Narutards Despair: Naruto “Will End Soon”


Naruto mangaka Masashi Kishimoto has revealed that Naruto is swiftly headed to its conclusion, much to the despair of fans and publishers alike.


In a recent interview with Asahi, he said that Naruto is “building towards a climax,” that its ending is already determined, and that “all that is left is a dash up to the ending.”

Just how long this “dash” to the ending will take is of course of crucial importance given the notoriously glacial pace of shonen battle manga, but on that point he is silent.

Naruto fans have misgivings, although unlike Bleach there is not much doubt that an end is in sight:

“I’m glad he is going to conclude it cleanly, but I’ll be sad to see it end.”

“I’m curious as to how it will end.”

“What’ll we do without Naruto?”

“Wait for Kishimoto’s next work please. I’d like another Naruto type battle manga, but it’ll probably be something different.”

“He can always put out the odd Naruto gaiden if he feels like making some cash.”

“He says he started off with Naruto, an orphan character people could feel sorry for… what about Sasuke, Iruka, Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, Sai, Orocihmaru, Kabuto, Sasori, […], do something for them too! There are mountains of orphans in this work…”

“What about poor Yamato, a human experiment, do something for him!”

“I guess his thinking really changed after he became a father.”

“He talks about how he wanted to depict ‘bonds’ after he got married and became a father.

That would have been just before the skip, at around volume 20?

So for the next ten years he was showing Pain’s invasion and the many trials of Kyuubi training, how interesting…”

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    Comment by Anonymous
    14:26 25/06/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.3)

    Amidst a bunch of naruto fans bashing bleach fans bashing one piece fans, I just thought I'd say that naruto, bleach, one piece, code geass, and death note ALL suck.

    That is all.

    Comment by Anonymous
    16:39 25/06/2012 # ! Good (+0.5)

    I always found it interesting how white fans of naruto, bleach, and one piece don't seem to realize that they're mainly aimed at 12-year old japanese boys.

    Of course, ToLOVEru is (or at least was) shounen too. Which is awesome, because that then makes grabbing and massaging your 11-year old imouto's butt (Chapter 157 in the original, Shounen Jump manga) wholesome entertainment for children in Japan.

    Avatar of Myballz
    Comment by Myballz
    03:32 26/06/2012 # ! Good (+0.4)

    It wasn't a Bad anime ether Love-Ru had some good moments.First one had 26-episode then the second season had 12 episodes and here some other news TV anime adaptation for To-Love Ru Darkness coming!

    Comment by Anonymous
    01:30 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    at least To LOVE-ru isn't a neverending story with 500+ chapters like bleach, naruto and one piece, and i quit watching most of those when they went emo...

    Comment by Anonymous
    06:51 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    aimed at 12-year old Japanese boys but not 12-year old American Boys. I think this is a big difference and is why the series is still popular inside and outside of Japan

    Comment by Anonymous
    19:06 25/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Except that the main fanbase of all the Big 3 in Japan is made by pepole in their twenties, particularly in the case of One Piece. Toloveru on the other hand, was a piece aimed only to young boys and kids, because of its corny fanservice and saucy comedy. If adults want something more risque they certainly don't read Toloveru, the kids that want to read something sexy and can't buy nothing but Jump do.

    Avatar of an orgasmic loli
    Comment by an orgasmic loli
    18:37 25/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    To Love-Ru is an awesome manga. And I think sankaku complex mostly started writing artcles since To Love-Ru Darkness, but it was actually really ero in the days when it was in Shounen Jump too.

    Comment by Anonymous
    19:58 25/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Well, in that case neither the japanese do realize they're aimed at 12 year olds... or they don't care.

    Comment by Anonymous
    02:27 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    There was a lot of coverage before Darkness too, both on the manga and the TV anime/OADs. Too lazy to find and link some of the articles right now though.

    - Long-time anon lurker

    Comment by Anonymous
    03:59 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)


    Comment by Anonymous
    22:18 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Aimed at does not mean lack of wider appeal.

    Comment by Anonymous
    16:24 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    You're right, they're mostly targeted at young boys but in Asia, it's very common to see adults reading One Piece.

    It's just like how in America, adults like to watch Pixar films.

    You guys just hate on them because they're popular.

    Comment by Anonymous
    15:51 25/10/2014 # ! Neutral (0)

    Not for choice... Adults read One Piece because they were children who grew up. Unfortunately, neither the manga nor their brains did so as well.

    Avatar of Shimazaki
    Comment by Shimazaki
    08:56 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    i agree with you!

    Comment by Anonymous

    Toloveru took alot of its ideas from Girls Bravo. They are exactly alike.

    Comment by Anonymous
    01:23 26/06/2012 # ! Drivel (-0.7)

    LOL To Love-Ru an awesome manga! Only if you are a forver alone virgin who likes to jerk off on a pillow top! Creepy Otaku freaks just go and DIE already!

    Comment by Anonymous
    16:13 25/06/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.3)

    couldn't agree more. toloveru and probably ichigo 100% are the only two good manga to ever come out of that magazine rag.

    Comment by Anonymous
    23:58 25/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei is shounen too right?

    Comment by Anonymous
    04:56 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    It's a triangle of retardation!

    Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, GayAss, Death Nut, they ALL suck.

    Comment by Anonymous
    10:42 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Actually, that would make it a pentagon of retardation. Go relearn basic geometry, for the sake of trolling.

    Comment by Anonymous
    10:15 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Woah woah! Don't compare death note ( manga, not the anime ) to naruto and bleach just because it hit mainstream. It was almost as good as Bakuman in the manga. And for Code Geass, I guess you just can't handle the awesomeness. I pity you.

    Comment by Anonymous
    16:33 28/06/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Sigh anything mainstream = bad I guess. I mean atleast provide reasons for the hate besides the usual it sucks argument it really is getting boring that the same idiots repeat the same thing over and over again. sigh arguing is so pointless now.

    trolls no a days are getting to predictable and boring.

    Comment by Anonymous
    05:22 27/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    My god, Code Geass fans.

    Comment by Anonymous
    17:50 27/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    The hell is wrong with Code Geass?

    Comment by Anonymous
    15:58 25/10/2014 # ! Neutral (0)

    I hate One Piece because of all the nakama faggotery, Naruto (Anime) because of the fillers (i might read the manga now that it is over), Bleach because it is boring. I do think code geass is one of the best anime ever made, and unfortunately i haven't seen death note yet.
    Reasons enough no to be considered mainstream hater?

    Comment by Anonymous
    12:29 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    I can see why he'd hate the above but freaking Code Geass? Might as well say you hate Evangelion too.

    Comment by Anonymous

    You can diss anything else, but don't mention One Piece in your gay mouth.

    Comment by Anonymous
    05:45 27/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    One piece - Infinity adventure,retardet main character...-_-" Awful Shonen

    Comment by Anonymous
    09:30 27/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    at least there are retards that can spell, unlike you.

    Comment by Anonymous
    09:33 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    naw, one piece sucks too.

    Comment by Anonymous
    19:56 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    WAIT !! WAIT !! WAIT !! WAIT !! WAIT !!

    DEATH NOTE can't be compared by Naruto, Bleach & One Peace. That's too popular in US too.

    Look at this link, Death Note in rank 26 for a TV series :,&sort=user_rating,desc&title_type=tv_series [,&sort=user_rating,desc&title_type=tv_series]

    Comment by Anonymous
    05:26 27/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Ah, so it's okay for people to have flame wars for difference of opinion, but everyone must agree with Death Note. Same goes for those Geass fans, get over yourselves.

    Comment by Anonymous
    15:42 28/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    "Amidst a bunch of naruto fans bashing bleach fans bashing one piece fans, I just thought I'd say that naruto, bleach, one piece, code geass, and death note ALL suck.

    That is all." - Anonymous

    how about..amidst all of this,whoever wrote this crap must have the SUCKIEST and LONELIEST death,RETARD.

    Comment by Anonymous
    11:51 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    ahahah thats your opinion its all good

    Comment by Anonymous


    Comment by Anonymous
    17:26 25/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Wow, somebody's very mad. Take a chill pill, it's only the Internet.

    Comment by Anonymous
    18:27 25/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Code Geass, now all of you shut your fucking mouths.

    Comment by Anonymous
    16:01 25/10/2014 # ! Neutral (0)

    You call that "niño rata" (rat boy) //

    Comment by Anonymous
    00:05 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    Those little 10 year old narutards crack me up. They all suffer from brain disease.

    Comment by Anonymous
    20:35 25/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    just chill!!!

    Comment by Anonymous
    20:45 25/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)


    Comment by Anonymous
    07:24 26/06/2012 # ! Neutral (0)

    If that's the most intelligent comment you could come up with, you really are an imbecile.

    Comment by Anonymous

    you are a dooshbag and obviously like k on which sucks so bad that i couldnt even get through 3 episodes. i dont care for one piece but naruto, code geass, bleach and death note were all good so die bitch. u are no anime fan

    Comment by Anonymous
    Comment by Anonymous

    Haha, you're probably some low dirty American douche bag who has no life but to watch 2-dimensional or asian porno. Dude, just gtfo. There are good anime out there that don't include ero-themes. So if you only watch anime for the girls, like a creepy ass fat shit, then go ahead.

    Comment by Anonymous
    16:58 25/06/2012 # ! Drivel (-0.8)

    What's the matter, too mainstream for you? I bet you're the kind of person who hates Transformers and Pirates of the Carribean.

    Comment by Anonymous
    18:46 25/06/2012 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    just lol

    Comment by Anonymous
    00:07 26/06/2012 # ! Good (+0.6)

    This made my day.

    Comment by Anonymous
    00:27 26/06/2012 # ! Good (+0.6)

    That is different, it's not matter of mainstream, but transformers and pirates of caribean sucks ass, but if you are 10 year old boy, you might like it

    Comment by Anonymous
    14:55 25/06/2012 # ! Drivel (-0.8)

    Death Note sucks??

    excuse me, hold still while i pimp smack the crap outta you

    Avatar of Brokyl
    Comment by Brokyl
    22:45 25/06/2012 # ! Drivel (-1.0)

    Random fat anon trying to be hipster and shit.

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