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Whats that? The Wii U’s graphics don’t suck compared to a 340 or PS3? Holy fuck who could have possibly called that OH WAIT.

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  • Square CEO: “Our Merger With Enix Was A Total Failure”:
    That of course is without even going into the retardation of them making x-2 to begin with, BECAUSE TIDUS SHOULD BE DEAD. Fucking ruins X for me, because it was this build up about how someone was GOING TO DIE. Then Tidus lives even though he is fucking from within the Fayth, THEN LIVES IN THE OCEAN FOR A YEAR before being found. No, X-2 is shit, will always be shit and trying to say otherwise just means that your opinion has absolutely no value to me.

  • Square CEO: “Our Merger With Enix Was A Total Failure”:
    Yea uh, as someone who’s been watching anime for quite a while, and playing JRPG’s for even longer, those jokes ARE failed, BECAUSE they are terrible and demeaning. This is a WHOLE FUCKING YEAR later, if Yuna still needs distracting from the guy she knew for 2 weeks then clearly we need to fix something here. Name those anime please. Name them now. I have no fucking clue what anime it is you are talking about where the guy gets two words, and then makes the totally ASSININE choice in how to …

  • Square CEO: “Our Merger With Enix Was A Total Failure”:
    Seriously? You guys can’t tell why that game is demeaning to women? Ok lets start with Yuna. She’s now a “sphere hunter” looking for Tidus. So far not so bad. An intelligent girl in FFX all things considered. Ok, fast forward to when you go sphere hunting the first time, in the Ruins of Zanarkand. Here we learn that Yuna is now apparently the stupidest person in the game. You have two pieces of a word. Mon, and Key. What does she say? KEYMON. Are you fucking kidding me? Lets fast forward some …

  • Wii U Power Brick “Xbox Huge”:
    And then the ps2 slim happened.

  • Square CEO: “Our Merger With Enix Was A Total Failure”:
    Yea, see, X-2 was totally a failure. They made money off a game that completely debased women everywhere. Anyone who likes that game thinks women are fucking retards. WOMEN who like that game should be fucking ashamed of themselves. 13 was the straw that has me saying I’m not buying from square enix ever again. Alienating your fanbase is fail.


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