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Romance of the Three Kingdoms Anime Comparison


The above image compares the various incarnations of the ancient Chinese classic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” (三国志 / Sangokushi in Japanese) characters in anime, manga and games.

From left to right we see Koei’s great strategy series Romance of the Three Kingdoms, their action version of same, Sangoku Musou / Dynasty Warriors, two manga versions, the oppai-centric fighting anime Ikki Tousen, and, of course, eroge Koihime Musou. The masks used in historical plays round things out.

It seems this at times fanciful and irreverent approach to dealing with classic Chinese (but appreciated throughout East Asia) literature has met with no small success in the realm of anime, manga and games, and it certainly presents a sharp contrast to the limited nature of similar (typically theatrical or Hollywood) adaptations of western classics; the most we see are generally simple recreations of the original in contemporary settings.

Would an eroge adaptation of the Odyssey be too much to ask for?

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