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Bleach May End: “Final Chapter Starts”


Bleach-watchers have reacted with a mixture of surprise and incredulity to the news that Bleach is entering into its “final chapter” – although just how long this will last is the subject of much speculation.


The scan circulating simply reveals Bleach’s “final chapter” is starting, giving no hint as to how protracted a finale this might be – although given the author’s previous comments hopefully nobody is holding their breath.

Online, there is some disbelief and much checking of the skies:

“Thank goodness.”

“They say final chapter but this is probably the last part and due to last years.”

“Give it 10 years.”


“Expect another 30 volumes.”

“I think they are just bluffing in an attempt to drum up more reader interest.”

“It’ll be sad to finally lose it.”

“They were saying it would actually end, I guess it was really true.”

“What’ll happen to the anime!?”

“If it gets popular again they will just restart it as Bleach 2 I bet…”

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