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Microsoft Funds PS3 Game Development


Responding to the complaints of Xbox 360 Tales of Vesperia beta testers, a developer has laid bare the not so shocking truth of just how Namco was paid off by Microsoft to secure an “exclusive” release, but instead merely used the Xbox subsidy to reduce development costs on the PS3 version, which it expected to sell better.

However, Sony intervened and blackmailed them into adding massive amounts of new content if they wanted to be allowed to go ahead with the PS3 release at all…

He goes into considerable detail on his blog:

“First off, it was easier developing for the Xbox 360. This is to do with the games I was involved with, but basically if you sign an exclusive contract with Microsoft (you won’t release it on other hardware for a year or similar), they will give you a lot of cash for development.

Their support is also very fast and complete in these cases.

SCE don’t really give much cash out (any at all perhaps). Their support is confused and unreliable. When I was doing it at least, the 360 was easier to develop for, which lowers costs.

As a result, first you develop for the Xbox, reducing development costs. But the Xbox version won’t sell [in Japan], you can’t recoup even those lowered costs at all.

So they ported to the PS3, it’s cheaper as you already have the game done, but then Sony came back and told them ‘We won’t recognise it if it’s the same as the Xbox 360 version. Make sure you put in a lot of extra stuff!’

If we didn’t then they wouldn’t have let us pass their check…”

He claims that the developers all wished to produce the best possible game with this opportunity, and had no intention of deliberately putting out an incomplete game; they were instead keen to produce a version that “even Xbox 360 players could enjoy again.”

He also claims traces of later additions found in the Xbox code merely fell victim to pressures of scheduling…

He goes on to pour cold water on the notion of a DLC Xbox 360 version, saying that it could take another year to convert all the development resources back onto the Xbox, making it impossible in practical terms.

This news seems to suggest that Microsoft has been cunningly funding the development of PS3 games by allowing developers to develop cheaply on its platform, accompanied by a huge grant paid for each “exclusive” release, with the developers then cheaply porting onto the PS3, with additional features as required…

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  • Just wanted to thank every XBox360 owners for beta testing, you guys make sure the game will be great, or lets say better when it’s released for the PS3. We need guinea pigs to ensure quality, and I dont mind if they use Microsoft fanboys as labour rats.

  • NAMCO BANDAI removed charactors from 360 version for selling PS3 version.

    Tales of Vesperia had benn released by NAMCO BANDAI one year ago on xbox 360,and was released on Playstaion3.
    We have benn claiming that they removed several elements,and then,we find one of the evidence.
    Look at this image:

    If it were added charactors,there isn’t bank holes.So it is clear to be removed.
    They were planning to cause who bought 360 ver to buy PS3 version.
    Maybe They regard gamars as useful machine paying money.

  • ScarredBushido says:

    the only thing im pissed off about is the fact that there getting extra content other then that im happy now my friend can play it thats the same with star ocean 4 i just want the langague pack so hopefully DLC

  • ScarredBushido says:

    the only reason im pissed off is cause of the extra content there getting and with hearing star ocean 4 being released on ps3 im happy cuz my mate can play it but i hope with Star ocean they give xbox 360 at least the chance to download the language pack

  • Everyone who wanted it on the 360 already bought it. If you liked the game you liked it. Who cares if another version with some added bonuses came out over year later. Nobody will ever see me run to get Ninja Gaiden Sigma or Eternal Sonata. I have both systems too. I treat things like this like metal gear solid 3 subsistence. If you have never played it get the new version. If you have played it before stick with the original.

  • truth be spoken!
    … at least about why development for 360 is cheaper or "easier" than for the ps3.
    considering how expensive it has become to develop high-profile games, it's hardly surprising how the business works. developers/publishers take any incentive they can get, and the console manufacturers butter serious money in titles that are expected to sell, so they can collect big licensing $$$ later on.
    microsoft has at least recognized the potential of indie studios (you have to start somewhere, right?), while sony and nintendo still sit on their precious hardware like hawks.
    the gp32 has shown well that a purely open platform isn't the best way to go, as it's difficult to get publishers port their high-profile titles without much incentive. console and game sales go hand in hand. good marketing alone can't save you the day…

  • Something I noticed in the bonus Mysterious Unison dungeon in Eternal Sonata, on the final floor before the dungeon boss it had two empty rooms in the Xbox 360 version while in the PS3 version they were filled with weapons for the PS3 exclusive playable Crescendo and Serenade characters. So that there is proof that they were planning on releasing on a console besides the Xbox360 from the start.

  • Other websites posting this story have posted updates, saying the blogger featured in this article never worked on ToV, he worked on Vampire Rain. Apparently, it had a similar situation, being ported from 360 to ps3 after a year, but I doubt the guy is in any position to talk about the ToV code or if DLC is possible. Not to mention his crappy vampire game has a metacritic ranking of 38, and it makes me wonder how much his experience as a shovelware maker would differ from a developer that actually made good games.

    But if this is merely another troll 360 owners post, then carry on Artefact, carry on.

  • ok thats officially the stupidest most miss interpreting heading for a article i have ever seen.
    now i know why bull was the first thought into my head when i saw it.
    ive lost all respect for asian developers.
    they have completely sold themselves down the river, they use to be about quality now all there worried about is $$$$$$$$$$.
    capcom, square enix, namco bandi have all recently turned to crap.
    congrats guys you have sold your soul to the devil, i hope it was worth it.
    what happened to the good ol days where developers were worried about quality?
    they just wanted to go down in the books of history.
    now all their worried about is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    who cares if our game sucks donkey balls as long as it brings in the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    ala halo or guitar hero.

  • I paid 60$ for the “Beta” (which isnt really a Beta by any Software Engineering definition at all – Beta means FEATURE-COMPLETE BUT BUGGY, and this was the exact opposite of that), and didn’t feel ripped off. It’s still a great game. And I’d still buy the PS3 version too.

  • [quote]He goes on to pour cold water on the notion of a DLC Xbox 360 version, saying that it could take another year to convert all the development resources back onto the Xbox, making it impossible in practical terms.[/quote]

    more like “We don’t expect any functioning xbox 360 in the near future to still exist”

  • This also helps explain why these games end up looking/running worse on the PS3. Devs too lazy to make good use (if any) of the Cell, since it would require major rewrites of the game’s code. They end up relying mainly/exclusively on the PPE and RSX, which aren’t as powerful as the 360’s CPU and GPU. So the games end up being just quick ports with some extras thrown in. And it isn’t just 360 -> PS3 either; Virtua Fighter 5, Unreal Tournament 3, Cross Edge, etc.

    One side gets the play the game a year early, and the other gets a year-late port with lots extras and performance issues (in most cases) at full price, while the original can be found for $30 or less by the time the port comes out.

    We’re all losers here, folks.

    I say we boycott all 3rd party games that don’t get a simultaneous multiplatform release.

  • Xbox 360 can make Add-on downloadable content for games if you can afford the points to buy the new content. Fallout 3 for example you can add new expansion which allows you to play more content which other Game Developers would proudly add more gamming content for the fans to play.

    And Yet Namco Game Developers making that excuse.

  • No, not really. Artefact’s hiding quite a bit of facts in this post…

    “He does not however mention the traces of later additions found in the Xbox code…”

    …either that, or he’s blind.


    Rough translation:
    The traces of PS3 additional content found in 360, was most likely just simply that they wanted to put it in, but just didn’t managed to make it in time.
    There is just no reason for cutting it out on purpose.
    To cut things(content) of low priority first, and to revive the cut content as additional content elements is just natural, isn’t it?

  • LOL!

    I love this line “‘We won’t recognise it if it’s the same as the Xbox 360 version. Make sure you put in a lot of extra stuff!’” the ff makes it good:P
    makes it sound like you’re greddy

    • well yes 1 year of waiting time and they got their development money from m$ so they could add content to the ps3 if they didn’t want to accept it,m$ didn’t plan this.And fuck m$ doesn’t want lolis in their games.

  • “He goes on to pour cold water on the notion of a DLC Xbox 360 version, saying that it could take another year to convert all the development resources back onto the Xbox, making it impossible in practical terms.”

    I’m going to laugh if we see DLC 360 version after the PS3 release (though I doubt it), as the above excuse is pure BS.

  • Well, if microsoft wants to pay for timed exclusives than that is what they get. It’s ridiculous to think that a developer can’t improve on their game to give it more value for money. To me its more irresponsible to deliver a game that you know has some problems when you can go ahead and fix them and make a better game for the customers. Heck people that own Tales of vesperia in an x box that also have a Ps3 might think of getting it also in the ps3. This breaths in new life to the game.

  • I don’t really see why people are getting so bent outa shape about this, it’s been going on for years. If a game is only exclusive for a short time it makes sense that the second version would be improved/different as the company producing it would have more time to continue developing the software.

    One game that comes to mind is the first Onimusha which was a PS2 game that eventually got ported over to the Xbox as Genma Onimusha, the changes were so extensive it was basically a different game.

    So in closing, this isn’t the first time that this has happened nor will it be the last. After all Business is Business and developers will do whatever they need to do to turn a profit. Be it improve a port, give exclusive DLC, or drive dump trucks full of cash up to each others doors to insure an edge.

  • It’s over for Microsoft. No games left, just E74 errors and the Red Ring of Death. Now that the PS3 slim has been officially released and with an unstoppable lineup to boot, Sony will overcome and destroy the competition, just like they did the previous 2 generations.

    PlayStation 3. It only does everything.

  • It’s funny Xbots cry foul when their “exclusive” becomes multiplatform. Afterall, it was MS that royally screwed up this generation by “bribing” for multiplats, instead of making 1st party exclusives to define their console.

  • Oh well at least you’re getting Cross Edge. But sorry pal, since you want those PS3 atlus/nis games, you might wanna talk to those stupid xbots that said stuff like how they didn’t care for Cross Edge or Disgaea because it was a stupid boring JSRPG. Go on an xbox forum and you’ll see tons of posts about how the shitty PS3 was getting these dumbass strategy rpgs and not real deals like Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery.

    If you guys want these games so badly now, shit talk about a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    It’s Outrageous!…

    Outrageously fitting for such a thing to happen. By suckering microscum into doling out the money to make a sorta decent game that performs poorly in Japan since it’s a “foreign” game console, and rolling it out on a Japanese system to better acclaim (more cash!)is pure Genius in the part of those companies.

    If only Sony wasn’t such a fucking prude and allowed those companies who made echi Anime styled training games than both would be far happier in the money bags than being miserly little corn-dogs that sony really is!

  • I have to laugh at this.Everyone is always pissing and moaning about MS paying game developers alot of cash for exclusive games and/or periods of exclusivity, but here we have Sony BLACKMAILING Namco/Bandai with no game approval unless they come up with alot of additional support for the PS3 version.Looks to me that MS has to change it’s contracts with developers to include a permanant clause of exclusivity.They’ve got the money and clout to do it while Sony has to stoop to blackmailing.

  • I could honestly see this being a way for the developer to shift blame off themselves and on to big bad Sony and Microsoft, given the traces of later additions found in the Xbox version. I’m interested to see how MS and Sony respond to this.

  • “Actually MS never paid namco/bandai (they even said they chose to develop there first) so don’t start any PS3 fanboy lies.” =
    actually read that again, if you’re going by his comments he very clearly notes that part of the deal with MS was the fact that you get an up-front large sum of cash to develop for them.
    according to this guy, Namco knew full well that the 360 version wasn’t going to sell enough to recoup costs. But they also knew MS was going to pay them up-front to develop “exclusively” for them. so you can’t claim MS didn’t pay them for development and that Namco chose the 360 simply because.
    Namco clearly knew the benefits up front and frankly it sounds like a PS3 version was in the plans down the line anyway, AFTER they took MS’s “development grant”.
    You can very easily make the argument that Namco may have NOT chosen the 360 if MS didn’t have they “dev grant” program packaged in with their exclusivity deals because it would appear that everyone (including the devs themselves) but 360 fanboys are aware they’re not going to recoup costs on the 360 (even with the grant it sounds like)

  • Such is with corporations…Money talks…

    I have all 3 systems though, so I have nothing to worry about except if they ban certain ‘stuff’ that are displeasing to the eyes of feminazis and soccer moms…

  • Ahh fanboys. Just another nickname for poor people. Seriously. admit it you only care cause you’re too poor to get all the consoles and versions of these games. It must suck being so poor. LULZ poor people, you mad?

    • I own both consoles, and I haven’t even touched my PS3 since Metal Gear Solid 4 came out. I don’t know, you tell me.

      That said, I’m getting the PS3 release of Vesperia anyway (if it comes out overseas), and I already own the 360 version, so I’m not trying to pick sides. It’s just that this rampant PS3 fanboyism is getting on my nerves. If you absolutely, positively have to play a game on a console you don’t have, save up and buy one. Christ, people.

    • I’m no fanboy. I own a ps3 and a 360 but after 2 rrods I can’t be fucking bothered with the machine anymore.

      Also, as a japanese speaker the ps3 being region free makes it an instant win for me.

      Not everyone hating on the 360 is a fanboy, some of us have just been scarred by their shitty service.

      • I’m sorry, but why are you replying to my post? Are you stupid? In the very first statement of your reply “i’m no fanboy”, and since everything i said was directed completely at fanboys… Well makes your whole post worthless and invalid.

        But this post is directed at you, feel free to rage at it now.

        2 rrod, really? I bet if you weren’t so poor that wouldn’t matter. You know how much shipping fees are now days. I’m sorry you can’t make more money. Maybe you can get some food stamps.

      • If you’ve only had 2 RROD then it doesn’t sound that bad. I’ve had 2 myself and it was only gone for 2 or 3 weeks then I got it back and played it again.

        It’s fine to say your not a fanboy but pretty much everyone on this site is. They’re too dumb to try 360 just because they think PS3 is slightly better. I’ve got a 360 that’s had 2 RROD and a power pack breaking and the service was good. They replaced my power pack even when the warranty expired and the RROD was fixed for free so what more can I ask?

        • yes but my xbox was japanese, imported to play asian games.

          As its an import I have no warranty which means I can’t get it fixed for free, so I’m fucked and I’m in no mood to buy a 3rd.

          Microsoft’s attitude from day 1 fucked me off. They ignored the warnings from their development staff that the machine was not stable enough, yet they chose to release it so they could get their year head start over the ps3 and all they did as a result was fuck the consumer in the ass with a broken, unstable product.

          Personally I don’t blame people for choosing the ps3 over it, its stable, plays blueray, better designed and comes with key features built in, like wireless and free internet play.

  • Eh it’s a dick move if the game companies were in america it’d be a illegal dick move the reason they even made a beta for the 360 was because 1 beta testers and 2. that is their loophole in the contract. there’s only two ways problems like this don’t happen. 1. the country you live in has regulations against these kinds of business practices so therefore the game cannot be sold there unless the contract is upheld.
    2. Microsoft sits there with dozens of lawyers going over a the contracts with a fine tooth comb.

    either way this shit wouldn’t happen if Bill Gates still ran Microsoft. I mean the man had people who watched Bungee work on halo for Apple and when bungee was about to go bankrupt buy the company out right and take the game to their Xbox platform screwing over Apple.

  • I love the xbox 360

    I love rrod
    I love having to pay for a wireless adapter
    I love having to pay to play online
    I love having all my favourite games appear on the ps3 in superior, updated formats
    I love the flimsy disk drive that damages game disks
    I love my out of date dvd format
    I love the fact my 360 warranty expired so no free replacement on my rrod machine

    microsoft xbox 360 is awesome, fuck the haters

    • Jasper 360’s have a 4% failure rate but the damage has already been done from the 50% + from launch 2006 Zephyr chips.

      Wireless Adapter – 100 foot ethernet cable is 80$ cheaper. Hell, if you don’t want that, buy a 20$ router and tinker with it. Many guides online for wireless internet via router.

      Online is less than 5$ a month. I’m sure your family income surpasses that. Since your family has to rely on your mom’s prostitution for source of income. I would know.

      Generally for multi-platform games, the 360 version surpasses the PS3 version. Not by much, but load times are noticeably different. Plus, mandatory install times. Fun.

      Flimsy disc drive it is. But your disc’s generally break when you move the 360 while playing it. So try to keep it away from the wall when I’m fucking your mom in the other room.

      DVD format is out of date? PC gamers would disagree. Disc format is out of date. What is in is downloadable content, such as XBL Arcade, PSN, and Steam.

      3 year warranty is a pretty long time. 3 times longer than Sony’s and Nintendo’s. If your warranty expired than you must have been one of the people who bought it at launch. Highly doubtful since you got such a boner for anything not Xbox related.

      Cry moar. I know your mom did.

    • I love PS3

      I love YLOD
      I love having to pay for a head set and ported games
      I love having to not get demoes on most games cos I can’t pay for a better online service
      I love having all my favourite games appear on the 360 in superior, better ports despite paying more for a more advanced machine
      I love the dust collecting chasis
      I love my over priced blue ray format I never wanted or needed
      I love the fact my PS3 has a crapper warranty so if anything goes wrong I pay more.

      PS3 is awesome, fuck the haters.

  • lol fking idiots. MS doesn’t give a shit about you and your gaming needs just look at your rehashed shit you call shooters. 8 weapons 6 online maps 1 character model with different color schemes and online. Seriously are you fking proud of that? That you get this kinda shitty treatment on a monthly basis.

    If Sony’s actions of telling these companies to stop being lazy and be more considerate of their consumers and give them what they deserve means being a dick move then I’m all up for it. Fk having 3 mini bosses 1 main boss 1 extra boss and 4 fking playable characters in my jrpgs. That kinda shit would get old fast.

    Yet whatever everyone single 360 fanboy is too busy riding MS’s cock to realize that the companies are treating you like shit as they laugh their ass off to 1m sales and above.

    • Sony is the shooter console. Less JRPG and WRPG than 360 and it has more shooters. Just look at Uncharted, Socom, Killzone, warhawk, resistance 1 and 2 and then more.

      Your trolling the wrong console lol.
      And what FPS you talking about?
      What? TOV is huge, you probably wouldn’t know cos you’ve got a good year or two wait ahead of you to get it but there’s no ‘having 3 mini bosses 1 main boss 1 extra boss and 4 fking playable characters in my jrpgs’. Much more content than that.

    • When a shooter has 8 weapons, it’s generally a bad shooter. When a shooter has 6 maps, it’s generally a bad shooter.

      And anyway, the majority of 360 games are not shooters. The majority of games that are advertised are shooters. Your one of the types who still live in a fucking cave and don’t realize this.

      360 has more rpgs than a non-bc PS3, but PS2 and even PS1 rapes all current-gen consoles with rpgs. 360 also has more eroge games, which are also less censored than PS3 eroge games, because of Sony’s retarded checks. Well guess what. PC has all the uncensored eroge games and dating sims you could want.

      So stop hating on Microsoft, it’s just proving that their doing something right to piss you off. Fucking fanboy.

  • Before it was “Sony funds Xbox 360 hardware development”*
    Now its “Microsoft funds PS3 software development.”

    What goes around, comes around.

    *referring to the notion that the 360’s processor is based off the same IBM PowerPC architecture that was being reengineered to eventually have the feature set that was to become the Cell. Sony paid $$$ to have totally overhauled new PPC architecture from scratch; Microsoft entered in the middle of the development cycle and walked off with an “off-the-shelf” processor and pumped out their next-gen console first.

    Personally, I say SCREW YOU ALL. You should have been making JRPGs for the PC in the first place. But noooo, you want us all to go buy consoles. Now that we buy consoles, you make more JRPGs for handhelds. Now you want us all to go buy handhelds. Fukken Japs and their fukken JRPGs.

  • dick move by sony?

    I wonder how they bribed/blackmailed naughty dog with uncharted 2 then.

    The fact that there’s more content doesn’t mean it’s a dick move. It’s a fact that Sony’s pushing for QUALITY. Something Microsoft doesn’t seem to give a shit about and their loyal blind install base is willing to waggle their ass at. Just look at all the god damn rehashed fps. 8 fking weapons 6fking maps 1fking character with different color options and online. Whose the one really being the dick? The one that gives wants to make $50 a year from each consumer, releasing a defaulty product so it can shit on you forcing you to buy another one and increasing their sales numbers (until it happened so much MS got sued for it) or Sony’s whose telling companies be more considerate of your installbase and aim for new heights? All MS is doing is pampering lazy developers and lazy development. In which you fking wanna be gamers are gonna continue getting the same rehashed shit over and over again. Fking idiots.

    • Uh, no. Microsoft lied to us about the game being exclusive. That’s why people are pissed. Ports happen, it’s not a big deal, even if they come with new content. But what IS a big deal is that we’re told “Only for Xbox 360” and see a port (with new content) just a year later. That’s called lying.

    • Microsoft generous…LMFAO. You mean the company that forces developers to charge for DLC. $5 for some Masterchief armor for your Mii…i mean “avatar”.

      All Microsoft do is bribe timed exclusives. Its just logical sony would want extra incentives for the ports a year later otherwise the game would be DOA. Do you honestly think a JAPANESE company would decide to make a jrpg for the 360 out of the kindness of their hearts? all the rpgs on the 360 have BOMBED thats a FACT, stupid 13 year old americans play HALO all day long.

      • Dynamic Themes anyone..
        PSN has the same Charging Customrers for DLC… Dont be Silly now.

        Sony Charges Companies to have there DLC up there unlike MS which has everything paid for due to xbox Live.. which is also prob why there is a lot more Content on LIVE marketplace than there is on PSN.

        If you dont want to buy themes or avatar clothes then dont… No one is forcing you..

        oh yeah PS HOME has the same thing to buy Stuff for your Virtual home ..which is still in beta..

        I LOL at fanboys seriously.. the Sony Ones are the funniest.

        Where are the Nintendo dudes oh wait they prob too tired from Waggeling on Wii Sports Resort or something..

    • what a intelligent Post.. well done man..

      RROD LOL Never had that.. in my 5 xbox 360 oh which MS gave excellent service about it costed me nothing I scored 4 games in the process too.

      PS3 Slim.. LOL same thing just smaller nothing specially oh wait you cant run Linux on it now…oh well slowly but surely they are taking features OUT of the PS3.. BC anyone?

    • Insulting someone just because they own a different system? They are VIDEO GAMES. How is that something to be insulted over? It’s incredible how you can make such a short comment, and sound completely stupid with just a few words.

  • That is simply bad business done by M$. Well someone could look at it in a way saying that this made them sell more consoles in Japan (and in some other places) which is true, but considering the amount they must have given these companies to produce the game and hold its exclusivity for only a year is a market disaster, because it takes away the complete trust the consumers have in the system and the company not to mention the money. In future releases the consumers will think “why the hell am I buying the 360 version if in a year the PS3/Wii version will come with more stuff than this”. Well if it was me I’d rather wait a year and get a better version than an incomplete version.

    • How do you expect them to try and get a foot hold if they don’t try and compete? It was good business sense to try and get a foothold in Japan or they’d constantly have a territory where Sony and Nintendo defeated them so in the hardware sales they’d always be at a disadvantage. Naturally it was a risk though as they’re the under dog but it was something worth trying. Getting exclusives that don’t last is bad business sense though as it erodes the confidence consumers have in going for the product.

      • I’m not saying that they’re not trying to get a foot hold in Japan. But if they really want to increase sales there they need to get their hands on real exclusives and not timed ones. This is just another reason for the Japanese not to buy the 360 if it’s exclusive will get ported to their national gaming console with even more stuff.

        • Yeah I agree on the real exclusives thing. It’s not working with the current method as people catch wind of it coming to PS3 and just wait or they can tell during interviews the companies have a PS3 version lined up. It then sucks when they don’t have an exclusive to show for there money just a year down the line. I agree on that I guess. I kind of mistook your post as saying they shouldn’t try with JRPG and japan.

    • there is no reason for anyone to port these games to 360 in japan,
      but if there is an international release, they have to think about the money they can make out of it.

      look at ff13 maybe its not worth even the cost of making the dvds on japan for a 360 release.

        • At least they are using there brain on that one.

          FF12 was a fucking disapointment I havent bothered finishing it.. Its crap..

          SE hasnt made a decent game in years what was the last Game I enjoyed from SE .. KH series err yeah I think thats it..

          Unless its cause im old Skool JRPG lover.. oh wait no I am enjoying Lost Oddesey a lot by the dude that made FF since He left SE hasnt made a decent FF game..

          I didnt like FF10 much but still a lot better and more tech involved than FF12 that took too long to release on a Old Gen when it should of been next Gen in my Opinion maybe It would make me want to play it more..

          FF7 FTW

  • wait wait if I correctly intepret this

    TOV originally for PS3 but MS bribed it for Xbox exclusive and which in return Sony blackmailed it for extra content?

    and Sony the one got the blame while MS the one that bribed it first?

    Awesome logic

  • I don’t really blame Namco. This generation Sony has done nothing but screw consumers and developers, they should have pulled a Sega by now. They’re still here only because of retarded fanboys and xenophobic Japan.

    • Are you fucking stupid? No seriously are you? Blaming Sony is not the result either. Someone said this was a dick move on Sony’s part? Fuck that. The only reason the PS3 is able to survive is because they get ports of games. Often that means that if they have any hope at all at selling the games they have to add to them. This is a marketing strategy and honestly don’t think Sony is the only one that does it. The 360 has done it too. The PS3 however is the better system. Hardware wise anyways. Sony knows that their system can put more out than the 360 and they know their followers also know this. To not enhance from the 360 version would be suicide.

      I saw this coming. I warned people when the damn games came out for the 360. But did anyone listen? Nope. The fact the only ones complaining are 360 owners means nothing. The idea of exclusive does not exist in the gaming industry indefinitely. People should have known from previous experiences. The 360 owners are mad at Sony? What for? If anything Microsoft should be the one they are mad at. Microsoft did not make the game a complete exclusive but merely made it exclusive for a year rather than longer or indefinitely. Microsoft said the game was exlusive “only on the 360” what they failed to tell you was how long it was going to be an exclusive. Microsoft cheated people. Not Sony. Microsoft got the majority of the gaming base for the games with the first version. Effectively they did better off…hell it caused hundreds of people to go out and buy 360s. End result: Microsoft is a cheat.

      Don’t think I don’t have any problems with Sony or Nintendo though…on the contrary I probably have more. In this case though Microsoft is the villain.

      • Actually PS3’s had a lot of good exclusives in it’s own right but the ports do help I’ll admit. Sony is pulling dick moves and is failing developers by making hard to code for hardware that’s also made difficult to port for by design (they purposely built it that way trying to stop there exclusives going elsewhere). I haven’t seen this strategy elsewhere like you say so it’s probably a lie. What MS did was try and get an even playing field in the 3rd party territory by getting companies to put there games on the 360. They did this by getting games to go on the 360 BEFORE they were released like DMC and FF13 so you didn’t buy them and then realised the other company is paying to screw you over. Hardware has nothing to do with this being a dick move so don’t try and justify it with your preference of console.

        Ofcourse the 360 owners are the only ones complaining you idiot, they’re the only ones being tricked by bandai and Sony’s money and game tricks. First you say exclusivity is not permanent and then say MS is to blame for not making it permanent so which is it? Technically Sony and Bandai had a hand in it too. MS wanted it exclusive and probably hoped it would stay, it’s not like they told Bandai to go elsewhere so it’s bandai’s fault for it not being exclusive and Sony’s dick move that made it have more content. MS did nothing except list it as exclusive (which it was before they chose to backtrack).

        • Why insult fanboys when your a fanboy? Ofcourse it’s hard to code for that’s why you get shitty ports (ports released on the same day as the 360 tend to be better on 360).

          You still don’t get it. They were saying the process of downscaling is easier than upscaling (as taking away is easier than adding on extra content) which is why developing on PS3 first is best. It doesn’t mean that the PS3 isn’t hard to port from or onto though.

        • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

          True dat! Jabba the flab newell loves to fling his diarrhea at Sony by dissing ever system it made. His so happy to have a game console that acts like a retarded PC to play in. Since he must be fapping off on all the little tykes throwing fag put downs in their screechy nasty voices.

          Xbox Live. Where closet fags blossom.

        • WOW A STUPID XBOT says the PS3 is designed to be hard to code for so that exclusives don’t run around to the other system? WHOA then what about those EA guys that said it was better to code for PS3 first, because porting to the 360 is faster and an easier transition? WHOA STUPID XBOT!

          Sorry buddy but these people saying its hard to code for are just lazy like that fatass Gabe Newell.

        • The thing is I presumed that you might be misinformed is that the PS3 is not structured like a computer. The Xbox 360 on the other hand behaves more like your PC at home.

          Naturally, it is easier to program a game on a platform that everyone knows the language as compared to learning something new and applying it.

          I read in a news report (likely 2-4) years back that MS do provide better support for the 360 as well. Back then, I do assume that the folks at Sony are still wondering, “How on earth are they going to play with their new toy?”

        • Tin foil hat much?

          A hard to develop for console does not help to keep exclusives.

          the Saturn was a bitch to program properly for. result: bad ports and most games were from Sega self.

          The PS2 was also a bitch to program for in the start. remember how god awful most of those early games looked?

          The only reason the PS2 pulled through was because Sega lost too much trust, the playstation brand had a good reputation, it doubled as a cheap DVD player and of MS and Nintendo were late to the party.

          Now lets look at the PS3…
          Late to the party
          Was too overprized
          PS2 BC scrapped scaring away even more buyers
          Bitch to program for so multi plat looked worse and few exclusives

          Only reason its starting to pick up slack is because of the slim and devs are starting to get the hang of the machine.

          TL;DR: The Cell CPU is a POS and a dumb move

    • How is it a dick move on sony’s end? Its was microsoft who paid(bribed), its was namco who accepted, and it was namco who decided it was not viable to release an ToV DLC.

      If microsoft bribed Namco in the first place it would have been a mulitplatform game from the start. And instead of releasing the complete PS3 version now both version would have gotten DLC.

      • Dumb ass xbots don’t read shit these days. They just blindly look at a comment, post, and BAM! They see their avatar’s foot and stare at it like a stupid turkey. L2fukinREADtard. If anything, m$ is the dick this generation, paying for all its hookers for one-nighters.

      • Because sony is then forcing bandai to make the early adopters purchases not be as good? Actually MS never paid namco/bandai (they even said they chose to develop there first) so don’t start any PS3 fanboy lies. Not all games are money hatted just to be put on 360.

        No it wouldn’t have been multi plat from the start as they stated it cost too much to develop on PS3 right away never mind simultaneously which could possibly delay the 360 release to get it working on PS3.

        • What I meant is MS didn’t outwardly go and moneyhat this project to stop PS3 fans getting it. namco bandai chose to make it 360 exclusive because MS supports devs that do so. It never was designed to be a real exclusive to my knowledge. They said they wanted to make a HD tales of game and they went on 360 first but that never really stopped them going elsewhere afterward. The point is MS hasn’t done much wrong, clearly it was Bandai taking advantage of the offer MS had (which was an open offer to all devs as we’ve seen it with other games) and then it was Sony who made bandai chuck tons more content on.

          You sound like a fanboy yourself since your frequently trying to insult 360 fanboys. Why insult what you are?

        • (same anon here)
          and really why is anyone surprised by Namco’s admission. the only one’s that think MS didn’t do this are 360 fanboys. Capcom admitted what…a year ago…..that this is something MS does to secure developers. Though the difference there is supposedly Capcom sent the money back after Lost Planet and DMC4 sold well and they made all their money anyway.

        • “Actually MS never paid namco/bandai (they even said they chose to develop there first) so don’t start any PS3 fanboy lies.” =
          actually read that again, if you’re going by his comments he very clearly notes that part of the deal with MS was the fact that you get an up-front large sum of cash to develop for them.
          according to this guy, Namco knew full well that the 360 version wasn’t going to sell enough to recoup costs. But they also knew MS was going to pay them up-front to develop “exclusively” for them. so you can’t claim MS didn’t pay them for development and that Namco chose the 360 simply because.
          Namco clearly knew the benefits up front and frankly it sounds like a PS3 version was in the plans down the line anyway, AFTER they took MS’s “development grant”.
          You can very easily make the argument that Namco may have NOT chosen the 360 if MS didn’t have their “dev grant” program packaged in with their exclusivity deals because it would appear that everyone (including the devs themselves) but 360 fanboys are aware they’re not going to recoup costs on the 360 (even with the grant it sounds like)