Comment on China’s Top 10 Worst Train Manners: “2. Defecating in Train” by Anonymous:

This deserves neither a positive or negative vote, but rather a special vote just so you get “Quality (China)”

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  • Sakura Spirit “Steamiest VN Yet”:
    Protip: if god didn’t want you to be masturbating all the time why did he a) make your hands fall into a grip position when relaxed b) make your hands fall exactly in front of your cock when your arm is by yourside. Don’t worry, you can jerk off in peace and stop posting this shit to make yourself feel better about it.

  • Sakura Spirit “Steamiest VN Yet”:
    Why the fuck does the word ”pedo” keep appearing? Do people that say that even watch anime? Girls always looked cutesy and short like this, but that doesn’t mean they’re children! *facepalm*

  • Sakura Spirit “Steamiest VN Yet”:
    Your friends already know you’re a degenerate. Don’t be a shit head and pay for the game.

  • Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Haunted Harem Anime:
    And the fight the room, makes it even more crazy .. wanna see how will be the dispute for bathroom .. At least the only really anime harem of the season did not disappoint ..

  • Sakura Spirit “Steamiest VN Yet”:
    … why are you here?


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