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Snake Attempts to Eat Man’s Penis


A man peacefully relieving himself was shocked to find his most intimate part the subject of an ophidian assault, when a serpent either unexpectedly took fright at his dangling member, or else spied a tasty morsel.

The man (51) went to relieve himself on the toilet of his Taiwan home. After he had sat down, he suddenly felt a sharp pain, as though he had been cut with a blade.

Shocked by the intense pain, he stood up instinctively, and looking down was shocked to see a large snake hanging off his penis, its fangs sunk firmly home. Its persistence possibly suggests it had indeed mistaken his member for a small rodent, as otherwise it might be expected to flee immediately…

He soon went to the hospital, and fortunately his injuries were light and the snake non-venomous, though doctors harbour concerns of infection: “The inside of a snake’s mouth is none too hygienic, but once we’ve confirmed there is no infection he can go home.”

What happened to the optimistic snake is not recorded.

Taiwan is a tropical place, and snakes frequently enter homes. However, the standards of hygiene are high, and toilets are typically properly plumbed, so it seems possible this interloper borrowed the toilet for use as a lair, rather than entered the domicile from it.

Via Ameba.

It is difficult to decide whether his experience was more or less unpleasant than that of the man whose genitals were assailed by a rat, though things could have been even more unfortuunate had he not been a man…

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