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Damn, that Putin bastard can’t tank for shit, and that Obama is one shitty healer, how can we raid muslims this way?

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  • Police Chasee Cut in Half:
    Gore pics or GTFO

  • Link’s Awakening Recreated In Ocarina of Time:
    An absolutely non-profit fan project made with love and dedication, that would strengthen the franchise even further and bring only benefit for the Nintendo’s sake? Nope! Delete it immediately! Seriously, it’s as if Nintendo fears that somewhere deep in the code there could be hidded a sexy scene involving Link and Zelda, or maybe even Link goatse.

  • i☆Ris & Sunmyu Now Offering Paid Skype Chats:
    Ok, I would start with showing them a goatse video, and them I would print her face and cum all over it live. And since I payed, she would have to watch, or I’ll ask my money back.

  • i☆Ris & Sunmyu Now Offering Paid Skype Chats:
    What? Underage girls talking about their anal toys experience? What’s so shocked you, may I ask?

  • Final Fantasy XV Grows Dark & Sinister:
    When I read this post, I though this spell would summon hell on earth, with undead skeletons, spirits and shit from horror games coming out, but it’s just POOF, gone. wtf


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