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What in the flying shit are you talking about Japanese ancestor is not Chinese.

Based on Y-chromosome DNA:
“If focusing haplogroup O-P31 in those researches, the patrilines derived from its subclade O-SRY465 are frequently found in both Japanese (mean 32%,[27] with frequency in various samples ranging from 26%[28][29] to 36%[30]) and Koreans (mean 30%,[31] with frequency in various samples ranging from 19%[28][32] to 40%[30]).”

Based on Mitochondrial DNA:
“A 2008 study by Nohira et al. reported that Japanese and Koreans shared various haplotypes of haplogroup D4.”

Based on Single-nucleotide polymorphism:
“A 2008 study about genome-wide SNPs of East Asians by Chao Tian et al. reported that Japanese, Koreans and Han Chinese are far from southeast Asians, and Japanese is related to Koreans who are related to Han Chinese, but Japanese is relatively far from Han Chinese if compared to Koreans.”

Look at the last study, made by a Chinese researcher. Japanese is related to Koreans who are related to Han Chinese, but they are relatively far from Han Chinese when compared directly. Japanese are most connected genetically to Koreans if anything, I don’t know where you get your info from. ¬_¬;;

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  • Chinese Cosplayers Cuter Than Ever:
    Holy…. I’m a female and most people around me (girls) cringe at the thought of having thick calves. In fact in korea they are called raddish-legs if you have them and are looked down u__u Slender legs are preferred instead really. I have thick calves since I’m chubby and its one of my biggest complexes. Seriously I hate them so much, They make my legs look really clunky/chunky and short.

  • Chinese Cosplayers Cuter Than Ever:
    And why would thick calves be attractive? To Asians, those are not positive attractions, same with the ass lol. But yes, the Chinese cosplayers’ quality have gone up ^^

  • Chinese Cosplayers Cuter Than Ever:
    Isn’t a crime to advocate Japanese culture there? For all we know half of them are in prison now. For “rebellion.”

  • Chinese Cosplayers Cuter Than Ever:
    Cute… But I’m sure there are traps on those that classify as “cute.”

  • Chinese Cosplayers Cuter Than Ever:
    Totally with you on that. Sankaku posters have no creativity.

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    Oreimo bailed out too. That wasn’t the ending the author originally wanted.

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    Male otaku in cat ears will probably give wizard class characters. And grumpy cat is obviously a tank class.

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