Lucky Star Pilgrim Uses 2 Months Wages at Lucky Shrine


It seems that a salaryman (48), who used by his own admission at least two months wages in his devotions at famed Lucky Star shrine Washinomiya, is far from alone in such zealous devotion to the new divinities of our age. Still, supporting a shrine may be a marginally preferable use of his funds to playing pachinko, or buying certain OVA at ¥10,000 plus per hour…

Although he is probably to circumspect to say it, I expect the shrine boss is rubbing his hands with glee over all these rubes falling into his lap. What he actually says is “I think their manners are good”, and “I think it would also be good if they were to make a normal pilgrimage”. The same seems to go for the lucky half of the local populace who own shops or businesses which can be themed for Lucky Star pilgrims.

You can see more detail of the sort of thing which goes on at Washinomiya in a previous article looking at the phenomenon.

Via Asahi.

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