“Miscarry!” – Fujoshi Vow Revenge over Seiyuu’s New Wife


Obsessive fujoshi fans of male seiyuu 宮野 真守 / Mamoru Miyano (25), noted for his performances in Death Note and Gundam 00, are seething with rage at the news that he has had the temerity to marry his girlfriend after conceiving a child with her.

“Miscarry, you succubus!”, “I’ll hate his girl for the rest of my life!”, “Hurry up and pop out that kid and then divorce, damn you!” – the vituperative excess of female 2channers knows no bounds.


This otaku circus was prompted by Miyano’s public announcement of his marriage to his pre-impregnated wife; naturally we do not hear the details, but it seems he felt obliged to marry her after she became pregnant, or else decided to for some other reason.

But more interesting than the details of some seiyuu’s personal life are the responses of his legion of adoring female otaku fans:

“I feel like I’ve been betrayed by Mamo… How many times has he used me. Give me my money back, damn it!”

“I’ve had it. I’m off to protest at his agency.”

“Miscarry and lose your job! You’ll regret this! I’m really furious about this…”

“Please tell me it’s a lie. God, please tell me. I’ll do anything, anything at all, if you tell me it’s not true!”


“This is the worst. I believed in him. When you’re betrayed like this, you rarely start to hate, right? Ahh, I want to die…”

“He’s got guts coming out with an announcement like this. By doing so his fans are going to be riled, and it could affect his work. So it’s pretty cool of him to do it.”

“What a shock, he’s not a virgin.”

“With this incident, the antis and the true believers are going to be separated.”

“I wish he’d have shared some of that semen out with me…”

Of course, there are a few messages of congratulations mixed in amongst the seething bile.

It is said hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but it seems this pales in comparison to the wrath of otaku of either gender… You will of course recall the recent fracas over the fact that Kannagi’s Nagi-sama had a previous relationship possibly including sex, and the excessive response that engendered.

This incident should remind you that obsession easily transcends gender boundaries; doubtless we would see an equal or greater outpouring of vitriol were bikini superstar Aya Hirano ever to tie the knot?


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