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beta application is up
it is for pc and ps3 and if you have ps3 ff13 members code you have priority for ff14 ps3 beta test… if you are legacy in ff14 you automatically get in to phase 1 of beta and if you have an active ff14 you automatically get into phase 3

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  • Hajimete no Gal Far From Innocent:
    Is the doubt, you are of those who think that it is an Alpha M or a total yuritard?!

  • Kudo Wafter Crowdfunding “Almost $200,000 in A Day!”:
    FUCK YOU BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

  • Hajimete no Gal Far From Innocent:
    Umm, there are uncensored rips too.

  • Seiyuu Otaku Busted for Uesaka Sumire 2ch Threats:
    Just a troll who don’t even anime, manga, hentai, doujin, Jgame, etc, making shat up and talking BS. The same shats who perpetuate the anime = hentai = tentical raep = pedo propaganda to the mainstream in the West, so open fans regardless of actual contribution and success in society, will still remain stigamitized. All a tactic to intimidated and remain relevant, same reason with all those shat live actions from a declining industry. Video killed the radio star, and VR/Video game killed the …

  • Hajimete no Gal Far From Innocent:
    Can’t see why people would like this show without being beta virgin losers in the first place. Side characters are worthless as hell and the MC is pathetic. But hey I guess that’s what people connect with nowadays.


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