I agree with you on the PSP Go. It’s a hopeless product. Having a portable with moving parts is completely illogical, since it’ll break in no time. (Especially since majority of the titles for PSP require a lot of button pressing (or mashing)).

        As for the Wii going down in terms of sales, I don’t think that the Wii is becoming that obsolete. The Wii completely targets a different group as compared to the XBox or PS3.

        I find that the Wii is mainly targeted at group games, especially family fun. Games that the whole family can enjoy. And if it’s targetting families, naturally, in the current economic situation, people will put off buying the Wii. How can parents buy them if they are having pay-cuts or are getting retrenched?

        • >> I could be wrong, but I don’t really remember anything existing before the PSP which had WiFi

          Nintendo DS. OHBUUUUUURN.
          Or actually, GBA had a WiFi device too.

          Also, to anyone saying that the Wii is dying, the supposedly bad info is the percantage based on previous year sellings. Total figures still get PS3 and Xbox360 beaten, so what the hell guys. Wii might be doing worse than before, and for clear reasons too (games fknwhar?!), but total sales are still high enough to not really worry.

          It’s like comparing a kid that got a D instead of an F to a kid that got B instead of A… sure, one improved, the other did the opposite, but the situation hasn’t really changed, one is still worse than the others in overall results. This of course doesn’t mean that the knowledge of one is really better than the other, or that when it comes to an actual working contest the kid with higher grades would be better than the former, but that’s another issue.

    • The Wii isn’t kicking anyone’s ass since the target audience is so much different compared to 360 and PS3’s target. Children and old people may think it’s great, but the actual people that matter think it is only good for the few Resident evil games, Metroid games, and Zelda games for it.

    • I dunno about getting their asses kicked. Everyone knows Wii’s hardware will be near useless before much longer (compared to PS3 and Xbox anyway). Hell, my PSP can probably give it a decent run in the visuals department o.o (mind you I do own a Wii, I just find it to be far less than what Nintendo -could- have produced)

        • It’s not Mario himself that makes the game you moron. It’s the game itself. There’s a REASON Super Mario Galaxy was declared best game of 2007 on all consoles put together. How ’bout you try it out. That said though, the number of good Wii games is really small. Very poor. Combine that with the fact it completely lacks in powerful hardware, and that it’s motion detecting abilities seems to be copied by itt compeditors, and it does indeed seem like the Wii is meeting dark times ahead. Unless it aims to somehow survive on casual gamers alone. I do not think this is a good thing, mind you. When Nintendo is good, they’re good, and I love Zelda and Mario. I really wish they would stop sucking like this…