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You’re really butthurt, aren’t you? We’re talking about anime here, douche. Sure, One Piece got one hell of a good manga, story, drawings, blah blah blah you name it. But as far as most people are concerned, the anime just didn’t cut it much. Animation quality aside, there’s also the matter with fillers, which are mostly, not interesting at all. And truthfully, OP anime is just riding the tailcoat of its manga; same like Bleach and Naruto. Just a lucky bunch of anime made from explosively (some, at the beginnings) manga series.

Gintama, on the other hand goes in reverse. The manga doesn’t have vibrant drawings/sceneries like OP or Bleach, nor does it have overly cool fighting scenes/ finisher attacks (Gintoki’s still rambling about this lol) like all Naruto, Bleach and OP combined. And comparing the early volumes’ popularity (whether in Japan or outside), Gintama can’t top the ‘Holy Jump Trinity’ series at all; even getting bashed by PTAs due to its jokes and profanities. But still, Gintama manga still stand with its own (Hideaki Sorachi’s) style and now its almost as popular as any successful series are. Even foreigners rushed to watch it, enjoying the Japanese-related humors and such. Hey, it doubles also as Visit Japan tourism brochure!

*ahem* Now back to the anime. Gintama’s animation quality pretty much suck in the early days, but it keeps up with its jokes, taken to a new level by Sunrise’s ingenuity. The still jokes from the manga now can be enjoyed more thoroughly; like all those Gundam parodies, complete with sound effects from original gundam series,even voice actors! Now, the animation quality upgraded tremendously (Sunrise finally got the budget, eh? lol); even admittedly better than a number of anime out there. And what’s the best? There’s almost no filler in the anime. Enjoy the whole glory of the manga’s story! Even those ‘Holy Jump Trinity’ needed fillers just to keep their popularity afloat. I’m not saying all fillers are rubbish, but generally? You should’ve known better. If you take One Piece like wine, then Gintama’s like cheese. Sure it stinks a mite, but the older it gets, the better it is; and people still happily enjoy the stink.

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