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You are just nostalgic old fags. And sorry but no. That doesn’t look better. Sometimes we have to appreciate the age we live.

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  • “I Made Azunyan into a Nineties Character”:
    Yes i am. More doesn’t always mean better. That more must be properly put in the image to look better and that’s not the case here. Also some things need a simpler look for what they want to show. You can’t make moe anime with very detail shading and lot’s of other staff because the pic will become too serious and realistic. You can even draw animation with each frame having the art style of Mona Lisa but it won’t be anime anymore, it would be something else no matter how well detailed it would …

  • “I Made Azunyan into a Nineties Character”:
    Wait until we built a time machine. But it would be sad for you to have to thank future technology for sending you to the past.

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