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Ishihara: “Gays are Genetically Defective – They’re Pitiful”


Tokyo’s governor Shintaro Ishihara is apparently not satisfied with just bashing manga and foreigners – in his latest published statements he calls homosexuals “genetically defective” and comments on what pitiful creatures they all are.

His latest remarks come on the heels of his recent round of manga bashing, which he diversified to include gay-bashing:

I definitely get the impression they’re lacking something. It’s probably genetic. It’s a pity they are considered a minority.

He recalls with evident disgust a visit to San Francisco:

I saw a gay parade and I really thought it was pitiful. There were pairs of men and pairs of women, and they were definitely missing something.


Deliberately showing them off [on Japanese TV]  as products is something they don’t even do in foreign countries.

Ishihara has a long history of such remarks, and seems unlikely to be dissuaded from continuing to make them any time soon; about the only thing more alarming than a person in his office persistently making such rash public statements is that the people of Tokyo actually continue to elect him – three times so far.

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  • I don’t give a damn that he wants to get rid of loli and laugh when pedos whine that they can’t fap to underage girls. But this is just plain stupid. Some people are born different genetically, yes, but that doesn’t mean they are LACKING genetically.

  • People need to realize that this man is fixing the elections that he runs in. This man is a corupt as they come. Hell, if this guy wound up on an American street, he would be shoot. I know because I would shoot this…

    -incoming curse word.-
    Bastard myself. This man should not even be in politics anymore, he should be rotting in a jail cell somewhere.

    Japan needs to realize that CHANGE IS GOOD when compared to this. I would liken this to a prelude to Hitler, a prelude to the Japanese war council that took over the Japanese Government in the Emperors steed. Figure head or not, sooner or later something must be done.

    I say again, this guy should not be in politics.

  • Saying gays are normal is like saying a woman missing a womb is normal.

    What’s sad is that people separate aberrations into white (normal) and black (should be shunned). What happened to “that’s not normal, but it’s ok”?

  • Genetically defective? Perhaps. Pitiful? Fuck you.

    We live in a world where we can now create artificial sperm cells, egg cells, and even wombs, so who gives a shit? Soon enough, evolution itself will be in our control… Muhahahahaaa…

    • I care because I don’t want to see them parading their homosexual ass on the streets. Same as a person/people with a shit fetish taking a shit on someone or all over the place in public. Nobody needs to see that.

  • “I saw a gay parade and I really thought it was pitiful. There were pairs of men and pairs of women, and they were definitely missing something.”

    Hate-filled bigotry perhaps? Don’t worry Ish. You seem to have plenty enough to compensate.

  • He has the vote of old and middle-aged Japanese who far outnumber the country’s youth and working-age groups.

    Aging population and declining birth rates made even worse by a system of only advancing by getting older. Look out world, because we are all heading this way too!

    • and you know why we are getting older the whole world? because there are not births. and you know why? because 2 gays together cannot create life. so let’s bacome all into gays and let the humanity die… we worth it!

      • …do you seriously think population decline is because everyone is turning gay. lolwat.

        There are like 6 billion people on earth, if anything, population decline is a good thing. And it’s not because ‘everyone is gay’. Supporting/tolerating people who are gay =/= having to turn gay yourself.

        • Let me explain you one thing:
          The problem of the population is not that is decreasing, but increasing, because we live for more. Maybe you can think a solution can be to kill older people like in Logan’s film, but I don’t think so.
          The problem of the population is that older people rate is increasing but younger people rate is decreasing. You think reduce population is good but not in this way, because reducing births will became in a “no-one-to-support-the-pensionists” situation in the future, and you and me will be this in the future believe me. Maybe then the whole population will be reduced because older people without resources will commit suicide, I don’t know.
          You are right; gays are not the only cause of this situation. There is a lot of straight people who also decide not to have children. The “family concept” is dying and the lobby gay is supporting this. They are not the only cause but they support. That’s what I wanted to say.
          Something more: I tolerate gays. Not only that, I have gay friends and I like them, but I don’t support them. I don’t know what I have to support. Maybe a few years ago they had problems but nowadays they have the same rights as me, in my country. There are gays in my office and there is no problem about that. But they don’t have the word homo written on their forehead, and they don’t come dressed as women to the office. That is the part that spoils everything related to homo.

  • If he keeps getting elected, then he just needs to die. I normally am not one to wish death on politicians (not even Dubya, who i’ve hated with an intense passion for 10 years now). However, without term limits, it seems this is the only way to protect freedom of speech and stop homophobia from running Tokyo, and by extension Japan.

  • Why is it a taboo for certain country to be gay. In my country, gay has the freedom to be themselves, they cross-dress and pretend like real girls. They don’t hide on the shadows.

    Lets face it human is involving in certain ways.

  • Not sure if Ishihara meant it like this, but I do agree that showing gay people off as products is pretty distasteful and disrespectful towards them. It’s like presenting them as part of a freakshow (“Ooh, look at this gay person!”), rather than having them act like anybody else.

    The guy’s pretty much wrong otherwise.

  • This old bastard can kiss my ass…he needs to sit his ass down and think about what he just said…He’s the one who’s missing something,…a man on his arm and some fucking good looks…ugh. Old man go back to your retirement home and shut it.

    And that’s from a straight girl…and I love gays.


  • this guy is just saying what he thinks. Do we have freedom to say what we think? or we have to accept that being a gay is a good thing because they want it to?

    fuck them all deep inside; they will enjoy it anyway 🙂

  • The Japanese are notorious for being extreme racists. Its only a matter of time until their ultra-nationalistic fervor meets the business end of a Chinese intercontinental ballistic missile when the Japanese decide to start being imperialistic again.

  • “How did this guy get elected anyway?!”

    because believe it or not, Ishihara’s a pretty famous iconic author in Japanese literature.

    and because of that, the old-timers that vote assume he’s smart.

    “i bet he’s a closeted gay himself!”

    more possible than some of you probably even know.

    Ishihara’s mentor in his young days of being a writer, Mishima, has long been suspected of being gay himself, though admittedly never confirmed.

    at the very least Ishihara was one of Mishima’s “boys” in his little cult of man-dom.

    the funny thing about Ishihara, and the thing most hypocritical about him is his whole literary claim to fame, is he was once the iconic writer of rebellious youth culture, not the paragon of cultural values.

    and he was a rather smutty writer himself.

    but i guess its like the American hippie culture (the real hippie culture, not the fictional one fantasized by modern youth). the ones that talked about rebellion the most usually ended up becoming the biggest sell-outs.

    • Oh those are his credentials, huh? No big deal, every schmuck and their dog can write half-way decent stories nowadays.
      Don’t judge a book by its cover. That has never been more true than now.

  • This guy has to be the most epic troll on the face of the fucking planet.

    Ishihara, I hope to fucking God that you die of a hysterectomy, you shit-sucking, cum-guzzling gutter cunt.

    *storms off*

  • I’ll tell you what, every time a politician here in America goes around gay bashing it is only a matter of time before before they are caught smoking some young guys pickle. So I’ll bet dollars to donuts this guys got a whole shota harem hidden somewhere in Tokyo.

  • This is going to sound homophobic, and I’m probably going to get vote down to hell.

    But the guy is right in a sense. Gay people can’t reproduce in a “natural” way.

    Without modern medicine, their gene lines are a dead end.

    Although calling them pitiful is going a bit far. Most of them live perfectly happy lives – apart from the stigma problems.

    Look on the bright side, at least this guy doesn’t claim it’s a “choice”.

    Whether it’s genetic or not, who knows. Could even just be a “freak” development in the womb. No one has figured it out yet.

  • >Complains about gay parade in San Francisco
    >Says that foreign countries don’t show off homosexuals


    Also backwards man is backwards. But you know, if someone this fucking idiotic is also for that awful anime/manga ban legislation, hopefully this helps to give it even less credence.

  • Being able to fuck, and produce offspring, certainly hasn’t prevented useless excuse parents from existing though.

    Gays might not be able to procreate, but being able to procreate has not made heteros magically superior.

    Man I have seen so many people I have wanted to see get sterilized so they could stop producing more or their kind.

    • It does make us superior. People sucking as parents only affects the upbringing part – the kids themselves have the individual wills and ability to transcend what makes their parents faulty, and that, is something gays can’t biologically do.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah, typical human stupidity.

        See, gay people can get pregnant.

        Including biologically.

        Whoops. I guess you just fail, but then, that’s typical for homophobes like you. No brain at all.

    • Japanese government needs to die, anyone up for armed revolt? I mean, this guy has some serious problems, this old moron intends to illegalise pretty much everything good about Japanese pop-culture, I think it would be a good idea if this election, he was voted out, because then certainly his bill would be revoked, and we can finally live in a free and liberal world, where harmful desires are channeled into harmless outlets.

      Just some random idealism, but yeah.

      • Anonymous says:

        If your argument against homosexuality is contingent on a scenario where everyone in the entire world turns gay then I’m afraid you HAVE no argument until you explain to me how on god’s green earth that would ever happen. I’m very interested in what you’ll come up with. Perhaps you’ll go with the “Gay people are like vampires” theory. Or perhaps you believe there is a gay pathogen being spread by a super secret gay terrorist organization, that is even more discreetly being supported by all the world governments in the most elaborate hoax ever to take place in human history. but I’m sure your theory is far more entertaining (and mental) than anything I can come up with. On a side note this comment will be added to my list of sentences that should be grounds for the suspension of ones right to vote in any democratic government. Good day!

  • Now I’m almost sad that he is “only” the governor of Tokyo.

    Would be fun to see his reaction if he was invited for dinner by the German minister of the exterior – and his boyfriend. xD

    • “about the only thing more alarming than a person in his office persistently making such rash public statements is that the people of Tokyo actually continue to elect him – three times so far.”


      I don’t even…..

      • It’s not that hard to figure out honestly. We all know the Japanese are more xenophobic than other countries, which can lead to racism. It’s also an obvious fact that the Japanese generally dislike most other Asians more than say your average American or European.

        This isn’t that different from when Bush got presidency…twice. General Americans hate towards the Afghans and Iraqi’s during the time, brought Bush to power again.

        The only Japanese that would complain are the otaku’s really. The rest who voted Ishihara had the same sentiments as that racist intolerant tard to begin with. After the fiasco with China, he rounded up plenty of racist support fodder for the future.

      • He probably keeps getting re-elected the same way that the local mayor in my town keeps getting re-elected. The guy’s a total crook, uses city money to fund fancy globe-trotting vacations for his family, wastes city money on projects that don’t even address the problems he’s claiming they’ll fix (and cause larger problems in the process), insists all council meetings be closed doors and exclude the press, and generally runs the city like his own dictatorship. And every election, we get a line-up of freaks and racists running against him that make him look less evil/weird. Seriously – one guy who ran against him wore a chicken costume. Another was an unemployed alcoholic, who promised to sober up somewhat if elected. One year we had a pair of interchangeable racist Mohammads – can’t remember their family names, but they had nearly identical campaign platforms, that only a muslim was qualified to be mayor and enact proper Sharia Law (in Canada!) to punish the sinful non-muslims, and that the current mayor wasn’t fit to be mayor because he’s a traitor to all muslims. (The current mayor is not only not muslim in the least, he doesn’t have any relatives who are muslim either.) Also, they both stated that that other Mohammad was not sufficiently muslim to be mayor. Against competition like that, the crook you know sounds better every time a new candidate arrives. (I voted for the Chicken man. At least council meetings would have been entertaining.)

        We shouldn’t be stunned that Ishihara was elected 3 times. We should be stunned that his competition must have been _THAT_ bad, to make him seem preferable.

        • Sugoi Monogatari Aniki

          The reason for Ishihara’s recurring re-elections is as simple as it’s sad and alarming. The only people bothering to vote in Japan are the elderly, and even among them mostly diehard conservatives that’d rather go back to worshiping the Tennou with all the nationalistic and repressed bullshit that comes with it. The younger generations simply have no interest or even awareness of politics at all.

        • @HouseLife and alidan

          What about bisexuality? Where does that come from? I mean, all of these studies are nice and all, but how can they explain bisexuality?(I know that what I’m saying is kinda off-topic, but at the same time, a good, sound scientific study on homosexuality should also include what factors into bisexuality. Since the two are semi-related, and thusly should have some contributing factors(also please note that I am merely curious about whether these studies have included what may or may not factor into bisexuality)). Speaking as a bisexual, these studies are of passing interest. Also this old man is such a troll.

        • HouseLife

          when i say logical i mean useing your brain over hormones and other such things, its not illogical, but at the same time not logical.

          i don’t believe hormones have the largest effect over all at least while they baby is developing, however we would never get the ok to to dose fetuses in the womb, to see if they got the gay afterwards. don’t get me wrong i know hormones can be a powerful thing, look at any well don’t tranny before and after shots and its clear, but its also clear that they were men before the hormones, increases in estrogen can make the bad boy testosterone ball more attractive to you, but even before they had the extroren they were attracted to males. and because of the more attractive lesbians, i couldn’t say that testosterone on their side makes them like women. and if a developing brain was that moldable by hormones alone homosexuality would be far more than 10%

          the gay pride parade, o wow, i can accept that, its an extreme and its fun for them. but the problem is that some of them dress and act that way all the time. the parade forced people to accept them more and more, but the problem with gay community is some of the flaming nature of some of them. i dont get why some insist on doing shit that way, i never will. i mean i like halloween but im not dressing like my favorite monsters year round.

        • Wonderful points. I should clarify that I’m not being ‘illogical’ about this by using biology. And the spiritual aspect is basically the same, what your body calls for by unknown forces we don’t yet understand. They are there, and are very clear when we know how to listen, it’s part of my training and way of life, so literally all I can say in that regard is ‘trust me.’

          But you’ve brought up yet again more aesthetic aspects, alidan. Women liking how women look is a biproduct of them being the source of procreation, because by default their beauty is universally accepted for reasons of furthering our race. Other females recognize that because that recognition also drives the interest toward what beauty is. The feminine is more supportive and understanding. It draws people to it. Women who go ‘awww’ at little children can pull at a man’s heart strings while the baby itself can be disgusting to them.

          There is a fear regarding the understanding that homosexuality has a source. People speak of it as if suddenly we may know why homosexuals are homosexual and they’ll no longer be ‘special’ or ‘mysterious’ or something. It’s kind of like ‘will babies be special once we understand how they’re created fully?’ and obviously no, we’re even MORE amazed. So what if it makes quite a lot of sense that hormones during development can be adjusted based on the mother’s surroundings? In the end, yes, there’s a simple reality that pure homosexuality will never be considered ‘not a defect’ by the heterosexual community but it’s not a defect of themselves, it’s an adjustment based upon society and surroundings. As such, the fact that homosexuality is an adaptation that the population doesn’t consider useful, it also can be understood to be a byproduct of that very population and accepted.

          Everyone wants to pretend they’re special. Homosexuality is not special in the slightest, and if the homosexual community keeps trying to push that being homosexual is some magical experience they’ll continue to alienate the people they’re trying to reach. The people THEMSELVES are what speaks for who they are, not their homosexuality.

          Ian McKellan is gay, but the man is a treat to behold on screen for me. His actions are what speaks to his character, and I hold nothing but respect for the man. It is the prancing gay parade fools that make me roll my eyes, because they are relishing the fact that they are shoving it down peoples’ throats while simultaneously being detrimental to the things they claim they want, and then complain that people don’t understand them.

        • HouseLife

          i come at it from a far more logical sense. mainly because thats how i am. women that i know have said that the only real reason they arent lesbians is because they some day want to have kids, and they are ok with either or, and in studies like i said 50% were willing to admit they would be with a woman, if they could have a kid together with a woman, and not through artificial insemination like now, but through genes of both them making it, than that is a game changer. i believe it is possible to do now at least in the case of woman x woman, but if it will ever happen is another story all together.

          i do get where you are coming from, and as a man i may not be able to say this with any accuracy, but women have somewhat of a biological clock that makes them want to have a kid at some point or at least many do. and this clock isn’t thinking it has to be with this guy here, or that guy there, its just i want a kid. now the person they chose to have the kid with is most of the time (some old studies said at least 60% of the time) that its the person they love.

          that said, if it ever became ok for 2 women to have a kid (i doubt it ever will) than pressure to be with a man would be lifted. i believe that than women would be far more open to lesbianism than they are currently.


          nothing has ever been proven, because largely anti gay people fund them, and pro gay fun the opposite. one side concludes there may be a coloration, and the other side proves the other side false at a latter point in time.

          i believe the environmental you grow up in, your values (religious or family) have a big influence on what happens. i personally come from a more or less anti gay family (though they changed allot with me, as i never had a real girl friend, most of my friends at many points were girls, and shit i asked for a kid) and with relatives heavily religious. my point of view is so long as i dont need them to survive, they can go fuck themselves, ill do whatever the fuck i want. not everyone is capable of doing that though. one friend of mine admitted she was a lesbian to me, and is now married, because she couldn’t disappoint her family, even though they treat her like shit, and she cut ties with almost all of them. i find that sad that thats how people think

        • @HouseLife & alidan:

          I can see where both of you are coming from and agree with some/most of your points. I disagree with HouseLife’s theory of variables in the developmental stage of a fetus to be the cause of “homosexuality” based on a historical stand point, however. I wont go into that though for I cannot prove it.

          As for people not being entirely gay or straight; I find this to be true. I am at current a “gay” man and most likely shall stay as such. I can find beauty in the female form and appreciate it, but it does not get my blood flowing. I’m not ruling it out for the future, though, sense I am an advocate of “human love”. However! Not being able to further the human race as a gay is a bit off. It is still possible to produce offspring simply by mating with the opposite gender, even if it is not pleasurable. It may be despicable and thus not occur to most straight people, but it happens quite often.

          I will agree that ones path in life can have a huge impact on ones sexual preferences. It is only logical to think as such. I’m not sure if I can say that some humans are born gay, just as I am not sure I can say humans are born good or bad. It is all circumstantial at this time.

        • Good points all. When it comes to sexuality, you were speaking more aesthetic, I was speaking on a much deeper spiritual and biological level. Literally our biology calls for certain things in the realms of procreation. I too am attracted to the male form, and I am interested in it as an artist. I consistently do life drawing and find dynamism and beauty in the male form. I was also gay in my teens for a short time, and still feel respect for the male form, but I will never be gay, and never will seek it because there’s not even an inkling of going further than treating the male form like a piece of art.

          I found out later that doctors have determined that during puberty when hormones are in overdrive, it’s actually quite common for adolescents to experiment. I’ve determined that before the age of reason happens between 10-13, the vast majority of our thoughts are based on A+B=C logic, until afterward, when we gain complex thought processes based on enough experience and brain growth. Those basic thoughts combined with new body changes of course lead to such experiments.

          Either way, I find it hard to consider what you say regarding kids. Nothing in that section makes sense, as women cannot have kids naturally. I was speaking entirely from our biological imperative. Our biology isn’t aware of cloning or artificial insemination, it goes by nature. Heterosexuals’ base functions can’t suddenly be programming “Oh by the way, we can clone now.” Homosexuals’ biology MUST be adjusted to crave the same sex, there are chemical patterns and synapses that form for that purpose. So through however many methods exist, be it womb, events, etc. those pathways get rewritten or develop differently.

          It has nothing to do with fear, the fear comes when you already have the desires to explore and then make a conscious choice to do so or not based on how you’ve been programmed in upbringing and such. The desires, however, come from somewhere else entirely.

        • HouseLife

          “sexuality is in fact caused by multiple aspects of their growth for better or worse”

          i have to agree and disagree with you there, what you said may be true, but the way you meant it probably isn’t.

          i honestly think that anyone who says they will never or could never be attracted to the same sex is a closed minded mental invalid, at the same time gay people who could only imagine themselves with the same sex, or fem nazies are on the opposite side, but equally closed minded and equally mental invalids.

          lets take it this way. i’m attracted to feminine form, a decent face, and lack of facial/body hair. i have seen men on the internet and in real life that i would be attracted to, but the majority of what i like are women. im assuming that with 90%+ of the people in the world its roughly the same, at least what they are attracted to, they look at the body and face first, see if they like it and go to see if the personality is right.

          now for me at least if that body face and personality happed to have a penis attached to it, i really doubt i would care.

          now for most people they would probably at some point like kids, and they want a kid that comes from part of them and their partner, well that cant happen from men to men yet but is possible from women to women. so thats one deturant. and another is they just cant imagine that rubbing their pussies together, or taking it in the ass can feel good, women cum more from rubbing than penetration as it is already, and men have a prostate which i know from my right hand and a lubricant can bring one hell of an orgasm (you masturbate over 40000 times in a 13 year period of time and tell me you dong get board of the same old thing every day)

          my point is i believe that gay or straight has less to do with being brought up a certain way, or raised a certain way, than it has to do with most people are so fucking scared of exploring themselves to know what would feel good. some men are attracted to more masculine figures, while many women (i believe some studies said 50% were open to a lesbian experience) are attracted to a mix of feminine and masculine appearance.

        • You are talking from the exact defensive position that is detrimental to the gay communities now. Being gay comes from somewhere, and those studies you mention many of them are in fact true, just used irresponsibly. No matter what gay people wish heterosexuals to believe, there is a fundamental feeling from the perspective of people who DO procreate that homosexuality is in no way beneficial to them. This isn’t an attack, nor is it gay bashing, it’s a fundamental fact from the biological perception of heterosexuals. They’re not against homosexuals intrinsically, they just have no use for them as a sexual being. You will never really get much better from heterosexuals than “You can do whatever you want, just leave me alone about it please” because it honestly is of literally no benefit to heterosexuals. If that’s not enough, then they’re simply asking too much. Homosexuality will never be a special situation, nor will it become something majestic. It is what it is, nothing more, nothing less. It’s something that heterosexual people can accept and even respect, but unless there is scientific evidence for it, the majority can’t be given a conduit with which to understand it as natural.

          You’ll find both sides of the same coin even after the science is established: those who will attempt to ‘cure’ homosexuality as if it somehow is a disease, and those who will use the knowledge to see homosexuality with more natural understanding. But if homosexuals cannot understand that their sexuality is in fact caused by multiple aspects of their growth for better or worse, then they will be in constant denial, and merely cause even heterosexuals like myself who WANT to listen and respect and understand to throw up our hands and just go ‘fine, whatever, just leave me alone about it.”

        • HouseLife

          there have been countless studies of is there a gay gene, is it environmental, and is it treatable.

          now correct me if im wrong, not a single one has been conclusive, but polititions will take whatever they can from them and run with it.


          ok, gay people are about 10% of the population, and thats of those who openly admit it. there are people who are gay but go with the opposite sex, to be “normal”, it doesn’t make them not gay, it makes them self hating gay.

        • @ Anon 07:01

          If you read my statement, I said they were exploring the prospect. I wasn’t projecting any certainties, but honestly when I heard it, it made the most sense of any argument I had ever heard.

          The reality is no creature in the history of nature will ever come into EXISTENCE as homosexual, as that would directly counter its further propagation. However being BORN homosexual is another matter. Obviously there are those who are homosexual by experiences in life, but the brain has been shown to have differences in homosexuals regardless of experiences, and they’ve been trying to trace it.

          Let’s face it, understanding homosexuality is beneficial in many ways, just as it’s beneficial to be understanding of racial differences for diseases, such as black people are more susceptible to certain diseases than white and hispanic people and vice versa, same for any race of people.

          In recent years, the issue has become that homosexuals have had to build a wall as they’ve come out en masse and tried to become equal members of society as they deserve, just like women before them. But also just like women before them, the militant lesbian no longer has a place in our society as a benefit, because unlike before, when said personality was a necessary force for the betterment of women, now she comes off merely as a ‘whining bitch.’

          Homosexuals are going to hit a similar wall if they haven’t already. They aren’t special, they’re just homosexual, and human just like everyone else. They were projected as being special in the late 90s and early 00s with all the gay shows showcasing, but now there are, for lack of a better term, ‘flaming fags’ that are detrimental to their furthering their cause. There are ‘gay’ people and then there are ‘fags,’ following the same Chris Rock logic of “there are ‘black people,’ and then there’s ‘niggas.'” The latter in both examples are both not helpful to either society’s acceptance and we all know it, as do they.

        • @Megidola

          Adopting any social policy is imposing one value system over another. The only way to avoid that is pure anarchy, which is mostly impractical.

          Society usually chooses it’s policies on their perceived usefulness, although frequently enough, wrongly.

          The scientific way to test a given trait is to ask yourself “does this trait give the species advantage over most other species”. If true, then the trait is beneficial. If false, it’s redundant at best and it could be considered a behavioural imperfection (not genetic!).

          When examining homosexuality, it’s important to examine it in respect to heterosexuality. Now, comparing all the differing characteristics between hetero and homo people would take an entire book, so I’ll let you decide for yourselves. All I’m implying is that gender preference can have a very real impact on the individuals that choose to partake in it.

        • @Houselife

          No, he is incorrect. I’ve heard various theories like those you mentioned, but they’re only suggestions, not widely accepted.
          The one about number of male children is developmental rather than strictly genetic anyway.

          Even if it was proven that homosexuality is completely genetically caused (very unlikely), calling it a defect would just be imposing one’s value system onto biology.

        • ^ That’s solely a scientific curiosity with no significance for anything, I see no reason to even mention it in a discussion such as this.

          On another note, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of my country (Germany) is a professing gay. He even takes his boyfriend with him on official trips. Maybe they should pay more visits to Tokyo…

        • Actually as much as people may dislike this, this guy is not entirely incorrect. Keep reading before you down vote. I’m not saying homosexuals are abominations as he may be saying (doesn’t seem like it based on the wording though), but the aspect that they’re ‘missing something’ is actually apparently a little correct in the sense of genetic growth.

          I forget where I read it, but I read that it’s being found that homosexuality being ‘you’re born with it’ may be true to a certain degree, but only in prosperous nations. Notice how there is much more open homosexuality in the most developed and wealthy nations where births are generally healthy? Apparently scientists are exploring a potential discovery that during the first trimester during pregnancy, the mother’s stress level and the presence of numerous men/women around her are a major determining factor for the development of homosexuality.

          They’ve determined that the more brothers born before a child, the higher chance of homosexuality being developed in the womb based on diminishing of certain hormones based upon the mother’s sense of ‘enough male offspring’ and the like. Basically a sense of ‘there are too many men, breeding will be tough’ and the hormones adjust for that.

          This is a very lay description of what I read of course, but you get the idea. Basically take away his potentially homophobic-sounding remarks and they’re unconsciously in the right direction apparently. But just because homosexuals lack something doesn’t make them lesser beings. …reality TV makes them lesser beings.

        • Better yet, give him some ‘pills’ and dump him in the middle of Shinjuku ni-choume.

          Used to live around that area and definitely would suit him better than some old boring retirement home.

        • gramps is probably too old and/or inept and/or stubborn to have an e-mail address so well have to do this the old fashioned way:
          stuff his mailbox with some quality yaoi

          im not a great fan of gays either, but as long as they mind their own business they sure are miles better than pig ignorant old farts
          all them queer coples seem happy enough from where i stand and if they lack anything at all its proper sexual education cos their AIDS figures are still stunning…

        • Homosexuals are indeed genetically defective and pitiful. Same as mental retardation and any other deformity a person may be born with. They are all in small percentages after all thus abnormal/defective. Also, it’s hilarious to see the politically correct sheep get mad at this guy for stating the truth.

        • It’s funny how you think you are a capable adult of making life decisions. Guess what? Once you turn 18 it doesn’t automatically make you any wiser/smarter. You’re proof of that. And you know what they say about people who assume things. It makes you look like a retard.

        • Fine delude yourself into thinking you won. It’s real great that you are equating functioning adults who are capable of making life decisions with an adult and a child who cannot.
          The scary gay guys arent going to rape you, man. I promise. No need to get so aggressive and full of hatred.
          Well you know what they say about those who speak the loudest against homosexuality. Hope it’s not too dark in your closet!

        • That was an example to show how much of a hypocrite you really are. Homosexuality is OK with you however pedophilia (something they can’t control either) is not. Yes, run away from the truth like the typical mindless sheep you are. You lost.

        • I don’t see what your problem is. Why the fuck are you equating consenting love between two people who just happen to be of the same sex with pedophilia? The fact that you made that connection alone tells me all I need to know about you, and that is that you are a gigantic douchenugget who I am no longer going to take remotely seriously.
          Enjoy your soapbox, because no one is listening to you. I’m sorry if you think I’m a mindless sheep for believing that homosexuals shouldnt be shunned.

        • [quote]My point was that -you- dont seem to have a point by raging over nothing. You’ve obviously got something against gay people, they must threaten you in some way.[/quote]

          My problem is with the thinking-less society drones like you. Who rage over people who tell the truth and as a result, continue to blind the rest of the people from the obvious facts.
          Also, what do you think of pedophiles? Cause they too can’t help having an attraction to a certain group of people, in this case, children. Should society let them have sex with and marry children? Based on your way of thinking, they should.

          [quote]They’re not going to hurt you, dude.[/quote]

          Biggest lie EVER. I’m pretty sure they are capable of hurting another person, just like everyone else.

          [quote]why you getting so mad about people in the comments believing that they are people too?[/quote]

          Oh I believe they are people too, but they are defective people, which you don’t seem to understand ’cause you’re a brainwashed dumb sheep.
          And, Disability Awareness Week does not equal a pride parade which homosexual people have.

        • My point was that -you- dont seem to have a point by raging over nothing. You’ve obviously got something against gay people, they must threaten you in some way. They’re not going to hurt you, dude.
          And if you don’t, why you getting so mad about people in the comments believing that they are people too?

          (FYI my area has a Disability Awareness Week.)

        • [quote]At least I’m not trying to be all tough and hiding behind an anon.[/quote]

          Lol, what difference will it make if I had a nice custom name and an avatar you bloody retard? I’m still going to be an anonymous user on the internet. (read: you still won’t know who I am IRL)

          [quote]So what, people who have a different opinion to you = sheep? [/quote]

          Not necessarily. Just cases like this when you’ve been blinded that you can’t see the obvious.

          [quote]And I fail to see how a logical point constitutes ‘making shit up’ when all you’re doing is ranting and raving like some bible-basher. [/quote]

          I am agnostic FYI.

          [quote]You’re speaking as though homosexuality is accepted in mainstream and people go along with it ala ‘brainwashing’ when it’s totally the opposite. [/quote]

          Look at the comment section in this article you blind retard. See how many negative points some posts have and others don’t? Yeah, I call that acceptance.

          [quote]If homosexuals are genetically defective in a negative fashion then by that line of thinking so are left-handed people, albinos, people with poor eyesight, colour-blind people, infertile people, etc. Why dont we persecute them too, they’re defective human beings! [/quote]

          Indeed those people are abnormal too. However, these people are not in your face about it. How many pride parades are there for left-handed people? Albinos? Poor eyesight, colour-blind people? Infertile People, etc?

          None? Thought so.

          Also, people with poor eyesight can be cured by laser eye surgery.

          So I ask, what exactly was your point?

        • At least I’m not trying to be all tough and hiding behind an anon.

          So what, people who have a different opinion to you = sheep? Whatever. And I fail to see how a logical point constitutes ‘making shit up’ when all you’re doing is ranting and raving like some bible-basher. You’re speaking as though homosexuality is accepted in mainstream and people go along with it ala ‘brainwashing’ when it’s totally the opposite.
          If homosexuals are genetically defective in a negative fashion then by that line of thinking so are left-handed people, albinos, people with poor eyesight, colour-blind people, infertile people, etc. Why dont we persecute them too, they’re defective human beings!

        • Geez, you’re a fucking stupid brainwashed sheep. Since when did I say “GAY=TEH EVIL AND SOMEHOW A DANGER TO OUR SOCIETY”?
          Don’t make stuff up okay? If you can’t see the obvious fact that homosexuals are indeed genetically defective/abnormal, then godspeed you’re a hopeless thinking-less society drone. Also, nice negative point you gave me. It’s funny how you resort to giving negative points and making shit up. You fail in every way.

        • Because you’re buying into all the “GAY=TEH EVIL AND SOMEHOW A DANGER TO OUR SOCIETY” bullshit that makes no sense, harped by political and religious fear and hate-mongerers.
          Gay people have always existed since ancient times, if they were a true ‘danger’ mankind would have gone extinct hundreds of years ago.

  • I don’t like people who go to great lengths to encourage homosexuality, we need to keep humanity going after all. But theres no need to ridicule people for simply being born with an attraction to the same sex.

  • the old man got a point that most are missing: Public behavior.

    The truth is stupid fags cant seen to behave in public.

    The world doesnt need to kown if you’re a fag. I do not fucking care about anyone sexual or religious choices. I respect them and I think anyone can stick whatever they want in their asses just as the can believe in anyshit they want to believe. But respect the fucking limits, show respect for your elders and their traditions.

  • Homosexuals are indeed genetically defective and pitiful. Same as mental retardation and any other deformity a person may be born with. They are all in small percentages after all thus abnormal/defective. Also, it’s hilarious to see the politically correct sheep get mad at this guy for stating the truth.

    • Beautiful people are indeed genetically defective and pitiful. Same as being rich and any other highly useful traits a person may be born with. They are all in small percentages after all thus abnormal/defective.


      • [quote]Beautiful people are indeed genetically defective and pitiful. [/quote]

        Except for the fact that beauty is in the eye of beholder.

        [quote]Same as being rich and any other highly useful traits a person may be born with. They are all in small percentages after all thus abnormal/defective. [/quote]

        There is a difference between being genetically superior and genetically inferior. Homosexuals are the latter. Why is it that the rich and “people with useful traits” are highly sought after as mates?

        In any case, nice logic (read: sarcasm).

  • Old man speaks the truth. Homosexuals are indeed genetically defective. Why is that they in small percentages? Same as mental retardation and other deformities that are not the norm. Inb4 I get down votes from butthurt homosexuals and moralfags/politically correct sheep.

    • “artificially created”? Like how? in test tubes?

      And don’t dare say it’s because of the mass media or
      something like that, because there have ALWAYS been gays.

      There was a time in human history when being “normal people” implied having sex with a person of the same gender. Read a little about ancient greeks, indians, persians, etc.
      You obviously have no of idea what you’re saying. “artificially created deviance”, ha! -_-

      • Where did you read there were gays in anciente greece and rome fucking ass-hole? this is fucking gay marketing.
        Just the way they express their emotions between men were more sincere, but they did not like to suck cock between them. Try to read more carefully stupid!

        • Maybe you are the one who needs to READ even what you send me:
          This is from your links on Wikipedia, look for them if you want:
          “The most widespread and socially significant form of same-sex sexual relations in ancient Greece was between adult men and adolescent boys, known as pederasty.”
          This is not homosexuality, this is pederasty, maybe it is the same for you bastard!
          “The ancient Greeks did not conceive of sexual orientation as a social identifier, as Western societies have done for the past century”
          That’s the point: I do not hate gays, what I hate is gays lobby trying to fuck my ass everyday in the media. I don’t say that I am hetero everywhere I go, and I don’t thing homo has more problems than hetero nowadays.
          “Given the importance in Greek society of cultivating the masculinity of the adult male and the perceived feminizing effect of being the passive partner, relations between adult men of comparable social status were considered highly problematic, and usually associated with social stigma”
          “Homosexual relationships, especially pederasty, were common only among the aristocracy, and that such relationships were not widely practiced by the common people”
          And then,
          I don’t have to tell you my sources because it is you the one who has said “There was a time in human history when being “normal people” implied having sex with a person of the same gender”. Tell me where did you read this.
          I have read many books from ancient Greek because I love their culture; sadly I read almost nothing from Indians and Persians.
          If you pay attention when you read their literature you see how men say other men “I love you” and things like that. They don’t have problems to express their emotions between men because there were not taboos to do it. That is what you can extract from the readings. But that does not imply they suck their dicks. I wasn’t there to know it, but I have nothing to demonstrate what you defend. Maybe you were there sucking dicks? I don’t know.
          The only thing I know is that nowadays there are lots of problems for male to express their feelings and emotions because there is the general idea that they could be homo. And one of the reasons for that (I say one, because there are more) is that the fucking gay lobby has decided to make this something related to homo. So I feel like they have stolen male something important.
          I have gay friends and they are good friends, but they hate gay parades and this stupid gay marketing we have nowadays. They know about the existence of the gay lobby and they don’t support it. This lobby is responsible about the increasing rage against homo, and about senile people like Ishihara telling things like that: he is an old man. My grandfather is very old and he thinks gays are the worst. I know they don’t but I know where did my grandfather come from, so I don’t try to convince him about the contrary, simply I accept different points of view.

        • So you honestly think gays just popped out of nowhere in the XX centhury, just to market themselves? How? and why? To become the target of haters and religious fanatics?
          Do you know what a “gay hate crime” is?
          So i guess black/afroamerican people also didn’t exist in ancient times, and just came out of nowhere in the past few decades just for the sake of “marketting”..

          Btw, when did i wrote about “Rome”??
          Really, instead of insulting me why don’t you try to read more carefully yourself, or at least, just try to read at all.
          Seriuosly, is not that hard to at least try on Google.

          …or you could go to a library and read an actual book.

          Also, i find it hillarious how you think you KNOW the ancient greeks were “more sincere” with their emotions, but did not like to suck each other’s dick. Where you there? Did the ancient greek men tell you that themselves?
          If not, how are you so sure abou it? If you read it somewhere, do share your source.

      • Wait, what? Oh shit, disregard that post above you. I didn’t read what I typed out. What I meant was being gay is a lifestyle choice. The jackass I’m referring to is Shintaro. Or am I missing sometjing here? BTW I’m not a homophobe.

  • well homosexuality is a kind of birth defect, it could be genetic, as one of those possibly brain intersexuality conditions that is transsexuality

    homosexuality on a darwinian point of view is a dead end for a specie, that isn’t a socially acceptable way to sum up things, but it can’t be defined as “wrong” either,

    the fact that he finds it pityful is on the contrary, a judgement, and that’s pretty homophobic but not so agressive …. he’s old

    ps: no need to “minus” me, i AM gay :p

    • Hmm I don’t know much about genetics but if something is genetic then that means you have to inherit it from your parents, grandparents etc., doesn’t it? If so, how come then that homosexual people usually have “normal” parents?
      But I dunno, as I said I don’t have enough knowledge in this.
      Of course from the pragmatic point of view, it’s “not right” because you can’t have children with the person of the same gender and stuff. But still, it occurs not only with people but even with animals, from ancient times, so it’s quite natural and it doesn’t hurt anyone, it doesn’t do any harm to homosexuals themselves like any other illnesses and genetical defects do and thus I refuse to see it as there was “something wrong” with the people.
      I know it’ll sound stupid and naive but to me homosexuallity is the way mother nature regulates growth of population a bit. Of course, it just my silly theory but that’s how I see it.
      However, I understand your point of view and I appreciate that you’re objective in this topic.

      • no, genetic is not necessarily inherited, genes can be influenced by various things or be defective in various way,

        so are chromosomes by the way

        there are a few studies about the causes of transsexuality for example (i’m interested because i’m concerned 😀 ) and scientists managed to influence rats behaviors on a male or female way thru hormonal response during their developpment,

        i think if some parts of the brain can have a different-gendered personality, why wouldn’t homosexuality be one of the effects of it ?

        maybe homosexuals have their identity fitting their body, but not their sexual instinct

        anyhow it’s not a good thing or a bad thing, it just happens, so i say live and let live 😀

        (and damn, my previous comment has been minused by some moron who has nothing to answer, now i have to login and plus it to compensate:p )

        • Interesting… transexuality can be caused by gens? I’ve read about that, but wasn’t too sure if it was true. I like crossdressing, “cute” or “girly” things and I have a feminine personality in many ways (too long to post here), but I’m happy with my body and I’m only attracted to girls (I don’t want to be a girl, appear like one or change my body). Can that be caused by gens too? Or it has to be purely psychological?

          I’d like to know more on the matter, I’ve met gays, lesbians, bi, transgenders (who were either unhappy with their bodies or wanted to look *physically* as a girl) and the like, but none like me, so I feel kinda lonely in this matter <.<

  • I agree with him.

    You can tell a gay among a hetero crowd by just seeing the way he opens his mouth and hearing the way he speaks. It’s obvious. Each time they show a homo on TV, it’s just so evident he is one, even if they don’t tell until the very end.

    Besides, they have a minority complex. Why else would they go and announce the fact that they had sex with another grown man on TV? I, for one, don’t care. If I did, I’d watch gay porn.

    Somehow, you don’t often see heteros going on hetero-parades, waving their flags around.

    Finally, if they want to be tolerated so badly, why won’t they just behave like normal citizens, instead of going around seeking attention from the general public? Like the last time, lots men kissed in front of pope.

    Seriously? And then they go around wondering why so many people hate them and they claim there is NO REASON for this. I’m not religious, fuck, if I were I wouldn’t even be christian, but that was just rude and unnecessary.
    If they want to marry another guy, just go to Canada or something, instead of being disgusting.

    I really don’t mind gays, but for fucks sake, they’re getting way too much undeserved attention in the media for just their sexuality. It really does get annoying when you see the same gay man on TV a couple times a week.

  • Technically that’s true, homosexuals are a minority but I don’t understand why gays feel so proud when they come out of the closet, when in reality there’s nothing to be proud of getting a venereal disease or even aids.

  • I hate to be “that guy” but even though this guy is a close minded idiot he is still right. I’ve got nothing against the gays and don’t give a rat’s ass whether or not the get married, but gay people are genetically defective by definition. They are “unable” to procreate and pass on their genes. Any organism that cannot procreate is a failure on a genetic level.

    • That depends on your definition of “genetically defective”. I could say “every one who isn’t this and that is a genetic failure” and I could probably create evidence for that.

      Hitler did it with the jews and with everyone who was not blonde and/or had blue eyes. Isn’t all that Third Reich Discussion about “The Übermensch” just telling everyone else that they’re failures? Even himself?

      So yeah… this is a purely subjective matter.

    • Technically, yes, you’re right. Anyone programmed in a way that doesn’t fulfill the prime directive of PROPAGATE PROPAGATE PROPAGATE is by definition a genetic dead end. Still, he obviously didn’t mean it in a scientific way, he meant it in a dehumanizing way. I doubt he’d call a straight woman who was born sterile genetically defective or “missing something”, even though she also is by definition.

      So yeah, he’s still 100% an asshole.

      • Actually if you look at DNA as programming, and the increased chances of children being gay based on how many older siblings they have, maybe being gay is a species safeguard to prevent overpopulation.

        Maybe the youngest siblings having the higher chances of being gay is to keep the species safe by letting the gay ones have sex with each other and keep the species from overbreeding and exhausting the environments resources.

        So children being born gay are born that way to keep the species sustainable ^_^

        • Your logic is incorrect. Up until very recently, overpopulation was a non-issue to humans. In fact, the opposite is true – having more individuals meant the species were more likely to survive any cataclysm that may occur and is therefore, beneficial to their survival.

          Overpopulation pits individuals of the same species against each other, ensuring that weaker members of the species will have less resources compared to the stronger ones. Eventually, the weaker members will die or be forced to adapt to the new situation, thus continuing the cycle until the Sun blows up.

      • Don’t forget about artificial insemination.

        Besides, gay/lesbian couples may be perfectly capable of reproducing (in terms of their reproductive organs functioning properly, regular ovulation, good sperm count/motility, etc.) but just might not want to bother with the alternative options for having children. There are heterosexual couples who choose not to reproduce as well, even though there are many who could if they wanted to.

        • Hmm, interesting. My brother is gay and I’m about 99% lesbian (I married a man, but aside from him, men don’t really interest me at all). I do wonder if, on some level, it’s genetic. Or, maybe it’s just a coincidence. My parents have no other children. They wanted a third, but it didn’t work out. If it had, I wonder if he/she would have been homosexual as well. (My parents would probably go crazy with “WHERE DID WE GO WRONG?”)