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alot of things wrong with that. For starters Horror has little to do with violence. If you think that, it may be time to find an alternative to cheap and poorly thoughtout horror movies. Try Saya no Uta. Watching someone go insane from the inside out is far scarier than violence.

Secondly, Cookie cutter good vs. evil stories are new. Thank disney for them mostly. Most of their stories where originally twisted and morally ambiguous…even if they where made for children.

Lastly, killing eachother for profit is a common trait for predatory animals. Wolves almost never die from anything other than fighting other wolves for territory. At the same time they kill other animals like bears and large cats and sneak into their dens to kill their children. It may seem bad because you hear stories about psychologically disturbed people killing others for amusement but they are few compared to the whole and are irregular(broken humans) to begin with. Humanity isn’t bad where just paranoid and think so.

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  • PETA Condemns Pokémon as “Animal Cruelty”:
    You should see how they get a lot of there animal cruelty videos…. It’s honestly disgusting that PETA even exists…….

  • PETA Condemns Pokémon as “Animal Cruelty”:
    hahhahahaha .. this is a joke right? Then again I always wondered how they got pokemon in those tiny pokeballs… trollface.jpg

  • PETA Condemns Pokémon as “Animal Cruelty”:
    A few things to say. 1. I prefer to eat meat. 2. If they want to end animal cruelty go to Africa. They’ll kill something just for the hell of it (and to feed those shriveled mummies called Ethiopians). 3. Pokemon is no different than MMA (mixed martial arts). People beating the shit out of each other to amuse others, make money, and become (pokemon) masters. Want to end cruelty? Try ending underground muay thai rings. Those places are brutal. Other guy just broke both his arms and a leg and …

  • PETA Condemns Pokémon as “Animal Cruelty”:
    PeTA does exist in Unova. They’re called Team Plasma.

  • PETA Condemns Pokémon as “Animal Cruelty”:
    How Come Peta Never protects Cockroaches huh Hundreds of them are stepped on everyday. Well fine I,m gonna do it Starting Today I,m starting the Hands Off my Cock foundation and every donation will go Towards protecting cockroaches.

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  • IdolMaster Live Action Series Reveals Finalists:
    Most of K-drama are cliché to death and cheesy, evspecially among the most popular ones. And popular doesn’t mean quality, only very few are really good. This could be the icing on the cake.

  • IdolMaster Live Action Series Reveals Finalists:
    Am I the only one spotting a few horse faces among the finalists? Some looks cute though. Not putting much hopes on the drama, could be so bad that its kind of fun actually.

  • Stalker Stabs J-Pop Idol Mayu Tomita:
    I hope that Japan remove the law of censorship in the hentai and porn live, and instead has the death penalty law for that type filthy bastard.

  • IdolMaster Live Action Series Reveals Finalists:
    Its pop idol K-drama,there is going to be backstabing and distrust written in anyways. So no wories.

  • Goddess of 2ch “The Perfect Nipples!”:
    Because they’re not the perfect nipples and neither are the nipples alone that hot in the first place. The pictures need a stimulant but they’re very plain and don’t offer much for arousal. I honestly don’t get why Sankaku posts these. They’re very underwhelming and don’t actually offer much when the face is always anonymous (for good reason but you’re basically better off with someone who’s known for erotic stuff and isn’t afraid to show themselves).


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