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:The fact that manga is “long-form” entertainment, with many series running to dozens of volumes (Naruto Vol. 48 is due out in June), even taking into account the fact that manga is very attractively priced compared with traditional American graphic novels, it is very expensive to collect the entire series in paper.;

Naruto isn’t worth collecting at all

You want to collect something
-diamonds with color
-coins that are old
-video game consoles with GOOD games
-yard tools
-family photos
-trophies and not the fake video game achievements.
-the photos of your past girlfriends naked
-the photos of your drunk female coworkers naked(LoL)
-knowing they wanted you to take the photos
-knowing your not the blackmail type
-having sex with you, cause your great in bed
-having them write you come screw me letters
for your collection.

All this stuff is good.
Just remember when you go, post it at your Will and recite this public stating

“I’m a REAL MAN”
“Women loved me, the haters will hate, but at least I know I never needed to Masterbate.”

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  • Masou Gakuen HxH BD Kunoichi Chaos:
    Despite being uncensored and showing nips in the broadcast, I just knew they were gonna clean up the obvious animation setbacks for the BD release. Mostly they fixed the nips, but one scene there looks like it was totally redone from scratch, nice! I really want to see that part again in its entirety again now.

  • Masou Gakuen HxH BD Kunoichi Chaos:
    This isn’t an actual “hentai”. 18+ made-for-adults anime are never broadcast on any tv channel, not even a premium satalite channel like ATX, which this was. This is as close as a show like this can get. I honestly never thought they could go as far as masturbation but this show has. Penetration would make this a hentai restricted to adults. Right now its ecchi. Look it as an M rated game compared to an AO. An anime like this can be marketed to and bought by teenagers, so it can have a larger …

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    This one hasn’t been, and probably won’t be.

  • Top 20 Most Inspiring Anime Leaders:
    No Kamina? Bright at 20? Unbelievable…

  • Queen’s Blade Grimoire Unspeakably Moist:
    If any mom could override the Westermack effect, its her.


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