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Bandai Namco Shamelessly Lied to Xbox Testers


Bandai Namco has been caught in a rather embarrassingly brazen lie to upset Tales of Vesperia beta testers, adding further to the controversy surrounding Microsoft’s efforts to secure Japanese exclusives for its console.


The Xbox 360 beta version contained a mysterious room in which a girl’s pirate hat could be found in a drawer, “with the barely legible name Pa… written on it.”

When the PS3 version was announced to have pirate loli character Patty Fleur, Xbox 360 testers quickly remembered the room and its incriminating contents.

Confronted some months ago, Namco replied “There is certainly such a scene, but it has no connection whatsoever with Patty.”

Players visiting the room in Perfect Tales of Vesperia were however greeted with this sight:


Yuri: “Hmm… So you were staying at a place like this?”

Though nobody really expects them to come clean about the pile of money they received from Microsoft in order to develop what they secretly planned as a beta version of the full PS3 release, they might at least be expected to exercise more finesse in placating the understandably irate testers…

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