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I would sooo hit that! The hair, the outfit, the smiles, even her skin is flawless!

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  • Exceptional Sheryl Nome Cosplay:
    Dammmm she’s sexy!- I want to ‘Ponko the sh*t out of her!’- lol. Dress her up like Kokoa Shuzen (Rosario Vampire) or Tsumugi (K-On!) and I’ll propose!

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  • HunieCam Studio “Manage A Cam-Girl Operation!”:
    GOD – It’s DISGUSTING!!! I did this shit years ago! ALL the 2-D girls are Pigs! Guys don’t like “Freaky” looking girls- They girls that either look like 18-20 year old college types or Slightly Older TV Starlet types. I spent years on MFC. I’ve actually Coached models. People who knew me back in the day (2012) know this is true. Also totally unrealistic- ASIANS can get make money: cooking, eating, playing cards (FULLY Clothed). White girls do goofy stunts or Cosplay & Foreign models are …

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    WOW – took Sankaku long enough to notice this. BTW, Rift (whoever you are). Uh… that’s Obama’s VP Joe Biden in the pic. Rick Wilson is a Troll who confused #GameGate tropes w/ Anime. Plus, MSNBC (A MESS NBC) would start a race-riot just to get attention. NBC (now owned by Comcast) got shafted by the Republican Committee for it’s poor handling of the CNBC debate in favor of CNN. Trump = Ratings. Look for ALL Manner of ‘Established’IN-The-Pocket of Mass-Media Conservatives to Attack Trump. …

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    Dibs on the Pigtailed one! – Dibs on everything- no take backs- no frontzies or backzies! – Dibs!

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    There’s a Plot? I’m watching for the Hot Moe chick who can’t dress herself.

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    imagine when Japan merges android + robots + Anime + sexy dolls- You can actually Have & Fuck Sena and she’ll clean herself up and get you a sandwich afterwards


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