Lucky Star Mikoshi Matsuri


The latest in development in the saga of Lucky Star Shinto took the form of a Lucky Star mikoshi, a portatble shrine hefted by matsuri (festival) goers in a devotional relay at the famous Washinomiya Shrine, lately known mainly as the shrine featured in the title, and the object of considerable attention from fans because of this.


The festival itself is known as the 土師祭 / Hajisai.

With the news that the mikoshi would be Lucky Star themed, the shrine received a deluge of requests from all over the country for the limited number of bearers required, filling the 115 slots in but a few days.

The devotion/revelry itself takes the form of a predetermined circuit of some 2km. Fortunately for the otaku bearers, the mikoshi is said to be of especially light construction, so as to require less experience from the bearers. The circuit of the Lucky Star mikoshi also took place at night, with the shrine as you can see being internally illuminated rather nicely.

This comes soon after the birthday celebrations of Kagami and Tsukasa at the same shrine, which yielded plenty of interesting Lucky Star themed devotional offerings.




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