Ishihara Bans Hanami – “You Must Not Have Fun!”


Tokyo’s geriatric governor Ishihara is apparently intent on banning fun altogether, having now demanded the cancellation of hanami, the traditional Japanese custom of boozing it up under the cherry blossoms, urging instead a return to the glorious hardships of war and fascist oppression.

At a recent press conference, Ishihara had harsh words for those who might want to do something other than work or watch back-to-back earthquake reports on TV in between blackouts:

“This isn’t the time to be drinking and having fun as the sakura blooms!

It’s not the time for hanami. We should share the pain of our fellow countrymen out of solidarity.


During the Second World War, everyone held themselves in check and bore the hardships.

We may have lost the war, but the solidarity of the Japanese of that era was truly beautiful.”

His romantic references to a time when Japan’s army and secret police were busy murdering their own citizens in the name of the supremacy of the state and Japanese race is of course not surprising considering his own political proclivities.

Some have also wondered why self-restraint is even necessary if, as Ishihara recently stated, the quake victims all deserved to die as they were subjected to divine punishment for being greedy, bad Japanese.

The city government is telling revellers at the city’s top hanami spots to “voluntarily” restrain their celebrations to save power – although it is hard to imagine how sitting under a tree drinking with friends could consume more electricity than anything else a Tokyo inhabitant might get up to.

With Japan’s continuing obsession with pointless acts of “self-restraint” rapidly reaching farcical levels, many observers are becoming concerned that the economic and social impact of the quake is only going to be exacerbated by forcing endless cancellations and sustained hysteria throughout the country.

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    Avatar of Serp
    Comment by Serp
    16:31 30/03/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    What we need is that young sexy Ishihara from a few weeks ago, not this old jackass.

    Edit: This one to be precise

    Avatar of TheBeast
    Comment by TheBeast
    04:48 31/03/2011 # ! Good (+0.6)

    fun? ...FUN!!! there will be no "fun" here, not if I have my wa~y. *maniacle laughter*

    seems to me this is his pathetic attempt at a diversion from his "divine retribution" speech.

    Avatar of rumblingsauce
    Comment by rumblingsauce
    03:39 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    I seemed to have missed that article. HOT DAMN!

    Avatar of General Jack D. Ripper
    15:22 30/03/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    I guess Ishihara is now a hyporcite; he thinks he is nationalist yet he bans a Japanese tradition...

    Avatar of Neonie
    Comment by Neonie
    18:31 30/03/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    "Ishihara is now a hypocrite"

    No sir, as the writer of Rape Novels, saying that all things should portray a "normal Japanese life style", he has been a hypocrite for MUCH MUCH longer then this statement.

    Comment by Anonymous
    18:48 30/03/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    With all due respect to the Japanese.... when the HELL are they going to impeach this fucker!? I swear... are they that brainwashed with 'YOU MUST RESPECT THE LEADERS!' that they cannot see when someone is either:

    1. Going insane
    2. Already there.
    3. Trying to turn Japan fascist.

    Comment by Anonymous
    00:03 31/03/2011 # ! Good (+0.6)

    Konbanwa Tokyo residents-san,

    this is your beloved governor Ishihara speaking.
    As an act of solidarity towards our suffering countrymen, I have decided to invite them for hanam... just kidding!
    I want you all to drown in your bathtubs to show how much you care.


    Avatar of NakkiNyan
    Comment by NakkiNyan
    01:41 31/03/2011 # ! Good (+0.4)

    These people need a reason to step away from their TVs for a while and get a break. The fact this asshole governor can't see that is proof enough he is insane and too stupid to represent the people by giving such bad advice.

    These people need a break, let them have it... fuck Ichihara pisses me off.

    Comment by Anonymous
    05:51 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Although Ishihara seems like a total #%@#@. I wanna see the rest of his speech. Cutting and pasting certain quotes creates a different intended result from the intention of the guy saying the speech. Meaning I want to know the exact content of the quote.

    Comment by Anonymous
    21:14 06/04/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    "This clown should get off the stage, he did more than enough entertainement for 3 terms now."

    Shows how fucking stupid Tokyoites are. Dumbass uncaring youth and ultra conservative retarded old fucks.

    Comment by Anonymous
    01:35 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    This clown should get off the stage, he did more than enough entertainement for 3 terms now.

    Comment by Anonymous
    13:29 07/04/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    How did this fucking douchebag survive? The stupid fuck.

    Comment by Anonymous
    03:00 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    In Sankaku Complex, quotation mark are used for putting words in other people's mouth, not for quotation (see headline).

    Comment by Anonymous
    19:53 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    when all of the elderly are sucked out to sea. because thats is who keeps this fossil in office and that is who makes up the greater percentage of the population.

    Comment by Anonymous
    18:50 30/03/2011 # ! Good (+0.6)

    Nationalist? He's more a totalitarian fascist who doesn't care about traditions and want to bans this and that.

    Comment by Anonymous
    23:14 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    That quake must've hit him harder then we thought.

    Comment by Anonymous
    16:58 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    apparently, he's still alive so all we can do now is to wait for the japanese to NOTICE THAT THEIR ENTIRE TRADITION IS ABOUT TO BE WIPED OUT!

    sure the tsunami was too devastating and more problems arises, but not even taking a moment of rest to think why you wanna rebuild your country or even dream of pledging allegiance wholeheartedly and not by force would probably guarantee your country more depression. you're saying it like this: "work like slaves and rebuild the country so that I can rule it more and I would have more benefits!"

    Avatar of ytdh
    Comment by ytdh
    21:56 30/03/2011 # ! Good (+0.6)

    "Ishihara is now a hyporcite"

    he is a politician isn't he?
    if so hasn't he always been one?

    Comment by Anonymous
    16:59 02/04/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Hes gonna start WWIII. Damn, i hope my 3rd reservist wont be a call up for War...

    Avatar of BlaqCat
    Comment by BlaqCat
    11:10 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    I'm surprised they can still put up with this assclown. The one bright spot in this whole ordeal, and he wants people to "restrain" themselves? I wonder if he could take a moment to restrain his mouth....

    Comment by Anonymous
    01:21 01/04/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    he is a hypocrite... he wants to ban explicit manga, anime and games and yet he is a rape novelist where i think the victims are under age and now he is banning hanami which according to this is a traditional way of drinking or relaxing(not so sure so please correct me)

    for me he is already a hypocrite in many ways

    Comment by Anonymous
    01:21 01/04/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    he is a hypocrite... he wants to ban explicit manga, anime and games and yet he is a rape novelist where i think the victims are under age and now he is banning hanami which according to this is a traditional way of drinking or relaxing(not so sure so please correct me)

    for me he is already a hypocrite in many ways

    Avatar of NeverSleep
    Comment by NeverSleep
    17:18 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    A tradition older than the WWII. *rolleyes*

    Avatar of Stangace20
    Comment by Stangace20
    15:09 30/03/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    christ, even after sept. 11th and Katrina most of the US was back to BAU inside a week.

    what the hell is wrong w/ the japanese people to allow it to get this out of hand

    Comment by Anonymous
    15:22 30/03/2011 # ! Good (+0.8)

    nothing is wrong with the japanese people. something is wrong with ishithara. very wrong.

    Avatar of Tiax Anderson
    Comment by Tiax Anderson
    15:28 30/03/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    I have to disagree. There's at least a slight fault in 'the people' for letting this idiot come to power.
    Other than that, yeah, it's Ishihara.

    Avatar of Shippoyasha
    Comment by Shippoyasha
    15:59 30/03/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    A lot of other entertainment industries are suffering bigtime because they are all in self restraint mode. Ishihara may be the easy scapegoat in all this, but the fact of the matter is, it's being practiced as we speak, in less grating, but still very real manner.

    It's just not fashionable for the Japanese to flout entertainment over sheer survival right now. Even if they do take it over extreme at times and Ishihara HAS to make extremely grating snarky comments on top.

    Avatar of kazaza2
    Comment by kazaza2
    01:56 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    @Dia 17:10

    Actually it's a constitutional monarchy based on the English parliamentary system of government.

    The main thing the Americans did was force the Emperor to renounce his godhood and make him a figurehead with little power and a new constitution was drafted.

    Asshole politicians are universal.

    Comment by Anonymous
    16:50 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    its a joke how this guy glorifies WW2. even American geezers look more fondly on the 50s than the 40s. sadly Japan's political system is so out of whack that this guy could probably last his whole life in office.

    Avatar of Dia
    Comment by Dia
    17:10 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Americans made the political system so I guess we have them to blame.

    Avatar of OTIKA
    Comment by OTIKA
    00:38 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Tokyo, I am disappoint.

    Comment by Anonymous
    18:12 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    side effect of an old population base.

    crazy geriatrics like this can actually get elected.

    Avatar of Erranty
    Comment by Erranty
    15:40 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Tiax is right, but its mostly that Ishihara's gotten progressively worse over the years, and his campaign opponents always want to do even STUPIDER things.

    Comment by Anonymous
    16:19 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Funny enough, the Japanese Communist Party actually seems to be the most moderate of all political parties thanks to all the bullshit everybody else are busying pulling.

    17:03 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    @Bob Maximum overdrive then.

    15:43 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Ishihara's stupidity is going into overdrive.

    Avatar of Bob
    Comment by Bob
    16:07 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    It was in overdrive the minute he declared war against tha otaku world

    Comment by Anonymous
    20:04 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Actually, it IS the fault of the Japanese people. Not only did they elect him, they chose to censor programing with similar themes. All he's doing is reverberating the opinion of a select group of people.

    That group would be the elderly, who lived through adversity and are now falling back on what they know.

    It's really simple, really.

    Comment by Anonymous
    17:28 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Democracy doesn't work in Japan. They often elect the same idiots numerous times. (See old man Ishihara)

    Comment by Anonymous
    17:54 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Bush Jr. was in office for two terms as well, so democracy fails all around the world! How jolly.

    Avatar of Blue Slime
    Comment by Blue Slime
    00:45 03/04/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Take another look at who the votes of dead people(via illegal immigrants) go to.

    Comment by Dark Mage
    03:14 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    The political systems can become corrupt and elections sometimes are rigged GWB stole the election twice.

    Comment by Anonymous
    20:28 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    No, nothing was stolen... You Americans really just are that stupid.

    Avatar of Thomus
    Comment by Thomus
    15:49 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    musn't blame the japanese people... majority of them are like this political troll here. I wonder how he will ban this notion of having fun?... force the japanese citizens to "harakiri" themselves?

    Comment by Dark Mage
    15:50 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Really can't someone hog tie this guy and place him in the flame trench of a launch pad?

    Avatar of Yuuasa
    Comment by Yuuasa
    04:02 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Rather, I'd like to see someone beat & rape him with a rusty pole, abduct him, take him out to Aokigahara, tie him to a tree, hang some bloody meat on him, and set some starving, stray, rabies infected dogs onto him.

    And record it.
    I'd love to watch.

    Comment by Dark Mage
    05:44 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Or have him dipped in chicken blood and locked in a cage with several honey badgers.
    Or make him ware really over sized pants made of a very tough cloth such as kevlar and put the badgers in said pants.
    They won't be able to get through the kevlar so they'll have the eat their way out and they will.
    Here's a link if you don't know what a honey badger is it's almost like some sorta scifi alien.
    I guess the movie Critters was a documentary.

    Really that would be an evening's entertainment.

    Comment by Anonymous
    19:23 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    The difference between Katrina and 9/11 and the natural disasters is that the destruction done to Japan is that much worse than Katrina and 9/11 combined, not to mention the economic loss.

    While it's somewhat comprehensible for Ishihara to show concern for the victims of the disasters, is it not important to distract oneself from all this exactly in times like these? Therefore I find it quite ridiculous of Ishihara to rob people of their Hanami and thus their rare happiness.

    Avatar of Angel
    Comment by Angel
    16:51 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (-0.2)

    The US is big but Japan is smaller then the US and remember they got a nuclear reactor over there.

    Avatar of minirop
    Comment by minirop
    15:15 30/03/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    he want to "ban" one of the things that japanese have to "forget" temporarily the pain of the tsunami. -_-

    Avatar of Yoshii-kun
    Comment by Yoshii-kun
    18:49 30/03/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    "Vote for me, and you'll never have Hanami again!"

    Still gonna elect him as governor, Tokyo?

    Avatar of Gitami
    Comment by Gitami
    19:40 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    The voters should show voluntary restraint and not vote for Ishi come election day. It'll save electricity if they forgo penciling the ballot.

    Comment by Dark Mage
    15:55 30/03/2011 # ! Good (+0.4)

    It's unhealthy to dwell on problem in fact what he's suggesting is the worst thing you can do.

    Comment by Anonymous
    18:49 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    True. When there is little to nothing you can do to solve a problem, that is the time to just say "Fuck it! I cannot do anything about this at the moment, I'm just going to ignore it!"

    Comment by Anonymous
    19:56 30/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Agreed, it would not surprise me if the suicide rate increased.

    Comment by Anonymous
    07:15 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    That is what true solidarity is. At least according to Ishihara, I guess.

    Comment by Anonymous
    08:33 31/03/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    He doesn't want to ban anything; all he said was, "Now's not the time to get wasted." Just a bit of clarification.

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