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Chinese Clone Site Rips Off NicoNico Douga


China’s audacity in flagrantly copying and pirating all it can continues to impress, with the news that an entire Chinese clone site of NicoNico Douga has been created, carrying the very same MADs and copying exactly the signature tickered comments of NicoNico Douga.


The (completely unauthorised) site in question is called, and it runs much as you might expect a shoddy and inferior Chinese clone site to (that is to say, adequately).

Surely, we cannot help but view these sites as officially condoned, given the zeal with which political sites are censored and the complete apathy shown towards sites such as these?

Although doubtless nobody will do anything about this site, it looks as if they wouldn’t last long if there was such a thing as rule of law in China.

In addition to possible copyright violation of Nico IP, there are apparently patents held by Nico on their tickered text, and of course it practically goes without saying that what video content isn’t lifted from Nico constitutes unauthorised use of full anime episodes and similar.

Still, this is China… And neither are Nico entirely innocent in all this.

Via ITmedia.

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