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Lucky Star Shrine Gate Collapses

The iconic torii gate at the Washinomiya shrine, made famous by its appearances in Lucky Star, has tragically collapsed after many years of service.

The torii gate at anime pilgrimage site Washinomiya shrine collapsed 45 years after being rebuilt. The Washinomiya shrine, built during the Meiji period, is the one of the oldest in the Kanto region and is known as the workplace of miko twins Tsukasa and Kagami Hiiragi in Lucky Star; it has seen large numbers of pilgrims since the anime’s debut over a decade ago, bringing in a considerable amount of tourism money.

It is reported that the gate collapsed at around 10:40 on the morning of the 12th of August, doing damage to the boot of a car parked nearby and startling the driver.

Although the torii was rebuilt in 1973 and inspected 10 years ago, some have noted that it had become dilapidated in recent years, which may explain the collapse.

The absence of the gate has changed the appearance of the shrine considerably:

Thankfully, work has already begun on its reconstruction, with concrete foundations having already been put in place, ready to support the new torii.

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