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Nintendo Gets DS Chip Ban


A Tokyo district court has finally awarded Nintendo the ban on “Majikon” and similar devices, usually used to circumvent copy protection on games for the Nintendo DS.

The ban, long sought by Nintendo and a coalition of five game makers, bans import sales of the devices, and prevents the sale of such stock as is in the region. Major online auction sites now prohibit dealing in the tools.

The court recognised Nintendo’s claim that it was being dealt great damage by the trade in the devices, and so ordered the ban. Nintendo crows victory:

“It was most proper of the court to recognise our claim, and we recognise this as an appropriate ruling. We and the other publishers will continue our efforts to ensure firm legal measures are taken against Majikon.”

The major target for the measure would be the R4 Revolution. Whether the ban is effective in the future is one thing, but the actual efforts to secure the ban ensured a great many sales for the devices as people came to know of its existence, and many stocked up in anticipation of a ban.

Via ITmedia.

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